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The Mummy 3: Tomb Of The Dragon Emperor

Featuring: Brendan Fraser, Maria Bello & Jet Li

Format: DVD | Rating: 12 years & over

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (112 reviews)"

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  Glad it wasnt the first

| | See all BlokeFromTheSticks's reviews (14)

This was a tired addition to the series. The plot seemed feeble and very rushed. I loved the first two movies and was looking forward greatly to this one but was left dissapointed. The plot had not much explaination to it other than the absolute nessesary. I dont know why Rachel Weisz wasnt in this one but she was very lucky not to be as this sort of movie doesnt do any favours for such an actress. The lead lady was wooden with the best performance coming from the cgi yetis. Only for the real die hard fans of the mummy and even then be carefull.

  here we go again!

| | See all tavern's reviews (11)

Ok so i went to see this in the cinema when it came out 2 years ago and didnt really enjoy it, then I bought the dvd for the very generous price of 2.99 and loved it. Albeit there were some minor niggles (i thought the climax wasn't amazing) but the script is hilarious and there are some great set peices throughout. For 2.99 this is a bargain, grab it....


| | See all PATCHES1989's reviews (518)

I actually liked this one but can see why it took such a beating from critics and fans alike. Brendan Fraser is back as Rick O'Connell but seemed bored of the role if you ask me. The main disappointment was the casting of Evelyn which saw Maria Bello replace Rachel Weisz and i thought the latter was much more convincing in the role. The movie itself was fun just like the others with great CGI and action sequences. If you liked the others then give this a go. Enjoy

  I wasnt expecting much...

| | See all JoshHammond's reviews (3)

i must admit, the only reason i got this on dvd was to complete the trilogy.
i loved the first 2 films, but when i saw that rachel weisz wasnt reprising her role, there was no Oded Fehr or Arnold Vosloo AND steven sommers wasnt directing i wasnt expecting much.

whist it is by no means as good as the first 2 films, its still a pretty enjoyable film. it has a few (ok, a lot) of corny one liners, but overall it isnt bad.

its worth a watch, as long as you dont expect a lot then you will enjoy it.

  Oh Dear!

| | See all PrabSingh's reviews (18)

After watching the first excellent movie and the fairly good sequel I was utterly shocked at the dreadful third film in the francise. All the characters are weak and the script makes absolutely no sense. Terrible.


| | See all emperor10's reviews (274)

did you enjoy the mummy? did you enjoy the mummy 2? hoping to expect the same fun,enjoyable romp,studded with great humour? well, you're in for a massive let down with this extremely poor effort.one of the main things just doesnt ring true, is that both rick and evy dont look old enough to have a grown up son.brendan fraser is 40,marie bello is 42, luke ford is 28.that would make fraser and bello 12 and 14 years old repectively when their 'son' was born.some of the CGI is ok, but very samey,and too 'CGI'.John hannah is about as funny as toothache in this, and as annoying too.its just a lazy,by the numbers film.nope, save your money. if you want to see it,rent it, but dont buy it.

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  return to your tomb.

| | See all lovisadevereux's reviews (4)

wish i could have given it NO STARS. i love the first one, but this is a dreadful movie. prime example of what happens when you change the director and a major lead character. miscast maria bello with an awful english accent and john hannah and jet li are wasted in this film. stop at the second film and dont waste your money!

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  Worst mummy film. Worst film of the year

| | See all stuart99's reviews (13)

Loved the first two mummy films. Figured this would be as good as the second but boy was i wrong. This was utter garbage.

Badly acted for the most part. Poor CGI. Rubbish plot. And a miscast Maria Bello.

The only good aspects of this film were John Hannah and Jet Li (who were both underused)

This was majorly dissapointing!! Hope they don't make anymore.

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  Dragging on and on and on............

| | See all DagenhamAndy's reviews (8)

Firstly, the 2 most watched DVD's in my collection are the first 2 Mummy films, so I am honest when I say I write this review with a heavy heart.

We all know why Brendan Fraser and the cast did this film, but the only excuse to buy it, is if you didnt see it at the cinema.

This was a film too far for many reasons, but here are the most obvious in my eyes.

1) The "Evy" character shouldnt have appeared as while Rachel Weisz looks like a sexy woman, Maria Bello acted not like Ricks wife, but more like his auntie!.
2) Jet Li, and Michelle Yeoh were both too good for this film, and as for John Hannah, a monkey could have played his part.
3) The writng was dire, and the humour of the first 2 films was almost non existent. The son went from a British accented boy, to a guy with a broad American twang, (trying to pander more to the US market?).

If you take one thing from this review, I hope it is.....

DONT BUY THIS FILM...........................

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| | See all lisa79's reviews (8)

I have to say that the best acting in this was from the CGI Yeti's! The acting and the script are poor which is a shame because I like most of the actors but even they couldn't save it. Some of the special effects were good but most of it had been done in the other two films except this was based China. If your a 'Mummy' fan then you may still enjoy it.......

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