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Star Trek (XI) (11)

Featuring: Zachary Quinto, Leonard Nimoy & Eric Bana

Format: DVD | Rating: 12 years & over

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (191 reviews)"

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  Bridge to Engine room... Warp Factor 5 Star!

| | See all C4192857's reviews (6)

Most people are put off by the idea of this being a splitter storyline from the original... but for me, that only helps en-rich things alot more. If the film creators where simply just to create a re-make of the already known storyline, no one would buy it! So they created a nice storyline that contains all the known characters but in the style of "The Next Generation". The music to accompany such a film is fantastic and inspiring! Everyone should watch this film! No previous understanding of Star Trek is required and as an entertaining film, is in my top 3!

  To boldly go again

| | See all theWub's reviews (135)

J. J. Abrams's reboot of the Star Trek franchise is great entertainment. It's a by-the-book blockbuster that ticks all the usual boxes but doesn't deliver anything unexpected or leave much of a lasting impression. But that's fine because that's what blockbusters are all about. It's a shame, however, that the storyline is a tad formulaic. The cast are uniformly good, and manage to portray the familiar characters convincingly. Overall it's a good, solid couple of hours of fun. 3.5/5.

  Superb start.

| | See all Valondra88's reviews (5)

After growing up watching various incarnations of Star Trek, and almost outgrowing it, this film managed to bring back the perfect mix of a well established universe of story and new innovation. The casting, although surprising, works marvelously, and the (spolier) introduction of the old Spock to the new one manages to tie continuity into a film that uses time travel. Kudos to all involved, and I'm actually eager to see the ensuing films.

  Best Star Trek film.

| | See all robatron's reviews (63)

Star Trek is easily the best Star Trek film. It has great action and the story cleverly sets up the possibility of a whole new series of Star Trek films.

  Star Treck

| | See all EmmaJBrowning's reviews (30)

I'm not a huge fan of star Treck ,I've only watched a few episodes of the TV series which i found a bit of a bore ! but when i saw clips of the film i thought I'd give it a go . This film has become one of my favorites it has a great energy within the film and has great acting to the whole cast has chemistry which collaborates to this film

  Actually quite good!!

| | See all cmfc86's reviews (3)

I was actually quite surprised by this film. I'm not a star trek fan but this film may have converted me. fast paced, great sfx and captain james kirk is pretty dishy (for all the ladies) :)

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  The ruination of a franchise...so it begins...

| | See all zastavia's reviews (5)

I have been a huge Star Trek fan for over 20 years, and have followed the series' and films closely with much delight. Having greatly anticipated this film, upon seeing it, the film connected with me in no way whatsoever. What starts off as a promising and visionary looking film, quickly slides into the familiar realm of American OTT action movie. Lets get one thing straight: this is not Star Trek, it is rather a mindless action movie packed with so much CGI, unconvincing characters and hardly any proper models. The casting is just decent enough (especially Spock), but the directing is atrocious and unimaginative. The film rockets along at a pace that is more like the brainless Armageddon than star trek, the bad guys are dull and characterless, and even the ending is utterly and crushingly disappointing. There is virtually NO originality in the story, it just covers the same old ground as many episodes before it. The worse part of this film? The action scenes: they are so fast, horribly messy and the camera shakes all over the place so you never really get to see who's shooting who or whether the bad guys are dressed in evil combat gear or ballet suits with ski masks . It's like the 'action scenes' are shot during an earthquake. There are very few redeeming features this film has for true star trek fans, and in contrast to films like The Voyage Home, Wrath of Khan, First Contact and the incredible and underrated Nemesis, this is just a shabby, modern-day hollywood mess. JJ Abrams has begun the ruination of the worlds greatest sci-fi franchise.

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  Very different - and where's my cricket bat,Jim ?

| | See all Jonnono's reviews (23)

This is the prequel to Star Trek that never was,or has gone before,at least. Has a very modern feel, but doesn't quite build the same level of intensity as the original seriesfor me.Maybe this is due to a little too much obvious CGI and Director's style.A little more humour may have helped too.And, I kept expecting Simon Pegg to whip out a cricket bat and whack everyone into bloody submission.No obvious flaws in the plot,makes for a good experience.Overall,enjoyable.

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| | See all WatchFarscape's reviews (4)

This is how a Star Trek movie should be! Fast paced, engaging and cool! Finally all the pretentious moral lesson based writing that so blighted all the spin-off series and the Next Generation films has been pushed aside. Star Trek has gone back to it's routes, in every way. A ripping good yarn, good guys v bad guys, the prefect blend of action, characterisation and story telling. Everything about this film is great, I love it. Also, all the in-jokes and references to the original series are a great treat for any Trekkie!

  The newest and best.

| | See all Angrypeppy's reviews (98)

Without a doubt the best of the films. I like Star Trek, but when Stargate came on scene it was nice to have some ass kicking. Finally a star trek that kicks ass. In my view the only other ones to do this are the Wrath of Khan and First Contact. This film is modern, edgy and like the Dark Knight a re-imaging of a long standing brand. Whilst being faithful to its forebearers it takes the other films outside and shoots themall down ! Pure action and pure entertainment. Simon Pegg.. good choice as casted well. Pure class.

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