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Planet Terror (2 Discs)

Featuring: Rose McGowan, Freddy Rodriguez & Marley Shelton

Format: DVD | Rating: 18 years & over

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (122 reviews)"

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  Rodriguez does it again

| | See all TURKLETON's reviews (10)

This is true b-movie style 5 star fun. I myself enjoyed Tarantino's Death Proof and wondered how Planet Terror would hold up against it. This film kicked its ass big style. Not only is Rose McGowan on fine form as Cherry, but there are great star turns from Michael Biehn and Freddy Rodriguez. This film has it all. Scares, gore, humour and sexy women. Please do not let this film pass by without a look

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  go go not cry cry

| | See all gypsygirl's reviews (5)

planet terror is a fantastic film rose mcgowan is hott and the blood and gore fantastic death proof however is pants complete let down

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  Forget about Death Proof.......

| | See all luckydip28's reviews (17)

Death Proof was a massive let down but thank god one of the 2 directors had their head screwed on. I loved this film! Gory, funny, and very enjoyable, loved every minute of it

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  Gruesome and gory but far from stupid...

| | See all OCProductions's reviews (11)

For those who weren't aware of the whole Grindhouse scenario let me fill you in Robert Rodriguez and Quentin Tarantino (The directors of the sensation that would have been the Grindhouse double bill - but unfortunately now shown separately as Planet terror and Death Proof ) are both director buddies and one day when they met up at Robs house to watch a movie Quentin saw that Rob had the same poster on his wall as he did (An old Grindhouse flick) they thought, as I do, that this form of cinema was a very influential and individual therefore something that was worth their making a tribute to. This would also allow today's generation to be exposed to what would otherwise be a lost cinematic genre. It is akin to the recent revival of making big budget musicals. In Grindhouse the idea was also to give cinema goers two movies for the price of one, like you would have at old drive in cinemas (which in the case of both directors was an influential experience of their childhoods.) These aren't films you are meant to go to and watch just the surface of the movie. They must be seen in the context of what they are paying homage to and how skillfully this is pulled off in both films. They are bloody, they are gruesome, they are exploitative but -THAT IS WHAT THEY ARE PAYING HOMAGE TO. If it was a French director paying homage to an old style of French film, they'd be nominated for an Oscar! The fact the two films had to be split due to it being an initial box-office bomb shows the lack of true movie appreciation of movie-goers today. They can hack sitting through three and a bit hours of 'how many times does this film have to end before it actually ends' Lord of the Rings Return of the King (I do actually like the first two movies) but not manage to view two films of an hour and a half back to back with some quirky specially shot adverts in between by big upcoming film makers and some horror legends. This does not bode well for how able we are to appreciate an original and thoughtful revival of a classic form of American cinema when nothing similar exists today.

Given the afore mentioned split forces me to review the films separately I shall do so also, so as to further correct the inaccurate and/or uninformed reviews I have read previously. I'll start with Death Proof. The split of Grindhouse has, though has damaged the cinema experience that could have been had, doesn't damage the great content within the two films. Death Proof is a truly original bit of film making. Though paying a clear tribute to films of the past, Tarantino has also truly put his individual stamp on this film.
Kurt Russell (SNAKE PLISKIN RULES!) is incredible in this film playing Stuntman Mike. Words cannot summarize just how fantastically he has brought such a character to life. This film also has some truly tough heroines, something still not really seen in cinema. I don't like to play favorites with two such great movies but I will admit Death Proof is my favorite of the two Grindhouse movies. Now for Planet Terror (directed by Robert Rodriguez), I think the split has perhaps effected this film slightly due to it forcing Rodriguez to add scenes to the film he had taken out to make the film longer. However it doesn't stop the film from being a worthy addition to the showcase of films that demonstrate the talent of some modern day filmmakers. Rodriguez I believe is an exceptional director; I don't think I'd be exaggerating to even say one of the best, as is Tarantino. It is also a well acted and exciting film boasting an exceptional cast; it is a showcase of legendary B-movie actors as well as some upcoming stars.

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  70's style and then some!!!

| | See all spooky69's reviews (54)

In my opinion an outstanding energetic little film that anyone who 's into their horror and expoitation films should see.
Fast pacing and atmospheric use of old scratchy film effects and techniques add to the fun in this very entertaining old school style film, if you like the old style italian horror films of Lucio Fulci etc and the older John Carpenter films like assaulton precinct 13 and the Thing then this film is for you.
If the films not entertaining enough for you and you think your a horror buff then just sit back and try to spot all the great homage's to loads of classic old films.
Won't spoil it by saying what they are but this is a must see film and yes it's a pretty dumb storyline but that didn't bother me, because I found it that entertaining from start to finish. I thought the acting stood up pretty well across the board and nice to see proper fx work again rather than all CGI ( although there is some in here)
See this film instead of the next hollywood no brainer, you will not be disappointed.
My film of the year for entertainment value alone.

  Great "B" movie style

| | See all EvoSTeAkK's reviews (1)

I saw the Grindhouse double bill in the Manns Chinese theatre in LA the evening i landed there. Jet lagged I started to watch Planet Terror wondering if I would drift off to sleep. As soon as it started I had no worries about that. I am a great horror movie fan especially the old splatter films. Planet Terror delivers a slick fast of gore that I was hoping for, if not expecting. The gross out sections had my better half (who is not a great gore fanatic) looking away and pretending the jet lag was kicking in. The only problem with it was that Death proof, which followed this feature was far more Tarrantino paced which had me fighting the need for sleep. Planet Terror gave me the fix that I needed for my dwindling belief that directors could still make fast paced fun gore fests. A machine gun for a leg, I mean can it get any better than that......