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Planet Terror (2 Discs)

Featuring: Rose McGowan, Freddy Rodriguez & Marley Shelton

Format: DVD | Rating: 18 years & over

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (122 reviews)"

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  worth a watch i suppose but only if theres nothing on

| | See all bulmereduptoflip's reviews (23)

not a fan thought it would be better than this looking at the trailer

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  Love it

| | See all Nosferatu's reviews (16)

Rodriguez pays homage to the splatterfests of the eighties (think Carpenters "The Thing" and Romeros "Day Of The Dead") and the crude cynicism of seventies exploitation flicks, combined with a really sick sense of humour.
Planet Terror is made to look gritty and raw by deliberately adding scratches, grain and dust effects over the negative to make you feel like your watching a trashy grind-house movie.
With a great cast, truely memorable characters, an avalanche of gore and explosive action from start to finish, you would have to be insane to call yourself a horror fan and find this movie anything less than "brilliant". This is simply the best movie i have seen in ages!

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  Cheesy Tongue in Cheek Fun.

| | See all Rambo456's reviews (1259)

Cool Opening Credits, lot of Style, rubbish movie, rubbish acting (as it should be in this type of movie).
Robert Rodriguez is a genius. Overall Good Dirty Fun
Would have worked better as a 1 Hour Grindhouse Double Bill with Tarantino's Deathproof in a 1 Hour version aswell.

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  Cheesy, Tacky, over-the-top and Amazing!!

| | See all Timstar's reviews (11)

The best thing about this film is you go into knowing not to take it seriously in anyway, and with that in mind you can just sit back and watch 1 hour 45 mins of pure fun.

Made in the style of an 80s B movie and designed to be back-to-back with Quentin Tarantino's Death Proof to form Grindhouse, but they were seperated by the film company.

A hilarious, grossed out and ridicoulous film but shear enjoyment can easily be had, some great acting, great stunts and memorable quotes and cameos.

A must see for any fan of Roderiguez, Tarantino or just horror movies in general.

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  trashy fun!

| | See all crazykitten's reviews (1)

Over the top, trashy and cartoonish: Just some of the movies best qualities! It works cos it dont take itself seriously; it wasnt meant to be a deep film that would change the way the viewer thinks for ever! The grainy look adds to the appeal. Personally i found it an enjoyable trip and alot of fun. A guilty pleasure; so wrong yet so right. Be warned: Watch on an empty stomach!

  The Better Half Of Grindhouse

| | See all InigoMontoya's reviews (64)

Three things are clear if you've ever seen an interview with Quinton Tarrintino 1. He talks A LOT! 2. He talks fast and 3. He LOVES films. Now Robert Rodriguez is equally as passionate about film but when it comes to the Grindhouse duo even Rodriguez will admit that Quinton is the talker of the 2. Gringhouse was a great idea by the 2, to try and bring back the old double feature horror film genre unfortunately the cinemas (instead of doing what they should've done and shown them back to back) split the films into 2 seperate films which I think damages them slightly.
The first film I saw from the Grindhouse double was Tarrintino's Death Proof and I really enjoyed it, it's grainy and jumpy and really cheesy but as a fellow fan of the B movie double feature horror genre I loved it. The story was simple enough, madman uses Hollywood stunt car to kill young girls. When I finally got to see Planet Terror though... no offence to Death Proof but Planet Terror is the superior film of the 2. Shot with the same grainy and jumpy style as Deathproof the film is simply an unadulterated no apologies balls to the wall zombie film - The FIRST decent zombie flick to come out of Hollywood in at least 40 years. Forget building up suspence and building a back story, American film makers suck at that (they should leave that to the Japanese who do it wonderfully) Just throw me into the action as people are getting torn limb from limb by flesh eating monsters, throw in a gorgeous former stripper, her mysterious ex boyfriend who can fight and a kid whos given a gun and does exactly what he's told not to, shot himself! Robert Rodriguez delivers high gore and wonderfully kitch dialogue and some truly great characters.
Rose McGowan stars as stripper with a gun leg (dont even ask how the things supposed to work coz after all you're talking about a film with zombies!) Freddie Rodriguez (one of my favourite actors) co-stars as the mysterious hero-to-be, Bruce Willis makes a supporting role as an army soldier who goes blob, even Tarrentino cameos as a soldier with aspirations of rape. Trust me when I say this is THE BEST MONSTER MOVIE to come from the USA in a long long long time!
Special features on this 2 disc dvd include featurettes on the heroes and heroines of our story, some trailers and cast interviews and a comic-con Q&A with stars of Grindhouse like Rosario Dawson, Rose McGowan and Directors Quinton Tarrintino & Robert Rodriguez. so BUY this if you're into the old school logic of horror films, if you prefer your horror gritty, grimy and corny rather than polished and attempting psychology then this is the film for you! - Think Dusk Before Dawn with zombies and more action, it's just superb!

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  Trashy but fun

| | See all sciquest's reviews (11)

Got to say I loved this movie it was such a laugh/thrill ride all the way through even though a few times I couldnt watch it for the gross out parts. Bruce Willis is a scream in his part but for the most I have to give it to Rose McGowen she is just brill in this movie. Over the top,trashy,gross out but totally worth it.


| | See all Benny1989's reviews (1)

This film was by far the most ludicrous 105 minutes i think i have seen yet, but yet this dark comical story has grown on me like the boils on the zombies faces, the fact that Robert Rodriguez directed this is one thing, but with Quentin Tarantino putting his sick twisted comedy onto this, makes it an instant classic. and now at 4.99 its more than a bargain.

  Worth a peek

| | See all kingcarl's reviews (23)

This film was ok, not overly scary or jumpy ,but some class touches. Totally insane plot and mad deaths ,but thats what you expect from this kind of film, if you like zombie and comedy, mixes with tarantino, go for it, bargain at a fiver.......