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Billy Connolly Live: Was It Something I Said?

Featuring: Billy Connolly

Format: DVD | Rating: 15 years & over

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (14 reviews)"

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| | See all PATCHES1989's reviews (518)

Personally i love this guys work he never fails to make me laugh but i think you have to have seen him live to truely appreciate his awesome joke telling. He still doesnt seem to have slowed down in my opinion hes like a fine wine he gets better with age. No other comedian is as crazy or as funny and he doesnt bore for a second. Enjoy

  Not as good as Billy's earlier stuff...

| | See all marsellus's reviews (91)

I bought this for my mother for Christmas as she is a big Billy fan. However, we both thought it was nowhere near as good as his previous DVDs. He seems to just rant and rave about things he doesn't like now, as opposed to having a genuinely funny story to tell like he used to. He also seems to name-drop a lot and likes to talk about his 'famous friends'. He's come a long way from the Glasgow working man he used to be and it seems to have negatively affected his routine.

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  Billys Best, was it something i said

| | See all jonzothehammer's reviews (1)

Who ever doesn't like this has not a shred of a sense of humour. I cant stop watching this, its masterful and hilarious!!! Definatley should be watched by all.

Brilliant really doesn't begin to describe, you will enjoy this!!

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| | See all 265mark's reviews (3)

This is the funniest DVD for a while. Sometimes his sketches are hit and miss, always funny but sometimes a bit OTT or aggressive but I thought this was superb, had me in stitches all the way through. If you like Billy you'll love this.

  Connolly The Legend!!!

| | See all wilko2207's reviews (2)

Dont take any notice of the previous comment/reviews, this is Billy Connolly at his best. I love this guy, always has me rolling with laughter and this DVD is no different. Keep goin Billy, your are the only one that keeps people laughing year after year!

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  Dreadful Bill what's happened to you.

| | See all carnations's reviews (1)

Found the DVD apalling. Swearing not necessary as I have heard Billy on many occasions extremely funny without the F... word almost constantly. Sat down to watch DVD New Year's eve to have a good laugh. Ended up wondering where the Billy Connolly I knew had gone. Only kept the DVD for posterity.

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  To long, not nearly as funny as he has been & recorded 2006!

| | See all candacraig1972's reviews (1)

I have some of Billys stuff from the 70's and it always makes me fall off my chair with laughter everytime I hear it ( the Red wine bottles sketch, Last train from Glasgow Central, The Crucifixion ) This DVD raised a smile but no way was it the belly laughter we all know and love from Billy. I only got the DVD in the sales as I refused to pay £13.99 for a DVD that was recorded in 2006, over a year ago!!! I see this as a very cynical way for Billy's managment company to make a fast buck from loyal fans from material that was recorded over a year ago, also can anyone tell me why most comedy DVD have no subtitles?? Roy Chubby Brown, Billy to name just two, would be very grateful if anyone can shed some light!!! Cheers!!!

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  No Billy, it's the things you didnt say.

| | See all losethefeeling's reviews (3)

Dissapointing. I bought this based on the fact that the two old vhs tapes of his stand-up were extreamly funny. This however, is a completely different story. With an established comedian like Billy, you expect him to be able to talk about one subject for a long period of time and more or less making you laugh all the way through - something his old stand up did. In this dvd however, he drags unfunny, repetitive material on for way longer that he should do, finding yourself waiting in silence for him to talk about something different, only to find that this isnt funny either. A comedian I never expected to become old-hat, has become just that.

  I almost choked laughing!!

| | See all elaine20's reviews (1)

Hilarious, the show is approx 2hrs long but it took me 2.5hrs to watch it thru as I had to keep rewinding bits as I couldn't hear it for laughing! Coming from Glasgow, I can relate to some of the tales Billy recalls. The imagery he conjures up in your mind through his brilliant act of storytelling is brilliant, genuis.
Buy it, get your pals round & have a great laugh at, in my opinion, one of the best stand up story tellers I have ever seen.

  still a great act

| | See all eiricd's reviews (11)

for any other comedian, this set would have scored 5 stars. but this is billy connolly, probably the best comedian britian has produced, who has set the bar with many of his previous releases. this new one is not as good as some of his best earlier work (an audience with, bites yer bum etc) - but it is still a damn good show. in fact, it is probably the best he has done in about 10 years (at least judging from what's availiable as official videos). when I picked up australia 99 I thought his career was over, but I regained faith after dublin 2002 and new york 2005, and this new one is much much better than any of the previous two.
his style has changed somewhat over the years, but what do you expect as the man gets older?

many classic moments here; the bit about his wife and the house as well as the bit about "the worst pain known to man" are truly classic

buy it!!