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Die Hard Quadrilogy (4 Discs)

Featuring: Bruce Willis, Reginald VelJohnson & Bonnie Bedelia

Format: DVD | Rating: 18 years & over

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (32 reviews)"

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  Action movies at there best!

| | See all mattymark's reviews (531)

Bruce Willis is still the Man! Old-School is never, and can never be outdated! The Quadrilogy Box Set is worth the money, and the Die Hard series is worth watching over and over again!
And i can't wait for the 5th movie to be released at the cinema.

  yipee kai yay...

| | See all dredude1's reviews (18)

die hard:
been rated as the best action movie ever made, and is hard to disagree. a skyscraper is taken over by terrorists, and Mcclane (Willis) is a cop caught in the middle. lots of action and fair amounts of humour with great performances, this is truly fantastic. overall, 5/5

die hard 2:
a very worthy sequel to the fantastic original, and Mcclane tries to take over terrorists hijacking planes from a control centre. alot of action and willis is fantastic again as always. overall 4/5

die hard with a vengeance:
my personal favourite of the set, and a nice cat and mouse game between willis and yet another terrorist. this time, its a game of simon says from the terroist and is Mcclane doesnt play ball, simon will blow up buildings and a threat of blowing up a school. Samuel L Jackson is also a secondary character, and him and Willis make a fantastic team. the games from simon are fantastic and this is the most tense of the 4. absolutely brilliant. overall 5/5

die hard 4.0:
the final in the series, and Mcclane takes on a threat through the computer world this time, with a virus threat from terrorists. this does have the most action of the 4, but i cant help but feel it tries to hard to make the movie feel modernised. still worth a look. overall 3.5/5

  Brilliant price!

| | See all jagger's reviews (179)

What a brilliant boxset, all 4 movies for such a great price. The 4th installment isnt so good I have to say but still watchable however the 1st, 2nd and 3rd are fantastic. I'm usually a chick flick fan however this had me hooked and there are so many quotes that me and husband can tell you it's untrue. Unrealistic but makes you laugh and it certainly shouldnt be taken too seriously.

  One of the Best Series of Action Movies ever made.

| | See all Rambo456's reviews (1259)

One of the Best Series of Action Movies ever made.
Featuring the definitive Action movie in the Original.

Part One - 5 Stars
Classic Movie.
One of the Best Action Films of All Time.
Clever and Slick with Edge of your seat Thrills.
The movie that changed the Action Genre and turned Bruce Willis into a Global Superstar
Still Brilliant 20 Years later and Endlessly watchable.

Die Hard 2 =. THREE STARS
Die Hard in a Airport.
How do you follow up a classic like the Original Die Hard. You don't, because you just can't
Die Hard 2 is a Good Action Movie as a stand alone movie.
But a bit of a dissapointment when sandwiched between the Classic Part 1 and the Brilliant Part 3.
The Villians in this one are not as engaging as the first movie. The director is also different.
Bruce Willis is just fine again as the wise cracking cop.
Still well worth a watch though as it is Entertaining.

Die Hard 3. FOUR STARS
Die Hard and Robin.
The Die Hard series comes back to life in Spectacular fashion.
After containg the First movie in a Office Block and the Second one in an Airport.
The makers decide to flip the whole Die Hard Premise and use the whole of NEW YORK CITY. Inspired.
Part 3 is pure Cat N Mouse Mind Games.
Bruce Willis gets a reluctant side kick in the Malcolm X like Samuel L Jackson.
And the Chemistry between these guys is Electric. Jeremy Irons is inspired and cool as the villain of the piece.
It's nice to have the Director of the Original Movie back and it makes a big difference.
The only downside is the last 10 mins with a very below par ending. Which seems to have been added without any real thought.
Still a Brilliant film though

Die Hard 4. THREE STARS.
Didn't Really Happen for Me
Despite being really Hyped Up for this movie it just didnt click with me.
Decent enough Action movie. Just not the Die Hard 1 And Die Hard 3 Standard.
More in line with the 2nd Die Hard Movie.
Not something i will be raving about or watching again.
Bruce Willis still has the Magic. Story let him down a bit this time.

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| | See all Bashley1991's reviews (6)

Bruce willis is incredible in all four films, a great watch. Essential films for die hard fans of the genre

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  4 fantastic films for an incredible price! Yippikayay!

| | See all Philoctetes's reviews (12)

From the original Die Hard, with Alan Rickman as the memorable Hans Gruber, to the latest installment of Die Hard 4.0, this series is entertaining without being too ludicrous or even too dated. I didn't even have to think twice before clicking Buy.

  Best action movies...ever...

| | See all roberto009's reviews (91)

From the original Die hard to the explosive over the top 4.0, these are the must have action movies of all time introducing us to the finest cop ever, John McClane.

The action is aplenty with a normal cop been immersed in the world of stopping terrorism by been in the wrong place at the wrong time, four times over, from been set in a building all the way through to an airport, the whole of New York and Washington, the films are fresh with explosive action sequences.

Yes, the first one is the best starting John's favourite catchphrase and introducing us to some of the movie worlds best terroists, Alan Rickman is amazing as the lead bad guy and should have won an oscar or something, its action from the word go.
The second movie is not as good as the first but still a pretty good sequel with more and more action at an airport and more of Bruce Willis' witty chrarm and humour.

Die hard with a vegenance is also great with Samuel. L.Jackson joining for a trek across New York to find bombs that have been placed by the bad guy, 4.0 is the last entry and may be insane and over the top but its all in entertainment's sake, this time Justin Long joins to add some humour.

Overall these are some great films, the sequels never quite match up to the original but they never do and they all still great fun, a must buy for any fan of action and for the price alone, well worth it, amazing.

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  Quality. Worth every penny

| | See all inisbeag91's reviews (503)

This is the perfect action film series. It has all the perfect things an action series needs... seemingly indestructible bad guys, great stunts, good plot and (an absolute necessity)a funny wisecracking hero. To all the men out there buy this and you won't regret it

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  great deal!

| | See all Fjellvang's reviews (4)

Die hard is one of the best action movies of all time, and at a price like this, you can't go wrong. Bruce Willis does a great job in all of the die hard film, and these movie smight be the best action movies ever made.This is a must buy to your DVD collection!

  yippee kay yay!!

| | See all itfclad's reviews (3)

Bought this for my dad. He used to watch die hard on tv like every other day. Now he can go in the back room and watch it...free up the sky tv. Woo hoo.