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Rocky: The Complete Saga Box Set (Limited Edition)

Featuring: Sylvester Stallone, Burgess Meredith & Carl Weathers

Format: DVD | Rating: 12 years & over

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Customer Reviews

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Come on, who shouldn't own this! Classic Sylvester Stallone boxset including the new movie! Where can you go wrong for that price?

  the very best

| | See all jadakiss1's reviews (18)

without a doubt the greatest franchise of all time.everything from the story to the characters and the boxing is complete world class entertainment.if you havnt seen these films from start to finish then watch them you will not be disapointed.
5 stars just aint enough

  What a bargain!

| | See all camdareviewer's reviews (10)

Amazing quality and all the films are amazing. If you don't have the rocky films then you should just buy this boxset now.


| | See all ChrisRR's reviews (4)

Everyone knows the good Rocky movies and the bad (for me especially Rocky Balboa.. But for 9.99 its a must have for the DVD collection.


| | See all Rambo456's reviews (1259)

Rocky 1. FIVE STARS.
All Time Classic Feel Good Movie.
One of the best sports movies of all time.
The story about a nobody who gets a once in a life time chance is brilliantly brought to life with
Stallones Excellent screenplay, Great Direction and even Greater Performances by a perfect cast.
Stallone is perfect in his Trademark role, nobody else could have pulled off the Slow, Brooding, Vulnerable part.
Even though Stallone chose a Action career people forget that He Wrote the Script for Rocky which went on to be nominated
for 9 Oscars, winning the Best Picture Oscar.
And Stallone himself was nominated for Screen Writer and Actor.
Along with nominations for Talia Shire, Burgess Meredith and Burt Young. Inspirational Cinema at its best.
With a Stunning Soundtrack

This sequel to the original movie, feels like a very natural extension of the Original.
The story is well told, and seems to be a honest reflection of what Rockys character would go through.
The acting is again first rate by all. Stallone IS Rocky. Burt Young is fantastic.
Stallone gets extra points for directing and writing the story here.
If you like the first one, then you will like this also.

Rocky 3 takes us to a point in a Boxers Life when he is at a certain peak and is distracted by the Celebrity and Glamour that comes with it.
You only really glimpse the Rocky from parts 1 and 2. the new Rocky is cooler and more on the ball, but still has a heart of gold.
At this point rocky has lost the Eye of the Tiger, his Edge and his Focus. To bring things back full circle it requires the return of Apollo Creed.
The film starts of silly, then gets VERY Sad and emotional and has a good ending.
Stallone again is very good as are the rest of the cast. Stallone moves up a gear in his Directing style from the second Rocky movie
Not similar to the first two bare bones films, this is more Flashy and Fun but somehow fits into the series just fine.

Part for in the Series is the most Slickest, Most Entertaining and the Easiest to watch of the Rocky Movies.
This one has Rocky fighting for Friendship, Loyalty, Love and National Pride.
The story has brilliant Twist n Turns, taking us through, Tradgedy, self doubt and triumph.
The highlights are the Russian Training Sequence, The Brut6al Fight at the end and the Stunning Soundtrack.
Stallone is at his Awesome Emotional best, all the while juggling Writing and Direction duties aswell.
The film is directed with minimum fuss and straight to the point.
As mentioned the Soundtrack is one of the Best movie Soundtracks of all time.
On a personal note I also find the ROCKY 4 poster iconic with Stallone being held aloft, battered and bruised, draped in the American flag

Rocky 5. TWO STARS
Where Did It All Go Wrong..
Stallone performance only decent thing in this. I cant believe it was directed by the guy who directed the Original Oscar winning movie
Simply put you could miss this whole movie and just have one or two scenes at the beginning of Rocky Balboa, explaining that Rocky has lost his fortune.
Avoid if possible, and just read a synopsis for it somewhere.

Rocky 6
The Perfect End. FIVE STARS
A 6th film in series about a boxer shud never be allowed to be this good, but it is. Major Respect for Sly Stallone, nobody wanted to make it, he wrote the script, raised the money and directed it himself, never gave up on himself, just like his most iconic role.
Some of the dialogues in this movie are very uplifting and inspiring,
Only quibble is that the Training Montage could have been a bit longer, apart from that it was the Perfect Goodbye.

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  really good product

| | See all yusufk's reviews (2)

great product but delivery time was terrible it took more than a week after dispatch to get to my house

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  "I love you! I love you"

| | See all Yido777's reviews (4)

What can be said about Rocky other than that they are an amazing set of films. This boxset offers to take you on the journey of probably the best underdog story of all time, enticing your deepest and most heartfelt emotions- sadness, fear and joy- all for under a tenner! Its value for money at its best and I dont think even Rocky himself could pass up the opportunity of getting all of these great films in one amazing boxset.If you want to be entertained, if you want to relive a great storyline or if you just want a great film to play in the background while you stand in front of a mirror air boxing, this Rocky boxset will be the best 10 pound you ever spent!

  Stallone Stardust!!

| | See all beetle72's reviews (3)

An absolute must have for any serious movie collection. Stallone sets the benchmark for Boxing action.


| | See all Lukedvd's reviews (23)

All Six Rocky Movies For 15 pounds! That Is Such Great Value On Some of The Greatest Movies of all Time!
rocky 1 (10/10)
I Love This Film the beginning of rocky you will be excited on end!
Rocky Faces Apollo In One of rocky's greatest matches YET!

Rocky 2 (9/10)
Another great match between Apollo and rocky of coarse it includes that classic moment when Apollo becomes rocky s best friend!

Rocky 3 (10/10)
WOW MR T! WOW! thats what made me give this movie a ten if there is something better than rocky vs Apollo thats rocky vs MR T!
you will be blown away ... still the original is still on top!

Rocky IV (8/10)
one of the coolest characters to ever face rocky ... Drago...
in this film rocky seeks revenge after Drago kills Apollo......
very emotional and strong hearted movie.

Rocky V (5/10)

People step all over this movie for nothing i thought it still had alot of action ! not as serious as the rest But still worth watching!

Rocky 6 rocky balboa UNRATED!
im sorry i could not review as i have never seen it but thats the exciting thing for me ordering this box set. The last rocky film Looks good. i remember in 2006 which does not seem that long ago this movie had alot of hype! cant wait to watch!

Overall: (10/10) 5 stars *****
I have to say these are some of the most greatest films ever and on play.com IF THIS IS NOT IN YOUR COLLECTION YOU KNOW WHAT TO DO! or if you dont buy it your going to miss out on the best movies ever created!

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  Great value for great movies

| | See all SteveUtd's reviews (15)

Wow - what can I say? All six Rocky movies for less than a tenner - that works out at a little over 1.50 per film! If you're a Rocky fan and haven't got any of the other boxsets, or haven't got any of the films on DVD, now is the time! If you just love great movies, with superb performances, don't hesitate to get this.

A few years back, I paid 23 quid for the old Rocky boxset - the one without Rocky Balboa! Seemed a good price at the time....

All films are good in their own way, although Rocky Balboa is by far the weakest, but I can see why it was made - seeing the Rocky series end in a street brawl wasn't exactly a good move for the end of the fifth installment. The other four films are superb, each and every one of them, but Rocky and Rocky II are the ones that really set the standard.