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Enchanted (2007)

Featuring: Susan Sarandon, Amy Adams & Patrick Dempsey

Format: DVD | Rating: PG

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (118 reviews)"

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| | See all millymolly147's reviews (1)

OMG my son and i went to see it ,it's a lovely film .. i dont want Easter eggs i want this on DVD lol, buy it u will love it, and yes you will sing the song's when u have watched it

  Return to form for Disney!

| | See all thesonglessbird's reviews (1)

Thank God Disney have gone back to their roots and produced some REAL animation! As a 20-something, straight male, this film certainly wasn't the kind of thing i'd usually watch. I'm a Star Wars geek. I watch shows like Lost and 24. This film is brilliant though. This is how romantic comedies should be made. Quite easily one of the funniest films i've seen in the past year. Just be warned, you're going to have the songs in your head for days after watching it!

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  Prepared to be 'Enchanted'

| | See all SkullyRox's reviews (1)

My friend and I agreed to go to see a film of each others choice one Saturday. Mine was 'Enchanted'(hers was 'Alvin & The Chipmunks! *Shudder*), having seen the advert-and loving Amy Adams from 'Junebug', I had to see this film. From the outset I was captured. The songs are delightful. Amy's voice is beautiful. The film, it just takes you in and gives you that fuzzy feeling in your tummy and a HUGE smile on your face. The ball scene at the end actually reduces me to tears. EVERY time! It got me like the 'Nobody Puts Baby In The Corner' scene from 'Dirty Dancing', I can just watch it over and over- the hairs stand up on my arms and neck with each viewing. Amy Adams has the classic 'fairytale princess' look with her gorgeous wide eyes and beautiful smile. I loved it so so much! I took my nephew 14 and my nieces of 12 and 9 the following day-and they all left the cinema singing the songs and trying to think of every single scene, my 9 year old niece asking her mum to buy it for them on DVD. :) I don't think I'll ever tire of this film!
I pre-ordered this DVD on rg1 as soon as I could-and I'm just placing my order for it here on Play for my nephew and nieces!
I'm 30 years old and my friend is 50ish-she loved it equally as much-a 'proper feel good film' were the first words she said after the film finished!
Absolutely fantastic!

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  Enchanted.....With Amy Adams.......

| | See all Crashmatt's reviews (4)

Picture the scene. I'm 31, 2 girls, 7 & 14, and they want to see 'Enchanted'. Whoopytdoo I think. I rather fancy a pint instead at the local - but hey ho - I'm a parent now -remember those 7 seconds of fun?.
So we troop off down to the local Odeon, buy my extra large Nacho's to stuff my abnormally large belly for my age and get comfy for sleepy time.
Start the film and it's a cartoon - Great!!! - Really looking forward to this now - I really wish I liked condoms at this point.
So I bear with it, scoffing Nacho's like a mad homeless Mexican.
Whilst having flashbacks of Snow White, I recognise a vaguely comforting theme, pretty princesses, apples and such like.....Hmmmm apples....
Anyway I go to the loo and upon returning to find I am now lost in the 'Cinema next door', then wondering why I am in Saw 4 - return to the right screen to find my first true love.
The film is no longer a cartoon, and me?....Well I'm very, VERY intrigued. On screen is a young (Well she looks younger than me, but deep down I know she isn't) Princess. Beautiful.
That is the end of my review. I have no idea what it is about but know when my time is up - She'll be there.
To all Dad's reading this - It's a great film!......Get it

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  My Favourite movie .. EVER!

| | See all SweetAddict's reviews (6)

Not only did I was it 7 times at the cinema I read the book 15 times. I have not got bored once, it is the perfect film. It reminds me of when I believed in Fairytales and Happily Ever Afters. It maded me want to believe in them again.
Buy this film, it's the perfect gift for any girl of any age.

  Excuse the pun...enchanting!

| | See all nitcholatte's reviews (23)

Definitely a disney film for adults! Though children will love it too I expect! I was very excited about this film and it surpassed my expectations! Look out for discrete references to classic disney films throughout!


| | See all YorkshireFan's reviews (3)

Hilarious.....loved every second of it. Must be THE must-see feel-good movie of the year, for incurable romantics everywhere!! You will smile from beginning to end.

  A great parody if there ever was one!

| | See all DerekFabb's reviews (1)

Most of the bad reviews for this film come from the fact that people just don't realise that it's not supposed to be a magical film for adults and children alike. If anything, adults should be able to see the humour in this more than the children!

Right from the opening scene, everything is so ridiculously overdone, that you either feel ridiculous for sitting there and watching that, or, like me, you are in stitches. It's idealistic to the point of vomiting, but in fact as the film progresses it becomes clear that everyone else is just as nonplussed by Giselle as you are.

Buy it and watch it, but if you want to enjoy it then it's important to not take it seriously. Especially if you listen carefully to the words of the "Happy Little Working Song" (Never has a princessy tidy-up song been so literal!)