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Halloween: Directors Cut (2007)

Featuring: Scout Taylor-Compton, Malcolm McDowell & Daeg Faerch

Format: DVD | Rating: 18 years & over

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Customer Reviews

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  "A great horror finally reborn!"

| | See all zapster's reviews (7)

I loved the original two and Halloween h20 films, and I even think the sloppy 4th and 5th ones were descent (6th one and resurection were rubbish though), and when I heard about this remake I thought it wasn't going to be any good at all. However, once I watched it, I was quite surprised. This film shows the simple character of Michael Myers has much more depth to him, which delves into Michael's twisted childhood, showing shocking footage, and makes Michael more scary. Unlike the original, which doesn't show us much of Michael until he pays a visit to heroine Laurie Strode in Haddonfield, this film shows us Michaels first kills as a child, his life in prison before his escape to show us just how twisted he is, his doctor's (dr. Lumis) interviews with Michael and the hunt he leads after Michael's escape. All of these events, including an introduction to Michael's family which we never got to see before, all build up to his final rampage in Haddonfield, building up the tension to the dramatic conclusion, which I think was quite fun. Rob Zombie re-invents a classic as a relentless nightmare filled with horror and tension, although at times it's slow-moving. A must-see for any horror fan!

  Halloween: Uncut (2007)

| | See all cheeky16's reviews (10)

This is where a whole era of Halloween gets all Zombi-ed!!!! With Rob Zombie in the Directors chair recreating John Carpenters Halloween was really a massive hit with a cast of different characters playing the parts and it was really fun. Tyler Mayne playing Michael Myers, Daug Fench playing young Michael Myers, Rob Zombies wife Sherri Moon playing Deborah Myers, Malcolm McDowell as Dr. Samuel Loomis and Scout Taylor Compton as Laurie Strode(Michael Myers sister.) Excellent movie.

  watch who u pick on

| | See all horrorfan84's reviews (10)

i loved this film and as a remake i prefer it to the original which i rarely do. loved the whole part of his childhood that the original lacked . full of gore,shocks and screams.

  Praise for Rob Zombie

| | See all l33frd's reviews (31)

I am a huge horror movie fan, and the original Halloween is still the best horror (slasher) movie ever made, which all of today's films try to live up to. I was slightly worried when i first read there were plans to re-make the Halloween movie, however, after a viewign at the cinema, I was pleased Rob Zombie had been given the task of bringing Michael Myers back to the big screen. This movie follows Michael as a child and explains more about his awful childhood, leading to why he becomes the monster he did. Its not in keeping with the original story line, fans of the older movies will know Michael became a killer because he was born under the curse of Thorn, an infliction beset because of star alinements the night he was born, which means those with the curse must kill al living family members. Harsh, it seems! This explaination is more believeable and truth be told, better to watch. If you don't own this dvd, buy it today and keep it for a dark night in the upcoming autumn, around the end of October would be good.

  mr zombie master of horror

| | See all pujapete's reviews (17)

i discovered rob zombie movies after listening to his music.as far as i,m concerned he makes some of the best horror movies and rock music.this film really grabbed me and took me in.was good to see michael,s childhood .gave good background which i think added to the series.a real scarry movie.it seemed alot more real than the original.not that i'm knocking carpenters version.cheap to buy to.can really recommend.enjoy.check out his other films if you want to see how it should be done.


| | See all Rachie27's reviews (84)

I enjoyed this version of Halloween. Malcolm McDowell was brilliant as the doctor, and the uncut version really made it easy to understand what happened to Michael Myers. Well worth watching.

  Brilliant remake

| | See all dixie1978's reviews (4)

The original Halloween film is a classic but this version lives up to it. I loved House of a 1000 Corpses and Devil's Rejects but didn't really want to watch this movie as I thought it would not live up to the original but I was wrong.
I thought that the part that showed Michael Myers as a child and gave reasons why he grew up as he did were brilliantly made and added a new side to the Halloween franchise.

  The best horror remake I've seen

| | See all Kyle89's reviews (173)

Another classic horror film I was horrified to hear they were remaking as I WORSHIP the original John Carpenter definitive slasher. And another remake I didn't expect to say was a FANTASTIC REMAKE...though it still doesn't beat the original.

Rob Zombie films this very artistically and you can tell how big a fan of the original he is as he treats the film so tenderly and is very faithful to the foundations of the original and takes all of the things that made the original so great and adds to them.

He gives Michael Myers more depth, showing more of a backstory than the original did, showing what made him the monster he becomes.

Laden with Zombie regulars (Sid Haig and William Forsythe), classic rock references, cameos from classic horror movie actors (the surviving SWAT member from Dawn of the Dead, the original serial killer from Child's Play) and some of the classic dialogue from the original.

This is a lot darker than the original and the violence is shocking and explicit. Rob Zombie's movies are something of film Marmite unfortunately, you either get his style or you don't, but I worshipped the original and was thoroughly impressed with this film and would recommend this to any fan of the classic horrors.

  Good adaption

| | See all ClockworkOwen19's reviews (112)

Rob Zombie does a reasonable job here at remaking the classic horror movie, it has more gore and it goes into Michael Myer's childhood alot more but nothing is going to beat the original.

It fails to capture the creepiness of the original, and instead uses gore to please and gross out the new generation of audience.

It's a good shot but no where near the standard of John Carpenter's version.

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