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Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber Of Fleet Street (2 Discs)

Featuring: Johnny Depp, Helena Bonham Carter & Alan Rickman

Format: DVD | Rating: 18 years & over

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (252 reviews)"

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| | See all johnnydepp's reviews (8)

I love Johhny Depp and Tim Burton and admire HBC, I love the story of Sweeny Todd, I love history, I love musicals.... THIS FILM IS AMAZING!

  A Horror of a Musical

| | See all Filmlover's reviews (93)

If you like horror and if you love musicals you will enjoy this one.

The art direction on this film is nothing short of excellent and the film is worth a look.

If you like Depp you will enjoy, the surprise here is Helena Bonham Carter who I think give the best performance I have seen and should win her lots of awards.

If you don't like musicals I would steer clear of this one as it is music from start to end.

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  Tim Burton and Johnny Depp still an amazing partnership

| | See all labgeek's reviews (1)

I may be a bit biased as I love Tim Burton films but this is a great film. I saw it in the cinema and recently bought DVD. On watching the DVD I was reminded just how good it is. The mixture of dark, psychoticism mixed with humour and saddness is brillant! Jonny Depp is brillant in it and the way the scences are shot is amazing.

  Sing but no dance

| | See all Limmex's reviews (74)

I was initially unsure whether to watch this after I heard it was a musical, the idea I have to say put me off. However I got around to watching it and thoroughly enjoyed it. The direction is nice and there is a good sense of atmosphere and dark comedy within the film. All the actors do their roles justice. It's certainly worth renting or picking up at this price. Suprised and pleasantly so.

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| | See all CaptainWish's reviews (1)

Any fan of Depp or Carter would love this. The effects are useless and the plot makes no sense. The blood looks horrible, to fake. It ends to suddenly to make any sense of it, nothing is resolved they just all die! But the acting is bril. They really get into their characters and you can pin point the excact minute when they all go insane. The songs are beauitfully presented. As beautifully as you can in a horror anyway. A typical Tim Burton film, to be loved. Dark. :)

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| | See all Spartan20's reviews (24)

Never have I known a film in recent times that has polarised opinion as much as this one, but the division tends to stem from a lack of understanding of the context. Put simply, you either 'get' it, or you don't. This isn't a piece of pop-culture fluff that can be dismissed or ignored, but people seem to, anyway, in this climate of lacklustre, derivative, archetype-reliant cinema. Sondheim's musical upon which this is based is the stuff of legend, and Tim Burton, one of the most unique minds in cinema today, clearly perceives the purpose of the source material, and translates it to the screen with the bare minimum of editing. This isn't a story that needs a happy ending, or even a neat and tidy one, and the songs, much loved, much derided, are intrinsic to the atmosphere--and that is one of gradually creeping, malevolent madness. Whimsical asides juxtapose with intense savagery and cold-blooded detachment from amorality, and Burton's style, ostensibly morbid and gothic, suits this in a way I could not have anticipated. Burton's films have always been special, but this one, his most adult, is easily the most accomplished in terms of narrative. Benjamin Barker's journey into his own heart of darkness, and dragging those unfortunate enough to get caught in his razor-sharp wake down with him, is one that cannot be summarised in a manner akin to the more mundane cinema of recent times. It polarises opinion simply because it must be approached with a certain mindset, the appopriate context, and that changes from person to person. But still, this film NEEDS to be seen, even if you're familiar with the play. The songs are equal parts darkly humorous and sinister, and the content, almost bleached of colour--intentionally--comes alive when the lurid shades of crimson start to flow. The story has no tidy ending, and it doesn't need one, for it doesn't adhere to pop-culture sensibilities; this is as close to art-house as mainstream could possibly get. It's merely the tale of one man's quest for vengeance getting lost in the insanity to which he has been subjected, and has come to flourish in, henceforth becoming the 'demon barber of Fleet Street.' It's a tragic story, and there's no way it could end happily, but the journey is the point, and the insight into the mind of a man slave to his obsession, and the devastation it causes. I myself have little patience for musicals, often finding them pretentious, but Sondheim's play, and Burton's adaptation, go deeper than the pretence of a performance with songs, using them to twist and subvert your perceptions, and accurately portray a sense of building insanity. If you're looking for something meaty, something adult and substantial to sink your teeth into, you NEED to see this. This film gets an 18 rating for its severe gore--in the tradition of grand guignol--but in truth, its most adult because of its subject matter. A bleakly shining star in cinema's dark sky. Please don't let the naysayers sway you; films like this don't come along every day.

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| | See all clubland13's reviews (15)

What can i say i loved the music great musical i realy would like to watch this in the west end overall the films great

  Horrible, awful, useless, the list goes on

| | See all inisbeag91's reviews (503)

I love johnny depp and i like musicals too but this was an absolute stinker. If you were to read about the plot on the back of the box the movies sounds ok but if you watch the movie you don't really know whats happening. There is way too much killing with almost all of it unnecessary. Wait til you get to the ending, oh man it is horrible, it doesn't resolve anything and you just feel like saying is that it? The hole story of the young man chasing the girl is not resoled at all. There are three things however that i think were very good about this movie and those were the costumes (especially carters and depps), the songs(watch for the borat lad in one scene) and the locations. However these cannot save this from being an awful film. Stay away unless you love tim burton

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  one word - brilliance

| | See all Myatt94's reviews (32)

Tim Burton and Depp do it again to be fair i didnt like the idea that it was a musical but it is one of my most favourite films of all time and i watch it monthly.

  Its Todd now, Sweeney Todd and he will have his revenge!

| | See all jokermanhaha's reviews (57)

Tim Burton, a master of cinema. He's created some of the greatest films ever to have been projected onto the big screen and along with Johnny Depp the two make an unbelievebly outstanding duo. Sweeney Todd is one of the greatest films from the two. Full of murder, blood and thrills its guarenteed to lighten up the soles of those who are in the mood for some blood. The music I am proud to say is genious and works very well with the story. But please bare in mind that yes it is a musical, but it's no Mamma Mia infact it's a lot different to that. The film is dark and depressing with songs about some of the most evil things but in it there are many great performances especially from Depp who recieved an Oscar nomination, Bonham Carter, Rickman, Spall and of course Baron Cohen all have great performances in what to me is one of the bloodiest and yet one of the best musicals ever to be shown on stage and on the big screen. But the only bad point is that after you've seen the film you will never touch a pie ever again!