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Letters From Iwo Jima (Single Disc)

Featuring: Ken Watanabe, Kazunari Ninomiya & Tsuyoshi Ihara

Format: DVD | Rating: 15 years & over

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (9 reviews)"

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  A new perspective

| | See all Gabba1's reviews (18)

It's great to see Clint Eastwood has covered the Japanese side of the battle of Iwo Jima so sensitivily. It also shows the values of both sides are essentially the same and that nobody wins in times of war. I have now ordered flags of our fathers the brother film to this (the american side of the battle) to see if it matches up to the same standard.


| | See all Jonnono's reviews (23)

A simple soundtrack,but it hooks you into the film with ease.Gives a human perspective of the war, and everyday Japanese feelings as reported in the letters of the Japanese General. An anti-war film with enough sentimentality and action to give both insight an entertainment. Makes you think. My 13 and 8 yr olds watched from start to finish in total silence. And made adult comment on the film and issues afterwards.Now that is amazing!


| | See all spirit911's reviews (2)

Its nice to see a film following the Axis that isn't low budget. The story of the soldiers is extremely captivating and you really feel from them. Its nice for a film to portray the Japanese story in a very sensitive way to make you feel for them rather than see them as beasts. The fact that it is in Japanese does nothing but good for the film making it more realistic and believable. A MUST BUY FOR ANY HISTORY FAN!

  the other side of the coin

| | See all tonk1952's reviews (7)

This is the best film portraying the Japanese in the second world ever,i recomend that you watch this one as you will see that once again most people are normal and it is the actions and will of only a few powerful men that make nations go to war and commit awful crimes to all about them.My Grandfather fought in the first war ,my father fought in the second and i was in the military in the 70s/80s the germans and japanese as a race have been slated because they lost the war ,yes horrible things were done to many innocent people by them but we are not innocent and it has been easy for our leaders to point the finger at others .Remember that we {the allies] dropped 2 atomic boms on cities knowing that all the men between 16 and 50 were away on military duty and as a result killed over 200,000 women and children nothing can ever excuse that fact.So please watch this film and see that most Japanese were normal and wanted to live and go home just like you and me

  Letters from Iwo Jima

| | See all dillian100's reviews (139)

Clint Eastwood brings us this Japanese subtitled film about the protection of the island Iwo Jima. As a lond subtitled movie people may be turned off, fair enough BUT you really should give this a try. Why? Because it is a terrific movie and an awesome war movie. Up there with Saving Private Ryan not as good but its up there. In my opinion the subtitles make this film better. A powerful film 5/5 WOW!

  Scenes so breathtaking, you'll forget to read the subtitles

| | See all Noolsey's reviews (8)

There have been countless films based on war. Ideas are running out for more, and it's still said, that none have even matched 'Saving Private Ryan'. They are all designed to show the shocking and true accounts of wars, well, close to the truth. But along with this, they should involve an emotional story line, with a background for the characters, and a struggle they face.

Letters From Iwo Jima is no different to the category mentioned above. Along with it's partner Flags Of Our Fathers. Letters From Iwo Jima has already claimed the Golden Globe award for the 'Best Picture In A Foreign Language', and rightly so. It has also had many other nominations including the Oscar for 'Best Picture'.

The story of the 35-day battle for the Japanese island of Iwo Jima, told from the perspective of its defenders. The entire cast has been well thought out and characters perfectly implemented in; with some more 'individual' leaders, to a conscripted baker, with some clever wit in between.

This film makes such an enjoyable watch as a large part at the start explains the tactics, as well as the importance, including wonderful small segments of character development throughout, just short enough to not interrupt the 'bigger picture'.

The peace doesn't last long, after word is spread that the American Navy is approaching. The island is set, the Japanese are alone; and the battle is about to begin. To die in battle, is an honour. To retreat is cowardice.

The film is worth a watch for it's cinematography alone, with some breathtaking views. But combined with the intelligent script, it definitely makes one of the best war films ever created. A story is told; and it is told well. Following the actions of the general, as well as a low ranked soldier, both in the end, fighting for their honour and their life. The characters are developed in such a way, that you may not realise at first, but when they may meet their end, you can honestly feel sorry for them.

As a final point; this film has one of the best scores I've heard in a long time, even thought it's mostly done on a few piano keys (although my knowledge of music is lacking) it sets out to amazingly compliment every scene.

  The Perfect War Film?!?!

| | See all RyanGK's reviews (41)

I loved this film. It's the better of the two, with "Flags Of Our Fathers" beings the other one. The fighting scenes on Iwo Jima are superb, as is the storyline. I will certainly be buying this on Blu-ray at some point. This film is only complete with it's counterpart, which tells the same, but sligthly different story from a US viewpoint. I watch both films back-to-back and felt I understood both sides better than most war films (good guys vs bad guys). Simply awesome!! Well done Clint Eastwood.

  The best japanese war film ever

| | See all noble123123's reviews (8)

when you watch this it will blow you away of what the japanese went through when the americans fought them for there sacred land they loved so much.

  Illuminating Japanese perspective.

| | See all filmgoer's reviews (92)

Filmed as a companion film for`Flags of our fathers`,the film shows the action and despair encountered by young Japanese conscripted soldiers on Iwo Jima.
As in all cases there are two sides.
Clint Eastwood directs this with a masterful hand and again delivers a thoughtful piece.
Without doubt,this is better than its counterpart,but but both are very watchable.