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Harry Potter And The Half Blood Prince (Year 6) (2 Discs)

Featuring: Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson & Rupert Grint

Format: DVD | Rating: 12 years & over

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (119 reviews)"

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| | See all Babycakes89's reviews (12)

The newest film from the HP set, and very good viewing, not so alike to the others it has lost its magical appeal, more of a love and revenge plot. It has been cut quite a bit to the book, it is a bit darker and not as long well it doesn't feel like a long feature film than the others however it still keeps you entertained, another great film for the Harry Potter fans!


| | See all PATCHES1989's reviews (518)

Following on from "The Order of the Pheonix" this movie delves even further into the darkness as war with Voldemort looms ever closer in the horizon. The action set pieces are almost as good as they were in "The Goblet of Fire" which adds to the enjoyment. This film will help blend in other points from the previous movies and all will become clear in another absolutely stunning movie. Not sure why people didnt like this because its not like the book.......remember its based on the book its not copied word for word its unique for telling its own story and very entertaining in doing so. Enjoy

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  Half Blood Bore

| | See all crapweasel's reviews (38)

Having enjoyed all the previous Harry Potter film I was expecting another exciting adventure. How wrong was I!. This film was just so dull and boring that I fell asleep near the end. Even my wife who has so far enjoyed the series got up and did housework during it. I will not be watching this again.

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  Magic in DVD form!

| | See all Tobyyy's reviews (4)

Now, even if you saw this film in the cinema i would still recommend buying it on DVD or Blu Ray. Not only is this an essential addition to the Harry Potter series but it brings a new light on the whole wizarding world. Director David Yates is back for his second Harry Potter film, the first being Order Of The Phoenix, and once again has created an stunning piece of film. Some may argue that the narrative structure is a bit thin and the acting/dialogue is sometimes 'too' realist, but the mise-en-scene, soundtrack and cinematography make up for these and more. Not only should this film attract the existing, young Harry Potter audience but also attract newer viewers. The ending climaxes with the tragic death of a main character which is portrayed excellently within the world of Harry Potter, this is swiftly followed by a tragically enticing cliff hanger which is sure to lead us into the world of The Deathly Hallows. Once again, I would recommend buying this to everyone, especially the 2 disc addition with the funny 28 minute behind the scenes presented by Neville Longbottom and Dean Thomas (Matthew Lewis and Alfie Enoch. I, personally, cannot wait for the Deathly Hallows.

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  Harry Potter And The Missed Opportunities.

| | See all HeadlessHorseman's reviews (17)

I must say there was quite a bit of anticipation with this and to a point, it delivers quite well; the tone is a little darker thean 'OotP' but still retains a good amount of humour, with some genuine laugh-out-loud moments. Although it has a more emotional core, with the developing relationship between Potter/Ms.Weasley and Weasley/Granger, it didn't interfere too much with the story and just enough goes on outside of love triangles to carry the film along.

BUT, the pacing is very disjointed in places, some parts feeling like mere skits to the next scene, rather than part of one grand, fluid entity, the final 20-30 minutes in particular seeming a very rushed affair, almost as if to fall under some externally imposed two-and-a-quarter hour time limit. Also, some of the characters are horribly, almost criminally, under-used - most prominant in my mind being Helena Bonham Carter as the deliciously nasty Bellatrix Lestrange and Evanna Lynch as the beautifully ethereal Luna Lovegood (and if she was maybe 10 years older, I could really take a fancy to her!).

Then there's the omissions, some of which you'd expect with a novel adaptation - you just can't include everything, otherwise the movie would be about seven hours long, costing about a $billion to make - but the omission of the Hogwarts battle between the Aurors, students and Death Eaters is pretty near criminal. The only possible reasons I can think of for not including it are this:-

Warner Brothers wouldn't fork out for the pyros and stunt doubles, so therefore wasn't shot. Or-
The sequence was shot but was edited out, either because a) it would push the film outside its afforementioned time limit, b) they wanted to retain the sequence for an extended edition to milk the Potter cash cow after Deathly Hallows sees its dvd/Blu-Ray release or c) Warner knew that including that battle would show up the final film, seeing as the action quotient in it will be relatively low.

That's not to say the film is not a complete wash out; it's beautifully shot, the SFX don't even need mentioning and the young actors really are growing in their abilities, although I'm not sure about Michael Gambon playing the camp card with his Dumbledore, as opposed to Richard Harris' quirky eccentric. Saying that, special mention has to go to Tom Felton, whose portrayal of Draco Malfoy has gone from sneering spoiled brat to a young man made slave to the obligations of his lineage, which really does make you feel sorry for the guy and strangely, one of the few characters you do actually care about in the end.

Sadly, it's just not enough to redeem the film. Hopefully, David Yates can conjur up (sic) something a bit more well-rounded in the two-part climax.

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  Potter gets back on track

| | See all kennyf99's reviews (127)

I really enjoyed The Half Blood Prince especially after the boring Order of the Phoenix. The plot is still pretty dense so there is a lot in there to catch on the first viewing so it might take a second viewing to follow it all. The regular cast Daniel, Emma and Rupert are all fine as ever, with Jim Broadbent providing some excellent support and Michael Gambon too as Dumbledore. Admittedly at a two and half hour running time the film does sag a bit in the middle and it feels lengthy but there's more fun to be had here than the last installment.

However its not all great as in regards to the DVD transfer this is one of the most disappointing transfers I've seen in ages. There is a lot of digital noise on the screen and hard edges around the characters, which is a real disappointment as there is still plenty of life left in DVD and it still can look real good.

The niggles aside this is still a very entertaining Harry Potter which continues its climb toward the more adult Potter, perhaps it lacks the fun of the earlier films but its definitely worth a watch.

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| | See all ButterBeer's reviews (32)

Its hard to choose a favourite harry potter movie but i think The Half Blood Prince is my favorite so far, it was so good i went to see it twice. Great adaption of the book with fantastic performances from all the cast. Can't wait for The Deathly Hallows. A must buy.

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  big let down

| | See all irishsmurf's reviews (1)

i suppose if you aint read the books it would be pretty good but i'm a big fan of the books and what a let down this film was they left out alot of stuff that i ws looking forward 2 the battle at the end which i can easily say every1 that read the book was looking forward to it and a alot of other things but i wont get into that to ruin the plot for people wanting to buy the film. acting was good best of the HP series yet

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  Half blood prince

| | See all chin00k47's reviews (4)

Terrible film, worst of series. Its all fimed in Sepia, thought they would have used a colour camera!!. Very boring with no real story line.

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