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21 (Twenty One) (2008)

Featuring: Kevin Spacey, Jim Sturgess & Kate Bosworth

Format: DVD | Rating: 12 years & over

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (75 reviews)"

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| | See all Paddster's reviews (162)

I loved this film,Kevin Spacey is a brilliant actor and can turn his hand to anything,this is really well made and got a good pace to it,i really enjoyed it and i will watch it again and again for sure....The ending was great but i won't give that away obviously,buy it,you will love it too.....

  Beating the System

| | See all stuartfear's reviews (768)

How to be a winner everytime in vegas, one of the oldest tricks in the book which a professor and a few of his students decide to take a crash course in.
The story is simple and easy to follow, but it might still be a little too complicated for you to learn exactly how to count cards. It's a fairly fast paced movie, it doesn't take long to get going and once it starts it doesn't stop.
A young cast who manage to steal the show, they all come across as being real and believable. Spacey is the experience among them but doesn't stand out, they all seem on the same level and put on a good show.

Overall: Not 100% original its a plot thats been done countless times before. There's a few twists but all of them you can see coming a mile off. But still Very Entertaining.
Well Worth Watching!


| | See all MANIB81's reviews (147)

Kevin Spacey rarely gives a bad performance and this is no exception. I was told about 21 by my brother and I was surprised to hear that the film was inspired by true events. The whole cast give a great performance and it's well directed by Robert Luketic.

It's a great movie but it's a shame that the DVD is weak for any real extras as I feel that this movie does deserve more. Overall brilliant movie but the Blu ray version is better as you get to play Poker online!!

  Better Than Expected

| | See all Charlesy90's reviews (4)

Heard pretty average reviews for this film and when i saw it I found people underated it. A good storyline, with some good twists towards the end. For the price a good purchase.

  another gambling hero

| | See all BertfromBelgium's reviews (460)

moderate movie, somewhat predictable storyline,
kevin spacey doesn't deliver his strongest acting here.
nevertheless entertaining (but no classic that you would watch a second time)

  another gambling hero

| | See all albertIIjr's reviews (460)

moderate movie, somewhat predictable storyline,
kevin spacey doesn't deliver his strongest acting here.
nevertheless entertaining (but no classic that you would watch a second time)

  Worth watching.

| | See all Dan3087's reviews (199)

I was a bit hesistant at first about watching this film due to some bad reviews, however I'm glad I ignored them because this film is actually really good. The story is really interesting and all that more so because it is based on a 'true story' and there are some clever twists and turns throughout especially at the end, I would highly recommend giving this film a watch if you've yet to do so.


| | See all THEMOORE's reviews (184)

1: Kevin Spacey is a great actor and even in a film like this he steals the show.
2: The twist at the end is quite clever, even if it is unnecessary, and reminiscent of films/TV shows like Hustle.
3: Laurence Fishbourne from The Matrix and CSI is in it!
4: Although not a classic, the movie has a feel-good feel to it as well as some very tense scenes.
5: Jim Sturgess puts in a decent enough turn as the main character to just about hold the film together with Spacey.
6: Kate Bosworth (Superman Returns) is good looking and convincing as Sturgess' possible love interest.
7: Kevin Spacey plays the baddie again!
8: There are the usual impressive shots of Las Vegas.
9: The film finally finds a good use for maths.
10: As many have said you don't have to know blackjack to understand what is going on.
11: The film is based around a true story, adapted from the book "Bringing Down The House"
12: An MGMT song features in the opening!
13: The film deals with themes of crime, gambling, friendship, love and education amongst others.
14: The film makes a change from the traditional Vegas style films in that no one is getting conned and there is not breaking into safes etc.
15: The supporting actors and actresses put in decent performances.
16: The film doesn't portray Vegas as anything glamorous as other "Vegas Capers" do.
17: The film shows nicely how addictive casinos and gambling can be. But don't let that put you off!
18: Despite the grim beatings and the constant card counting there is time for some comic moments.
19: It is quite long, but still entertaining for most of its running time.
20: The movie is only £3.99, at the time of writing, and...
21: It taught me how to count!!!


| | See all IceColdInAshley's reviews (45)

21 is a fast-paced but easy-followable, even if you don't know blackjack. But, this team of experts does. Kevin Spacey leads a team of his own expert student card-counters to Vegas and innocent Jim Sturgess takes part to pay for his scholarship. However, Laurence Fishbourne leads the way with the cast as the tough casino worker assigned to cut out card-counting with his brutal techniques. This is an intense edge-of-your-seat thriller which sets itself up with an exciting finale with an unlikely twist on the table. This film is definately blackjack.


| | See all JGROVEY's reviews (110)

This film is a bit slow i agree, but i did enjoy the confrontations and the disguises to trick all the security people in the casinos and is a bit of a gimic of Ocean's Eleven. The acting was satisfactory but nothing special happened in the film at all, not what i'll call a classic and i probably wont watch it again anytime soon