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A.W.O.L.: Absent Without Leave

Featuring: Jean-Claude Van Damme, Harrison Page & Deborah Rennard

Format: DVD | Rating: 18 years & over

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (18 reviews)"

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| | See all skinpay's reviews (3)

just amazing thats all can say this is a film that took me right back to my childhood yes the picture is not great but lets be real that makes this film what it is a good old fashion action movie its like sex and the city for men just unreal van damme in his prime in this one one of his best well double impact is his best but this is up there fully recommended for all action fans out there

  van dammes best film

| | See all tommygun1966's reviews (427)

a.w.o.l. is van dammes best film ever.it has brilliant story and brings out the best of van damme who over the years has been branded a wooden actor which i disagree.this film has well staged fight scenes and is very violent.whats so good about this film is it has so many different types of fighting techniques which varies from streetfighting to old fashion boxing.first time director and co-writer sheldon lettich does a good job.there are 2 versions of this film which i have seen.the usa region 1 is uncut but differs from the uk version which is also uncut.there are some scenes shorter and longer compared to the region 2 and the opening of the film is different on region 1 where van dammes brother is set on fire and also the scenes of his brother in the hospital covered in burns is trimmed down but the region 2 version shows longer scenes and when van damme asks the doctor did they catch the men who did this to his brother the doctor says in the region 1 version yes they did in the uk version when he asks the doctor the same question he answers back they could of been drug dealers.out of the 2 versions the region 2 is better.

  Wrong Bet

| | See all BrendanHughes's reviews (251)

This is another one of Van Damme's better movies,i seen this so many times, it has cynthia the lady,i could never forget her or the guy who helps leon,he has some classic lines.Its a brillant story and lots of good bare knuckle street fighting,i always got time for this film.

  kick ass!

| | See all pottypete's reviews (574)

This is classic van damme,with plenty of good fight scenes.It also has something resembling a story line which is quite rare for a van damme film!They just dont make them like this any more.


| | See all validvindiesel's reviews (13)

Simply the best van damme film till u watch it u no wat i mean if only he made films bak then as gd
Gr8 figt scenes bare knuckles if they made this on blue ray i buy it srtaight away gr8 film.


| | See all Suush9's reviews (25)

This is one of those rare classics - Such an entertaining drama as well as a thrilling bare knuckle fight movie. I would put it up there with Rocky as a classic example of a fight movie with heart.

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| | See all ILUVMUZIK's reviews (52)

I remember when i first saw this film, back in 2000 i think it was.I saw it on tv, and boy did i like it!
My eyes were fixed to the tv watching the classic fight scenes that make this film so great.
All in all this film is a must have for any Van Damme fan.
BUY IT,WATCH IT,LOVE IT!!! I give it 4 stars!

  Beat Fighting Film Ever

| | See all terryhenry's reviews (5)

A.W.O.L is a great film with lots of cool fights and having Van Damme as the lead role is good.

I dont like Van Damme but this is his best acting performance so far. He plays Leon, a soldier who finds out that his brother is dying and he has to become a deserter to see him, but when he arrives in America he has no money, no family, has the foriegn legion chasing him and the only way he can stay alive without the legion noing is by street fighting for money. The acting scenes are good and the fights are fantastic, especialy the gruiling end fight with one huge man that makes Van Damme look like a stick insect. But the storyline is the great thing about this film because Leon tries his best looking for his sister in law and when he does she doesnt want to know him and the amount of streetfights in this film is cool.

Overall I think this is Van Dammes best acting film and he mixes that with his great fighting skills which makes this film unmissable.

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