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Sex And The City: The Movie

Featuring: Sarah Jessica Parker, Kim Cattrall & Kristin Davis

Format: DVD | Rating: 15 years & over

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (171 reviews)"

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  A load of rubbish

| | See all crossroads's reviews (5)

This film is a waste of time.... Zero stars would have been what this film is worth... Whatever you do don't buy this movie...

  One for the ladies...

| | See all Glitzyqueen100's reviews (80)

This was a good movie, better than the second. It's everything a true fan would hope and expect it would be.

  Best of the TWO

| | See all grapesjuice's reviews (127)

This film is by far the best of the two. The story was just perfect as where the costumes and cast. I loved this film all the way through. It was so exciting to catch up on Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte and Miranda and to see how they have all changed over the last couple of years since the show ended. I was so pleased the writer gave Charlotte her wish that she to could have her own baby. And I absolutely loved Jennifer Jo Hudson's appearance in the show, her track to this film was absolutely perfect. This film is deffo a must see and one to watch. It is by far better then the sequel.

  Oh Dear God NO

| | See all Dude2006's reviews (14)

By far the worst film that i have ever been forced to watch
I have found Childrens cartoons with better story lines and plots
Acting looked like something out of a wood class

Please no one waste your money on this piece of rubbish

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| | See all Fab1701's reviews (2)

I've always loved SATC and the first movie was almost as good as the series (only because it was not as long!!). I am still waiting for the next movie to come out on DVD because I really need to know how the girls are doing xx

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  Sisters are doing it for themselves...

| | See all dassa007's reviews (11)

As the world's biggest and most loyal SATC fan, some of you may be shocked that I knocked off the fifth star... I did this for a reason, because if this first movie had been excellent then there would not have been room for improvement - SATC2!!!! The first foray into cinema for SATC made a bold move by stepping away from the notoriously camp and slightly screwball comic overtones of the series. Returning to the lives of the famous foursome it showed 40 and 50 year old women and the realities of what life had in store for them - from marriage to infidelity and truly understanding who you are. I believe the writers/producers King, Melfi and Starr pulled it off with panache, and the cast proved themselves capable of both great wit and great insight. Sex and the City: The Movie is an important chapter in the lives of these four women, with it's successor Sex and the City 2 providing the 'joie de vivre' antidote to the mostly sombre tone. I love Sex and the City!!!

  such a great film, the girls are back

| | See all hlbailey's reviews (12)

when i first heard that this film was coming out, i thought it cant be as good as the tv series, but it proved me wrong, i love this film, and as i said in the title, the girls aree back.

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  Cashcow for the Studios and the producers.

| | See all Rockfan1973's reviews (155)


Appalling movie from an appalling and dated show.

I had to sit through this with my fiance and i know its a womens film (sexist comment i know - sorry) but it was just terrible.

It was not stylish and it was certainly not funny and the bit where the one called "Big" dumps the woman called "Carrie" and then changes his mind with the other women shouting "No!" and pointing at him was not dramatic at all, it was just weak and painfull to watch.

All the reviews when this film came out in the cinemas gave it a thumbs down - they were right!

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  not my thing

| | See all ljhrocks's reviews (11)

i am a man and did not enjoy this film one bit (i was forced to watch it by my girlfriend) but i also do study media and know not to judge it for that reason. for what it is, this film is ok. it is an ok chick flick that will seem better than it really is to fans of the series. for people who are not already fans, if you like this kind of thing you will enjoy it, but you won't be rushing out to buy it either. at this price, it is quite good so if you like film of this nature, buy it now you will like it, but as i have already said, it is only average

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  sex and the city

| | See all balmoraljames's reviews (228)

I loved the series of this but the film seemed to be very main stream and didn't really hold the attention and I feel that taking the charactors out of new york didn't work. I desperately wanted to enjoy this but I was very sure I kept checking my watch only to see that the time really did drag. That said my girlfriend enjoyed it, but then she has not seen the tv show. Maybe this just works better as a stand alone movie as it seems to add nothing to the charactors or the series.The film is a lazy HBO special that would have worked much better.