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I Am Legend

Featuring: Will Smith, Alice Braga & Salli Richardson-Whitfield

Format: DVD | Rating: 15 years & over

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Customer Reviews

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  I Am......................mostly just OK, really.

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In the year 2012, Will Smith plays Robert Neville - the last man left alive in New York after a cure for cancer developed three years earlier mutated and killed off almost every human on the planet, and turned most that were left after that into vampirous like creatures.

As Neville lives alone with only his dog Sam for company, he attempts to find some cure for the virus, whilst dealing with his existence alone in a now overgrown and wild New York City.

Primarily it's Will Smith's show as he has almost all the screen time and has to take his character across several different stages, and he does a decent job but even at it's relatively short runtime it still feels that there's a point where any exploration of the character of Neville gives way to the action movie requirements of the film it is, leading to an ending that is typically changed from the source material and doesn't have the heft it think it does. Visual effects are good but some shots have aged in the process of making the city a mix of nature and concrete.

An OK film, but the five years since it was released have shown up certain shortcomings that drag it down.

  very good

| | See all watevea5555's reviews (21)

Some reviewers feel the film is only mediocre,I have to disagree,while its no 5 star classic,its still a very good,watchable film.Its not really a horror,and they arnt really zombies,so dont be put off if ur thinking it anothr boring zombie film.
The story is good and will smith plays his lst man alive role very well.Its not just will smith for 90mins,there are flashbacks to how it all started and a women with her kid turn up later on.
The dog steals the show though,the relationship btween robrt and his only companion makes the film.
all in all excellent film,only let down was the rushed ending,i was a good way to end,but was to rushed after the women turns up,hence 4 stars.

  Super stuff !!

| | See all Paddster's reviews (162)

Man,i love this film !! Will Smith does a great job in it,the effects are pretty good,never easy remaking an old classic but this does well,i watch it at least twice a year,i love it....

  Its alright

| | See all dillian100's reviews (139)

I Am Legend is an alright film, Will Smith produces a great performance and his relationship with his dog is what holds the movie together! The action is good and tense whilst the image of a desolate Manhatten is fantastic! Its as if a different set of people have made the monsters, they looked fake and too CGI which was disappointing! The music is also very good! Its good whilst it lasts!


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Was a good movie but what is the point in it. Its a okay movie but thiers no real point in it. Try and avoid it.

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  Not what I expected from Will Smith

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I have to admit that this is the first film that I have ever not enjoyed a film with Will smith in it as I thought it was slow and pointless and quite frankly not very good, this is NOT a film I would recommend anyone buying as you would be waisting your money as I did, wait for it come out on the TV and then watch it.

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  I Am Loving it!

| | See all Nathan444's reviews (274)

Will Smith at his complete best, a fantastic furturistic movie as to what would happen if a deadly virus got out. Very enjoyable gripping and emotional at the same time. Full of intense moments.

You get your hands on this for a few quid these days, if you havnt seen it by now i recommend you watch it. 5/5

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| | See all TomB5687's reviews (2)

This was Smiths first serious film and i don't think anyone could of pulled it off better than he did, this is definately worth a watch 10/10.

  good but not great!!

| | See all harrypotter09's reviews (11)

This movie was ok. the thing that let this movie down was the way the zombies were created! very fake looking!!
with only 1 or 2 scares, will smith was the only thing that made this film!!
the ending was ok but it was a bit of a let down!
hay, this is still one to add to the collect!


| | See all OBSESSEDWITHFILMS's reviews (416)

Only a handful of actors can get away with doing this type of film Tom Hanks pulled it off in Castaway and the superb Will Smith delivers an amazing performance as the last man alive in this brilliant film.
A virus that ravaged New York City as turned 90% of the population into mindless flesh hungry monsters that can only come out at night and Will Smith is the last man alive trying to survive and find a cure for this disease.
The film as a solid script and Will Smith will keep you glued to the screen throughout the entire film with his fantastic performance in this interesting movie.
I really enjoyed this film and thought that Will Smith's performance in this film was great highly recommended action thriller that as terrific rewatch value.

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