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I Am Legend

Featuring: Will Smith, Alice Braga & Salli Richardson-Whitfield

Format: DVD | Rating: 15 years & over

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (393 reviews)"

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| | See all Jamiel33t's reviews (7)

This was a decent film, I liked the explanation of how the world more or less ended, because I genuinely think scientific meddling will probably do that. But upon seeing the creatures I was instantly disappointed, aside from the bad CGI, they look exactly like the robots from I Robot... incidentally also starring Will Smith, hmm.

  Great but sort of ..

| | See all corky2k7's reviews (102)

depressing because there is no1 else there and its kinda a lonely movie untill he meets the other woman but yeh its a great movie upsetting though but wont spoil it for anyone, defanatly worth a buy 4/5

  I am Legend

| | See all jeqquers's reviews (5)

Rushed and far too much CGI, it is easy to see why many people and critics disliked this film. I think when the woman says that she has never even heared of Bob Marley, it just tops it off. However, in spite of this it is quite enjoyable. Will Smith gives a great performance in a film that could and should have been far better. Still an easy film to watch, it is nothing next to the likes of Danny Boyle's 28 Days Later.

  Surprisingly Very Good

| | See all Zomgles's reviews (10)

Expecting to be disappointed I am very pleasantly pleased with this film. Will Smith as good as ever if not better. Not only had his funny moments but it was emotional too. The dog scene made me shed tears.
I am glad to have purchased this film, money well spent. Defo one of my fav films.


| | See all mrflimman's reviews (2)

This film is amazing the best action pack film i've seen in a while and it's cheap a must get 5 star from me

  I Am Legend.....AMAZING!!!

| | See all xwaheyx's reviews (12)

I cant see how some people dont like this film i personally believe it is one of the greatest films i have ever seen (and i have seen a fair share).
I am an animal lover and it did distress me slightly to watch a part in the film about the dog but other than that scene i thoroughly enjoyed the film.
It will create excitment, shed tears and keep you on the edge of your seat! What else could you ask for?

  Will Smith is one of the best ;]

| | See all Violnio's reviews (64)

I can't imagine anyone better than Will Smith to do this film. It's fantastic, a great story of surivial and friendship between him and his dog. Some parts of the film you really feel for his character, I can't wait for the preqeul.

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| | See all THEMOORE's reviews (184)

In the near future (2012 - funny how recent end of the world type of stories seem to be linked to that year isn't it?) a cancer virus has mutated and has caused the people that have not yet died to mutate into vicious creatures that will kill anything and everything. In the mix of this Will Smith is the last man alive, or so he thinks. He has stayed behind with his family's dog in attempt to save the population by finding a cure a mission that almost leads him to insanity.

Loosely based on the novel with the same name but updated for the modern day, I Am Legend is yet another film that plays on the idea that the human race will bring around its own downfall as well as the ongoing theme of the end of the world - well in the case of all human life. The book which has spawned two other film adaption's, The Last Man On Earth (1964 - Black and White) and The Omega Man (1971) has proved a very successful genre of film work, however the original two versions of the book seemed to have aged a bit with time, so heres the latest addition to make up for that. Obviously the main advantage of making a film like this in a modern day and age is that CGI is largely used to make the destroyed city where ivy is climbing the buildings, bridges are destroyed and the only noise in the air is the birds.

But these stunning visuals are nothing compared to Will Smith's acting. He plays the role of the last man and the one who everything counts on for survival very well and scenes between him and the shop window dummies a very funny yet moving at the same time. The way he interacts with his dog and the way he chooses to end it all are also very touching as you feel the responsibility he has and that he has lost everything and that everything he has tried has failed. When he finally meets some people he seems so distant as he has been away from real humans for so long and his sacrifice at the end is chilling yet worthwhile for the human races survival. Watching this film you certainly get thoughts about what you would do in such a world. In all; the film is no way near as bad as a lot of people make out (I think people were hoping there would be more shooting, chasing etc). Director Francis Lawrence (Constantine) has done a fantastic job updating this film, even if at times the CGI is a bit ropey. The best part of the affair, well for me, was Smith's acting. He has come a long way since I used to watch him in The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air.

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  an ok film

| | See all Emptyy's reviews (33)

This film is a good film and i went to see it at the movies it looked good but it was only ok. Will smith did an ok job in the film but its another mutant film resident evil are the best for mutant film and also will smith is better as comedy actor "fresh prince of bell air"


| | See all d1i2n3o4's reviews (13)

I remember the charlton heston film,that was good.but they have made this film very well,it wanders back & forwards to past & present.gives you a teary moment if you love dogs,a great buy.a great film,thoroughly enjoyed it.fantastic