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Star Trek: Enterprise - Season 4

Featuring: Scott Bakula, John Billingsley & Jolene Blalock

Format: DVD | Rating: 12 years & over

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Customer Reviews

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  The best of all the four Star Trek series

| | See all Rockfan1973's reviews (155)

Seriues four was sadly the end of the franchise in 2005 - until Abrams "Star Trek" brilliant reboot in 2009.

This show returned to form in its last series with Klingons, Romulans and the Orion Syndicate all thrown in with two or three episode story arcs.

It is simply brilliant but it the new producers change in direction sadly came too late.

"These are the voyages" - worst episode of Enterprise - but probably done by the production team as a last act of defiance to the Paramounts board who axed the show.

Series five produced by Manny Coto would have been superb and we would have had the full seven seasons like DS9 and Voyager.

Watch the fourth series - you wont be disappointed.

  The best of the 4 series

| | See all benkernow's reviews (173)

This is a very nice episode. Its well written and tie's up some lose ends in the Star Trek world and the Enterprise. After this was being told this was the last series, you thought they wouldn't have cared as much, but they disn't. They came up with some really good stories and arks. From the stories about the Augments explaining the Eugenics wars to explaining the klingon look in the orginal series. I also brings you a bit more into the vulcan species and how we know them in other Star Trek programmes. The are also little bits about the Orions, the mirror universe and how the federation started, as well as the a radical isolationist group that try to stop it's formation.
It's a very good series and very enjoyable.

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  Best Star Trek season

| | See all LeeTaylor's reviews (2)

Yes, even better than DS9 season 5-7. It's truly a masterpiece. It sorts out many continuity problems (Such as the Klingons in TOS) and givens the ENT crew a lot more depth.
I recommend that everyone who was turned off by the first two seasons give 3 and 4 a chance.

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  Centurion 01 is right

| | See all Phoenix26's reviews (26)

I agree with the review below on ALL accounts. The final episode really is nothing short of abysmal. In fact, treat the penultimate episode as the last and you won't be disappointed! I have to admit as a sci-fi fan it was strange not seeing 'Al' (re:Quantum Leap) accompanying Scott Bakula but once you realise he isn't going to 'leap' you start to become more intrigued into the characters around him. I would love to say so much more but again, the review below has said what needs to be said. Fantastic series, rubbish final episode.

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  Finally there!

| | See all centurion01's reviews (2)

After the disappointing previous seasons of Enterprise, season 4 is a major turn at warp speed in the right direction.

This season is full of some of the greatest star trek episodes ever. With a new and experienced lead writer in the show, the episodes stay true to the original trek formula and the majority of the episodes pay wonderful homages to many of the original star trek storylines and give some fascinating explanations to some of the unanswered questions in trek lore. Many of the major continuity errors made previously are cleverly corrected, whilst previous Enterprise storylines are still built upon and also allow the shows characters to have a lot more depth than before, making them a whole lot more interesting and likeable.

Highlights include run ins with the augments (a storyline involving the Eugenics Wars and the genetically enhanced superhumans, leading to The Wrath of Kahn), the Vulcan civil war, explanations for why the Klingons had a lack of facial ridges in the original series, and an absolutely outstanding mirror universe two part episode, which directly pays homage to the original series. Throughout this season we begin to see the gradual build up to the birth of the united federation of planets, and much more.

Overall, season 4 is a superb season full of action packed entertainment, which will keep you enthralled all the way through. However, the last episode is a complete disappointment to such a brilliant season, so beware. Sadly, the turnabout to the show came too late and it was cancelled at the end of production of this season. But, as a trek fan, I can honestly say that season 4 of Enterprise really does hit the spot and finally proves the show as true star trek, but it will leave you wanting more.

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