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Featuring: Sigourney Weaver, Michael Biehn & Paul Reiser

Format: DVD | Rating: 18 years & over

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Customer Reviews

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  Coming Back For More...

| | See all blayboy's reviews (447)

Aliens takes a different approach to Alien. Whereas Alien was more subtle Aliens is all out action as Ripley returns to LV-426 to look for a lost colony. Ripleys nightmare is set to return as her crew encounter problems. Great story and probably one of the best Sci-Fi Action films ever. Classic...

  "..CLASSIC 80'S SCI-FI.."

| | See all sdx800's reviews (1814)

This is one of the greatest sci-fi movies ever made, and one of the best sequels ever made, James Cameron really stepped up the game with Aliens making it more intense and action packed! Plus just when you thought you had seen it all you get a jaw dropping twist at the end with the mother of all aliens!! This is a must own all time classic sci-fi movie.

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| | See all jagger's reviews (179)

What a film, absolute classic of the 1980's. James Cameron directs this, in my opinion the best of the Alien series, bringing non-stop action and marginally improving on the first Alien film. There are some fantastic scenes, where Ripley fighting the Alien when she finds the Queen & subsequent nest. Michael Biehn also plays a great character in this as a team of elite commandos help take on the Alien infestation. This was made at the time when the series had not been bled dry by the awful AVP's, and helped make James Cameron a legendary director. So amazingly good!!!

  The best of the franchise

| | See all Angrypeppy's reviews (98)

Everything that needs to be said has been said. This film would be one of my 'desert island discs'. Simply the best as it has sci-fi, it has aliens and it has marines with pulse rifles. Why oh why couldn't the sequels be guns, acid blood, aliens and ammo?
I just want them to remake anothher aliens film like this.

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  Simply excellent

| | See all Leviticus's reviews (17)

In the last few years of my granddads life I went round daily, taking a film with me for him to watch. For the most part he enjoyed them, one or two he found dull- Aliens was defintely not one of them!
This was the only one for which I saw an 85 year old man literally on the edge of his seat!

Aliens (Special Edition) has, over time, simply replaced Aliens (the original release) as being 'Aliens'. Most people no longer refer to the version that was cut by quarter of an hour by the studio to get more showings per screen per day- and with good reason.
The extra scenes really round out the film, giving more logic to Ripley's connection to Newt, and the scene where they both get some sleep in the medical bay.

If you have never seen Aliens then you really are missing out. This is not simply a horror movie or a sci fi one, it is far more than the sum of its parts.
Not only the best sequel ever made, but probably one of the best films of all time- get it!

Note that at the time of writing this review the box set of all 4 films is cheaper than Aliens alone. Worth it to also get the first film, though I advise those who have never watched them to avoid the 3rd and 4th movies. Don't pollute your experience by watching them at all- you have been warned! It's not that they are terrible films, just that they fall so short of 1 and 2.

Also, Aliens was filmed with an unusual camera/film combination which lead to some slight discolouration when not shown in an adequatly equipped cinema. In general it just gives the appearance of a more alien planet, but the upcoming Blu Ray remastering corrects this to give the clearest appearance ever seen of the movie- including for the majority of cinemas it was shown in! Those who have seen and love the film already should consider getting it.

  Sci-Fi horror at its best.

| | See all Aces1981's reviews (37)

One of the few movies where the sequel tops the first. Top marks all round.

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  Top Sci-Fi Horror

| | See all SciFiFantasy's reviews (141)

This is truly sci-fi at it's very very best, in fact it doesn't really get better than this. This film is in my all time top 10 greatest films and i'm pretty sure it will stay there.

It has everything, very edge of the seat, excellent and chilling soundtrack and the sounds from the motion detectors just add to the suspense and horror.

Better even than the first in the Alien series, this is a must see for any fan of movies in general but I would urge anyone buying this movie or even watching it to make sure that they watch the directors cut version and not the original as there are scenes in the directors cut the should never have been removed from the original. These scenes increase the suspense and chill factor (watch out for the automated sentry gun scene) dramatically and help to explain just what is going on!

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  Out of this world

| | See all god600's reviews (49)

Aliens brought to you by Director James Cameron is a Heart Pumping, tention filled rollar coaster of a ride. With great action and acting this sequal put it on the par with Alien.
With Stand out preformaces from Sigourney Weaver (ripley) Carrie Henn (Newt) and the fantastic Bill Paxton (Hudson).
Plot: After returning from Lv-42 and surviving the encounter with the Alien and found drifting around space for 57 years. The company blame her for destruction of the Spacecraft. Since then a colony has been moved to Lv-42. Soon The company lose contact with the colony and send a group of marines to the Planet with the reluctant help from Ripley. Shortly after they arrive all hell breaks loose.
Possibly the best action film ever made in the 80s and 90s with exception of Die Hard.

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| | See all PATCHES1989's reviews (518)

When you get the king of the sci fi genre James Cameron involved in this movie you are always gonna get possibly the greatest sequel ever made. This time there are more aliens and Ripley is back to kick some butt. Much more action packed than the first and it looses none of its origionality. Simply great entertainment. Enjoy

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  A good sequel

| | See all pBarrelas's reviews (10)

This is a sequel for the 1st one, in my opinion, well accomplished! Is has a different style alright but it makes sense (not like the 4th) and the story is also good.