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Bionic Woman: The Complete Series (2007) (2 Discs)

Featuring: Michelle Ryan, Lucy Hale & Mark Sheppard

Format: DVD | Rating: 15 years & over

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (13 reviews)"

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  give this show a chance

| | See all dolly68's reviews (4)

really enjoyed watching this show,although not as good as the original;thought michelle ryan did a great job with the american accent;and was disappointed it was cancelled too early;looking forward to the original coming out next month.why not give it a try,you may enjoy it;worth the price

  Michele great Bionic Woman

| | See all SFreddy's reviews (2)

Great series and really disappointed they pulled the plug after just a few episodes. Both I and my two late teens really enjoyed it and were hoping it would be brought back.

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| | See all dlw007's reviews (7)

i really didnt think this was gonna be any good, but how wrong was i. i watched the whole thing back to back. this is a must buy.

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  Something to watch

| | See all MozyMan's reviews (1)

This series is good if you have nothing to watch a good buy and can be very good if you get stuck into this 8 episode seires.
Fisrt episode is enjoyable. Great mini seires to watch while waiting for heroes season 2

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  A very disapointing series.

| | See all Chigawa's reviews (11)

There is a very good reason why this series was ditched in America, its boring.

What was advertised as a fast paced, action heavy update of the original, is actually painfully slow and light on action. If seeing two women go through the same fight and same dialogue week after week is your idea of excitement then this will entertain you.

The plots each week are dull and uninteresting and rather than any feeling of saving the world all we get is a boring soap opera between Jamie Summers (the new Bionic woman), Sarah Corvus (The "first" bionic woman) and Jamie's sister. By episode three this all becomes very tedious.

As far as performances go they are adequate considering the dreadful script. Miguel Ferrer adds some much needed class but everyone else just feels lifeless and appear to be just reading a dull script rather than doing any serious acting. Michelle Ryan is actually very good and her American accent is flawless. She has definitely come on a lot since her days in Eastenders. On this evidence I hope she gets more work in America as she has the talent and charisma to be a big star.

Overall this is hugely disappointing considering the hype. If you are desperate to see it, just watch it on the TV. There are far better things to spend your money on than this.

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  Good show, Bad timing

| | See all Kevin1075's reviews (754)

I Think this was a show that could have made if the writers strike hadn't allowed the US networks to have a clearout of struggling shows.

Yes, the early episodes were shaky, and had more than a few storyline continuity problems but it was starting to settle down and find it's feet. Michelle Ryan did a commendable job and shouldn't be blamed for it's failure. Clearly too many behind the scenes staff couldn't agree on what tone and direction it should take but they were starting to get there. If it hadn't been for the strike it probably would have made a full first season and improved a lot.

A shame that didn't happen, but enjoy what few episodes do exist because it was really enjoyable!

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  Great series which should not have been axed

| | See all Master12's reviews (8)

None of the negative reviews should be taken seriously. This series was one of the best NBC had to offer. Michelle Ryan is a very good actress and did very well in the role of Jaime Summers. The special effects and storyline all work great and its definitely a serious worth checking out. I heard they made 14 episodes in total. I just hope ITV2 purchases the right to air the rest of the episodes.

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  Not suprised it was Axed!!!

| | See all SuperKev21's reviews (3)

After really looking forward to watching this when aired on ITV2 this year, by episode 3, I heard that this series had been axed and not suprisingly.

The acting and plots are truely cringe-worthy. What should have turned out to be a great remake of a series, just turned out to absolute bilge.

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  Rocking TV At its best

| | See all SydneyBristow1's reviews (11)

Having watched all episodes all 8 of them I can say with honesty that this was one of the best Remakes I have ever watched topped only by Battlestar Galactica.

I thought Michelle Ryan did a fine job playing the central character its only a pity the directing and writing wasnt a little more supportive. I felt it was very dark in places this may have worked on the aforementioned Battlestar Galactica but had no chance of working here. David Eick was hoping to emulate the sucess he had achieved with BSG but failed miserably.

The main reason the original show suceeded was because they took the michael out of themselves they didnt take themselves seriously. This show fell down due to the fact that they took themselves too seriously.

By episode 5 I felt it was starting to find it's feet. I was really starting to enjoy the show. The Jaime/Jonas relationship had developed into the kind of one that existed int he original with Jaime/oscar. He was looking out for her and her little sister. By episode 6 I was hooked.

I have to be honest it bugs me when NBC dont have the bottle to give a new show a fair chance. I think had the Bionic Woman got a second Season it would have done extremely well and moreover I believe it would have surpassed David Eick's previous Sci Fi outing.

I was very impressed with the acting Michelle Ryan Was excellent as Was Miguel Ferrer. However I felt that katie Sackoff's inclusion on the show let it down By all means the Sarah Corvis character needed to be there but I felt they should have got someone else to play the part. Sackoff played it very much the same way she plays Starbuck on Battlestar. I felt an more experienced slightly older actress say Lena Olin would have really made something special out of that role and with a talent like Olin on board the show most likely would not have been cancelled. I am in no way demeaning Ms Sackoff here I think she is absolutely fantastic as Starbuck brilliant.

Bionic Woman Brilliant show had great potential ruined by bad directing and questionable writing.

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  Brilliant Series

| | See all candy00s's reviews (31)

I love watching this and i am gutted that it was axed half way through!!
I hope the dvd might have the episodes that werent shown.

Any way def worth buying this dvd michelle ryan is fab in it!!

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