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Storm Warning: Extreme Edition

Featuring: Nadia Farès, John Brumpton & Robert Taylor

Format: DVD | Rating: 18 years & over

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (16 reviews)"

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| | See all HONESTBAZ's reviews (299)

This may well be too slow for some,but i found the pacing just right. This couple get caught in a storm whilst boating,find an abandoned house and soon the owners turn up.
Now comes the problem,the owners are 3 vile men,the drunk father and his 2 disgusing sons,they have their plans of what to do with their unexpected visitors.
First there's the uncomfortable feeling that is given,a shower is allowed but their clothes taken,then the men start getting a little too crude with the woman. As the film goes on and the couple are taken to what is basicly a big shed full of tools,the man gets his leg broken and the woman has it made clear they want their wicked way with her.
I don't wish to give too much away,but it's up to the woman to think of a way to outsmart these creeps and the scenes that follow are well worth the wait.
As i say nicely paced,it's not quite as full of laughs as the cover might suggest,but there's some amusing nasty scenes there.
I liked this,it started off a little slow,but it's well worth getting into as even when nothing extreme is happening,it still has a very threatening feel to it,good stuff.

  "Gruesome ThreeSome"

| | See all horse5's reviews (15)

Loaded with scares,Laughs,and loads of gore.What a cracking survival horror film this is.From the makers of Wolf Creek.Well worth the money.

  Pretty good.....

| | See all Paddster's reviews (162)

But could have been a little better in my opinion,plenty of gore and the female is a babe,its just a rehash of many American horrors but poorly done by inexperienced Aussies......

  Not bad.......but not great.......

| | See all 7Phil5's reviews (23)

Going off the reviews i gave this film a go - but was a little disapointed. Whilst not a 'bad' film, i found it a bit slow.

When the action did pick up it was pretty good, very gory/gruesome and a certain scene enough to bring tears to any mans eyes....ouch!

I guess for 2.99 you cant really complain, but glad i didn't pay full whack for it.


| | See all sdx800's reviews (1814)

Well worth the money!! Any horror collection should have this movie in it, very well made film with a great simple but brilliant revenge story. Loads of original and very bloody gore and violence. If you big on the horror genre and have not seen this movie it will not disappoint.

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  Could have you "hooked"

| | See all helend30's reviews (41)

Slightly ropey acting from the couple in distress but the "baddies" were excellently creepy. Takes a while building atmosphere and is slightly predictable but an enjoyable movie all the same. Definitely worth a watch.

  Texas Chainsaw Massacre meets Deliverance

| | See all pepsiopal's reviews (10)

From the makers of Wolf Creek this is not a story about bad weather although that is the cause for a well to do couple to become stranded in the middle of what seems like nowhere. This is the story of their struggle to try and make it through the night after they are caught seeking refuge from the storm in the home of a sadistic family. I thought the film held the tension throughout and you never really guess if the couple are going to survive their ordeal or not. If you are a fan of Wolf Creek then this is better.

  Hated this film

| | See all MovieMonster1's reviews (58)

This film was so boring it is unbelievable, and you cannot believe it actually could happen. Dont buy it please

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  lets go human fishing!!!

| | See all thesteamtrain's reviews (221)

this aussie film is superb!!its full of tension and nail biteing moments that have you on the edge of your seat waiting for whats going to happen next.the first death scene is amazing,ive never seen anything like it before and im a big horror fan,i wont give it away but my title gives a little hint!!!!this in my opinion is what a horror should be,one that doesnt just rely on gore but has tension,action,payback and its fun!!!!

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  Horror fans will love this!

| | See all richiefirefly's reviews (6)

I wasnt too sure what to expect when I bought this but after what looked like a cheap T.V film to start with turned into a class horror were I didnt know what was going to happen next. Ofcourse there have been many films like this before but it offers fans a feast of fresh killings that should keep everyone amused.
If you liked wolf creek you will love this!