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Featuring: Hugh Jackman, Ewan McGregor & Michelle Wiliams

Format: DVD | Rating: 15 years & over

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (9 reviews)"

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  A good watch

| | See all FilmMart's reviews (9)

Yes, previous reviewers are indeed correct in citing that the twists etc are very readable, they are. Nonetheless the film itself is a decent thriller with enough in it to provide interest. The film has not been produced nor indeed promotted on the sex club angle, it is as it pertains to be a crime thriller that uses the "list" as its vehicle to ensnare McGregor.

I enjoyed the movie for what it was, if you do likewise and not expect earth shattering twists then you should enjoy the movie to.

  OK but there are better

| | See all Azza2178's reviews (76)

This is supposed to be a thriller and have a really good twist. well what annoyed me more than knowing the ending before it happened was that i have seen this movie before. and whats more annoying is that i cant remember the name or find it - someone please let me know what this film was (think it was Derailed and if so watch that move before Deception).
Anyway, the film is about Ewan "Obi-Wan" McGregor who is a bored accountant who meets Hugh "Wolverine" Jackman, a man who is more exciting. Jackman intoduces McGregor to a world of sex where men get calls from women for one-night-stands (however these sex scenes are not erotic in the least and are so tame even you teenage kids could watch them and they would think them lame too). Soon McGregor meets a woman on this one-night-stand that he actually fancies and they start a relationship. however things take a bad turn and it turns out that no one is who they seem (i will try and not ruin the plot - but you'll be able to work it out quickly).
If Derailed is the movie i think it is, watch that over this. infact watch Basic Instinct and its sequal over this for better twists and plot.


| | See all Gaz250587's reviews (3)

Well after just watching it, I can honestly say it was terrible. The twists in the plot are extremely obvious and leave you wondering why they bothered. Pretty awfull!

  Good thriller

| | See all gozoparis's reviews (146)

An accountant is introduced to a mysterious sex club known as The List by his lawyer friend. He soon becomes the prime suspect in a woman's disappearance and a multi-million dollar heist. A fabulous thriller and worth to watch this movie.

  Ignore all of the other reviews...

| | See all marsellus's reviews (91)

Regardless of what the other reviewers say, this film IS rubbish.

The twists are very obvious, the direction is boring, the plot doesn't really make a lot of sense and Hugh Jackman is less than convincing as a bad guy.

Give Deception a miss and rent The Last Seduction instead. It follows a similar story but is far, far superior.

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  A bit under-rated!,

| | See all ratty1984's reviews (175)

Hugh Jackman and Michelle Williams have always been favourites of mine. Somehow, I don't understand the appeal of McGregor, but he does a decent job whenever he shows up. He is an efficient character actor, somehow who manages to register a blip on the radar but can't leave enough of a mark to put him up there with some of his contemporaries, and there lies some of the problems in this interesting effort to put together a sexy thriller.

Eventually, we are taken to a conclusion that is meant to be exotic, satisfying, and that will explain some of the surprises along the way, but it really kind of fizzles, because what at times was a bit threatening and at least entertaining, becomes a bit of a letdown. It's not a ride into the sunset, but it is a strange way to tie things, especially when you look at the way the scene at the park is handled a few minutes before the conclusion.

It is frothy entertainment, well dressed up, and with some decent acting. My last comment is things won't get better as long as the script is not properly put together. There is such as thing as a revision, and maybe sometimes, it takes more than a couple of eyes to do that.

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| | See all scottfindlater's reviews (95)

An easy to watch, entertaining movie. Nothing superb or oscar winning, the story line is obvious within the first 25 minutes but as a cheap dvd this is worth a watch.

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| | See all Mcnamera's reviews (2)

I got this film having fairly high hopes and was incredibly dissapointed, it started off ok but its easy to predict the entire film by seeing the first 15 minutes. Predictable,slow paced,worn out plot line. Wouldnt recomend even thinking about watching this to anyone.

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  'are you free tonight ?'

| | See all rbmusicman's reviews (896)

'Jonathan' ( ewan mcgregor ) aspires to have the pleasures and skills his new friend appears to have, 'wyatt' ( hugh jackman ) is happy to play along, however he has a hidden agenda for the accountant .
The film starts really slow, but the events and 'dangled carrots' including 'wyatt's' suposed partner put before 'jonathan' lead us to the plot as the film progresses.
The film picks up as it moves along which is why i've given '4' stars,
There are many twist's and turns toward the end of the film.
The second half of the film makes it worth at least a watch.

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