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Torchwood: Complete Series 2 (5 Discs)

Featuring: John Barrowman, Eve Myles & Burn Gorman

Format: DVD | Rating: 15 years & over

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (28 reviews)"

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| | See all Frubes's reviews (13)

Torchwood is still going strong!

Ordered this off play an it came three days later
Which i was really pleased with

Thanks play!

Frubes x

  Like cheese it matures

| | See all WelshAdam's reviews (21)

I must admit that when this season was first broadcast I was left feeling rather cold. I loved the first season, even if it was a bit hit and miss, but upon my first impressions the second season didn't quite live up to the magic of it. Now that I have rewatched the second season however, I have completely changed my tune. I agree with the reviewer who said that Torchwood seems to get better with time.

Although there are still several mediocre episodes present in this season, it's an improvement on the first, with a little less silliness and a little more independance from it's parent show, Doctor Who. And whilst Owen's 'undead' storyline is a bit daft, it ties in well with that of this season in general. The characters are certainly more down-to-earth and better played, espeically Rhys and Ianto who are far more heavily involved in this series than before.

All in all, whilst it doesn't quite match up to Children of Earth, season two is mostly an exciting, shocking, emotional, well-written and all round great thrill ride, and an improvement on the already great season one. 'From Out Of The Rain ' is a particular favourite of mine.

  Addictive viewing

| | See all TheChamps's reviews (79)

This show get's better with age. If you thought the recent Children of Earth was good stuff, then try this boxed set. It even has Martha Jones from Dr.Who in a few episodes.


| | See all LawaMay's reviews (1)

Brilliant series. My favourite of all 3. Torchwood really came into its own and blew me away this season :)

  ALIENNNSSSSS.....IN CARDIFF???!!!...........

| | See all Chunter29's reviews (3)

I've just finished watching this series again having decided to with the new 'Children Of Earth' starting tomorrow. Series 2 takes everything that made season 1 so good and carries it to another level.

With a combination of better characterisation and fleshed-out stories series 2 is excellent entertainment. Best episodes have to be 'Reset' that sees Martha Jones cross-over into the Torchwood universe and 'Adrift' which has possibly the most shocking ending ever.

A must-buy!!!

  Abother brilliant offspring of the Doctor Who Universe

| | See all milngavie's reviews (15)

Doctor whos success is exhibited mainly by its two very succesful and drastically different spin-off shows. Torchwood I feel is the best out of the two spin-offs but SJA is brilliant as well. Torchwood is moving from strength to strength with compelling and down to earth stories that are very gripping and watchable. The sex and swearing has been slightly toned down after divided opinions over last years sex extravaganza 'Day One' but if anything this just makes the show all the more watchable. Like Doctor Who and many other British Sci Fi shows Torchwoods CGI isnt blockbuster with several spectacular lashings of it (The Mayfly in Reset) but also a few rather insulting creations (the space-whale in Meat). However these hit and misses are made up for by incredible acting all round with John barrowman stretching his acting muscles and both Burn Gorman and Naoko Mori proving their worth a dozen times over. Ianto is also given a more integral part in proceedings while the character of Gwen continues to flourish and grow. There is also a lovely treat for Doctor who and Torchwood fans alike as Martha Jones joins the team for a few episodes with Freema Agyeman pulling off some great performances without destroying her Doctor Who reputation with excessive nudity or the odd f-bomb. Stories that really stand out are Sleeper, Reset, Adrift, Fragments and Exit Wounds but all in all the whole season is brilliant with the loss of both Tosh and Owen leaving a resounding emptiness among fans. They will be sorely missed.

  Just gets better and better!

| | See all FormerlySWM's reviews (13)

Well I have to praise the writers of this fantastic spin-off. It's not easy to make a spin-off as successful as the original show, but they've done it. This series outshines the first by 100% and the addition of James Marsters was a master stroke, and personally I think Martha Jones works better in Torchwood than in Who lol. Fantastic show, buy it at once!


| | See all lmw432's reviews (10)

Definitely one of the best BBC programmes on TV! Torchwood delivers on all fronts from Humour to Passion to Violence. Series Two marks a huge era for the show and the heartbreaking ending is sure to always be remembered. All actors/actresses are commended for their quality performances in particular Naoko Mori. Bring on Season Three!


| | See all 92VG11's reviews (4)

I think Torchwood series 2 is briil :P The people in it are good, the story line is good and keeps you wanting to watch more! :) Spec John Barrowman and eve myles i think they should have more of a romantic story line for them! Bring on series 3!
Although when i bought it from play both times I got disc 4 twice so i havnt been able to watch the specials. In the end i gave up sending it back "/ but it isnt plays fault it is who ever has packed them.

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  Better until the end.

| | See all Trefusis's reviews (243)

After the first series started off pretty badly and then managed to pull off an interesting finale, the second series seems to be in reverse. A lot of the stand-alone episodes are quite good, but the last few stories sacrifice thrills in an attempt to build towards an exciting climax that turns out to be a damp squib. Also, killing off all the characters played by people who can act doesn't bode well for series 3.

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