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Diary Of The Dead: Limited Edition Steel Tin (2 Discs) (With Exclusive Sleeve Designed By Charlie Adlard)

Featuring: Michelle Morgan, Joshua Close & Shawn Roberts

Format: DVD | Rating: 18 years & over

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (71 reviews)"

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  Diary of the Dead

| | See all Babhomet's reviews (52)

I would have given this one star were it not for his earlier and more fondly remembered zombie masterpieces.
Oh Dear! George, what have you done? Firstly let me say I'm a huge Romero fan so when I read the negative reports on Play I aired on the side of caution, well they were right! So where to begin?
It's cliched, it's corny and in some of the worst places reminiscent of a Uwe Boll film (House of the Dead. Alone in the Dark) The whole film just muddles along from one badly played scenario to the next, the action is obvious and the characters shallow, you simply just don't care about them. The camcorder is a nice idea but wheras in Cloverfield where it serves as your eyes and keeps you guessing, in this it just takes on an almost voyeuristic nature. The camera zooms in on people who've had to use guns or shoot people for the first time and does so with no subtly or compassion. In other words it never feels like a documentry but a movie that was high on ideas but low on budget. A wasted oppertunity I think.

  a cheap zombie thriller with no thrills

| | See all dave00's reviews (22)

I am a hugh fan of the original dawn and day of the dead i didnt really care for the land of the daed movie but compared to this awfull film it should have been oscar nominated,

This really has a feel of cheapness from back to front, a good time to turn this movie off is when they meet the armish deff farmer for a little comedy relief (pffft 1 star)

  Average film, great DVD.

| | See all BuggSuperstar's reviews (7)

Whether you think the film itself is good or bad (personally, I feel it falls somewhere in the middle) there's no denying this is a great DVD with some excellent extras. A full breakdown can be found at DVDCompare, but the best of the extras are the audio commentary with Romero, 83 minute documentary on the original Night of the Living Dead, and the 4-part 'making of' feature. Great stuff.

  what a shame

| | See all ohdannyboy11304's reviews (1)

George a romero may have practically started the zombie genre, but look what he's done to it. From an engaging opening minute, the film plummets steadily downhill, becoming often laughable and occasionally embarrassing. Romero has jumped on the bandwagon of other recent first person action/horror films such as rec, cloverfield and the not so recent blair witch project. However with these films, there was always a reason for the protagonists to be filming. Rec uses a tv crew filming the events of their quarantine to use as evidence of their mistreatment, cloverfield uses a camera being used to document a surprise party/ a historical disaster, and the characters of the blair witch project are themselves filming a documentary of their search for the notorious witch. Diary of the dead however, seems to operate on a first person basis purely because it wants to, cutting between several cameras, the footage of which the characters of the film would not be able to acquire in real life, such as cctv.
The film really isn't any good for anything other than unintentional comedic value, buy any of those other three first person films and save yourself the hours you'll lose by watching this. Sorry george.

  Lets Get To The Point Here.

| | See all GreenDayMarvelFan's reviews (233)

Im glad Romero moved away from the likes of the dawn of the dead type zombie movie (stuck some were and fight of a bunch of zombies) yeah they are good but this shows you if zombies were actually real and what would happen , cover up from the government ?? yes , a big action scene ?? no , and this what this movie provides a bunch of teens trying to get home and figure what is going on and they bump into a view zombies ..i think thats what Romero was trying to do was make a zombie movie what people would do if this was real and he pulled it off , dont expect your typical action zombie movie cause its not ..but a very good movie saying that.

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  Diary Of The Dead (Limited Edition)

| | See all HovisBread's reviews (27)

Mass repulsion. Critical hatred. A tidal wave of negativity. Just a few ways to sum up the overall reaction that was levelled at George A Romero's newest zombie picture 'Diary Of The Dead' (excluding some exceptions of course). And with this branding very much in mind, I went into Diary Of The Dead with little to no expectation. At best I expected the film to be what I term "crap-but-good", at worst I expected a contender for the much abused category of "worst movie of all time" (a term that's become tired and clichèd to the point where its become a bit of a joke for me).

What I got however was not a contender for "worst movie" or even a "crap-but-good" film. Oh no. What I got was, for me, a decent zombie picture with plenty of satire on our modern times, some pitch black humour, lots of gore and plenty of entertainment. I was, to put it simply, impressed. Then again, when you go and watch a film with already rock-bottom expectations to begin with the odds are it'll be better than you expected. I suppose what happened here was the opposite / reverse of the more common occurence of a film (or whatever) being over-hyped but ultimately fails to fulfill those sky-high expectations. A nice surprise indeed.

Normally when I review "things" on here I talk about the DVD package but all of that has been covered by Play.com already so that saves me the "job". I could go on about how well this rates as a zombie film and how it fits into the genre, but apart from stating that this is my second favourite George A Romero zombie film after his 'Dawn Of The Dead' picture I won't discuss the subject no further. Though I will add (!!!) this is the first film in the genre I've seen for a little while that uses the ultra-traditional template for the zombie creature (and yes! I'm not one of those elitists who only believe the George A Romero shuffling zombies are "proper" zombies [proper? Proper?! Talk about having a complex!] . The modern "viral" zombie creatures seen in the likes of '28 Days Later', '28 Weeks Later', 'Dawn Of The Dead Remake', 'Quarintine', 'REC', the 'Resident Evil' films and even 'I Am Legend' I class as zombie themed films. I just view them as alternate interpretations of the zombie creation/s.).

Overall Diary Of The Dead is, in my eyes, a very good entry into the zombie film genre and one that I enjoyed as much as I did thanks in part to the thickle mass public and so-called (and probably self-proclaimed) movie critics. Add to the film's entertainment the quality of product on offer here is DVD at its best and the price ain't bad either!

I would give the film three and a half out of five but am unable to do so thanks to the rigid scoring system that is used. An underrated piece of film-making.

  not good but not bad..

| | See all MSLADYTHOMP's reviews (60)

I just watched this, I clicked the stars right in the middle simply because the film isn't that great but at the same time its not all that bad.

Being a person who loves movies of all types and has watched probly more or less all Goerge A Romeros work includeing creepshow, flesh eaters etc..I am aware of his previous classics, first of alI have to admit I reall didnt' like this hand held camera as in documentry idea, In my opinion you eiether make a film or you make a documentry, its not all that bad tho, some quite funny bits in it too as well as desgusting which in my mind has always been a good combination, but I reckon the only reason this movie doesn't really work is probly becausee there's' been so many walking dead films made its really is impossible to make something new and original anymore, I have saw bad acting before but to be honest I thought the lead lady was a very good actress, very beliveable, she could act, the rest were ok, only bad thing that really got me about this movie was the fact there was a guy standing filiming it all and he seemed totally uncareing and helpfull towards his friends being attacked by the walking dead, he was only interested in folming it, tI foudn that unrealistic, but it was the only thing that seemed unrealistic.

LIke I says not particularly brilliant, but not all that bad either, but its a modern romero walking dead film, just because its modern doesnt mean it can't be a classicl..I had some laffs watching this today and also some scarey bits as well...so I did enjoy it.

  total rubish

| | See all mick321's reviews (1)

I brought this film the acting was very bad the worst zombie film ive ever seen they could have least tried to be scared whats this film meant to be a comedy a horror or is it meant to be a bit of both because it faild in both ways not funy not horror but just pure rubish don't buy this film unless you find it funny waching very poor acting i turned it off before the end and i took my copy back to the shop

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  Terriying..... for all the wong reasons

| | See all IBM9000's reviews (9)

Saw this at the cinema, don't go anywhere near it, its awful. I heard Romero made it with some film students, i think the students made it and he gave his name to it, its so amateurish and nowhere near his other films. Utter utter rubbish.

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  The Tragedy of our Age

| | See all Dustin's reviews (2)

This movie is without a doubt one of the best documents of our age, raw, and constantly feeding on the idea of truth vs opinion. The pacing and the aesthetic nature of the movie reflect the rather confused and dormant yet inquisitive nature of our 21st century self. One of the most inteligent movies from Romero

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