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Prom Night (2008)

Featuring: Brittany Snow, Scott Porter & Jessica Stroup

Format: DVD | Rating: 15 years & over

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (41 reviews)"

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  a waste of valuable time...

| | See all Ree52637's reviews (81)

i dont know which 'prom night' they think this a remake of, but it is not the one with jamie lee curtis as the story is totally different for crying out loud. the script is badly written and the film is badly cast. mix these together, and you get one of the worst horror films ever to come into our lives.

  like a bad tv movie

| | See all chrisjames's reviews (4)

This movie is awful; its full of pretty (bland) boys and girls doing the usual boring teen movie things before being killed in the most mundane ways and you get to see zero gore which is the least they could give to us in return for watching this dross. Either this film was cut to ribbons or was meant for tv as theres nothing to see. An episode of Murder She Wrote provides more blood. The original wasnt great so why they had to remake it is beyond me; avoid at all costs.


| | See all bludawee's reviews (1)

In my english lesson, we were made to watch this film and even though i haven't seen the whole thing, i think i can make a vaild contribution. The film sets out to be a suspenseful slasher. it fails to build any good tension and part of a slasher is gore. The film lacks these two aspects. lets just say even my english teacher said this was awful

  Okay Movie

| | See all Corgigirl's reviews (26)

This movie is Okay!!! not one of the best, but still worth a watch!!! Basically a young girls teacher falls in love with her and kills her family, then a couple of years later on her "PROM NIGHT" he escapes a mental assylum and goes after her and her friends whilst they are partying at a hotel!!! not that scary to be honest!!! some of the acting is more than scary!!! Oh watch out for the guy working at the hotel when he gets strangled His face is very funny!!! it made me laugh out loud!!!!

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| | See all Catrinab's reviews (8)

I went to the pictures to see this movie when it first came out, i thought it was good but found it very predictable compared to other thriller/horror movies ive seen. There are some parts that make you jump out of your seat however overall though this movie was average.


| | See all jobo13's reviews (56)

i liked it , it didn't need to rely on gore to make it good (for once) , great front cover and good plot !

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  Seen better

| | See all andrewju's reviews (2)

Just watched this film and was dissapointed i have seen better and would advise people to rent this film rather than buying it !!!!!

  No good

| | See all atif77's reviews (5)

Unfortunately, there is nothing innovative in this film. The makers have packaged the same old stuff and despite a few well executed sequences, the outcome is far from credible.
The principal problem with PROM NIGHT is that the makers have resorted to the tried and tested formula that has been witnessed umpteen times earlier. The writers seem to have decided to play safe by churning out the same old stuff, but with a brand new packaging.
Although the first half is engaging in parts, the film slides downwards in the post-interval portions.
The director seems to have relied too heavily on the age old formula of attempting a good versus evil saga. Though he has tried to inject some freshness with his treatment, but the outcome is a regular Hollywood potboiler that holds scant appeal today.
The plot is very predictable indeed and for a thriller/horror film that's a huge floor. Some sequences do make you jump slightly but nothing like a movie of this genre should
Cinematography is middling. Dialogues are run of the mill type. Action, though forced at times, is vibrant and pulsating.
On the whole, PROM NIGHT has a cold title and is a routine fare content wise, which will not excite the viewer one bit.

  surprisingly good

| | See all pottypete's reviews (574)

All i had heard about this film was how bad it was.But i thought why not give it a go and i actually really enjoyed it.Ok,the story has been done a hundred times,where a killer comes back on a certain date to finish what he started,eg halloween.But i watched this in the dark and alone and even though you know somethings about to happen,the suspense builds.It also made me jump more than once.Definitely worth watching alone.

  Absolute rubbish !

| | See all fossty's reviews (3)

I rarely review films but this is so bad I have to warn you - stay clear of this film.
Everything is bad - acting, storyline, gore, scares - this movie is absolute pants. And I've seen some bad movies in my time...