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Journey To The Centre Of The Earth (2008)

Featuring: Brendan Fraser, Josh Hutcherson & Anita Briem

Format: DVD | Rating: PG

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (25 reviews)"

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| | See all sparky24mark's reviews (24)

I think this is a intresting film it comes with 2 discs aswell one in 2d and the other in 3d and for 2.99 cant go wrong

  not as amazing as portrayed in the trailer

| | See all tenthkingdomsam's reviews (50)

I have to be honest, this movie isnt worth all the hype it got, yes it is visually pleasing but the action isnt all there and the acting from all parties seems wooden and slightly bizarre, the humour is silly and the 3D effects are simply not 3D.
For one i would have liked to see more dinosaurs and prehistoruc creatures which are abundant the original and in the jules verne classic. Secondly the sets seem small and not as epic as those in the original, the special effects are well done if a little flat and textureless.
Overall this movie promised action and excitement but delivered both, only halved and halved again just to prevent itself from getting a 12 certificate. Brendan fraser shouldnt be proud of this movie because ti simply isnt as awe inspiring as it said it would be.

  a bit of a dissapointment

| | See all brillbru's reviews (112)

I got this film for my birthday and I was really excited about watching it but after watching it I must admit I was full of dissapointment. To be honest the original was better. Although it has an amazing storyline trying to get to the centre of the earth the actual film had very little action and was just a bit boring. The acting during the film was very cheesy and the 3d special affects where not very good and the overall animated affects where very badly done and didnt look very good on the screen. This film was a little bit of a dissapointment and not one that I would advise buying.


| | See all SandoEntertainingU's reviews (247)

I watched this film in 2D and from my point of view it is rubbish, I thought it looked better on the TV advert :(

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| | See all THEMOORE's reviews (184)

I have never read Jules Verne's novel and I have never seen the original film, so I cannot compare them all and the only reason I decided to take time out and watch this is because the novel on which it was based is referenced numerous times in the brilliant film "Back To The Future". Thus I expected something great considering such a good film referencing it and seeing as CGI is now so far advanced there are very few limits. The fact is though; that this film is rubbish...well for me. You see even I thought the idea of a group of people - in this case a scientist called Trevor (Brendan Fraser) and his nephew Sean (Josh Hutcherson) - journeying to the centre of the earth an interesting concept that with great special effects could be a very interesting insight to the world within the world.

Sadly the special effects are very average indeed and there is nothing out of the ordinary compared to other films that rely on CGI. Lots of the dialogue I also found very cheesy and uninteresting and actor Josh Hutcherson who played Sean also annoyed me so much, for reasons I cannot quite put my finger on. Even Brendan Fraser wasn't up to his usual quality of acting, which seemed unusual. What was also very displeasing was the fact that this mysterious world was never fully explored with us only seeing the parts of the world that the characters were in at one set time.

Despite my gripes however; there were a couple of redeeming features about the film. The first being that at times (and there were very few of them) Brendan Fraser got some quite funny comic moments which he always acts out well and the fact that there is potential for a sequel considering the ending. For me though; I seemed to be too old for the film, which makes me think that it is more suited to the younger generation (my younger brother loved it!). This is certainly a journey that kids should take on their own as for adults there are only two interesting things, that being the two main actors. For the females there is talented Brendan Fraser and for the males there is the good looking Anita Briem, aside from that this a journey for kids alone!

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| | See all awesomecity's reviews (987)

Given the budget and special effects that are available today this looked like a poor early eighties film. The script/acting and direction were laughable and the effects team should be embarrassed. If your kids love fantasy action try night at the museum or harry potter.

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| | See all OBSESSEDWITHFILMS's reviews (416)

This is quite a good little family film.We sat down and watched this has a family on sunday and it was great fun especially with the 3-D glasses on.
The story is light hearted and its easy watching theres nothing to scary for the kids and adults alike will like this fun light hearted adventure.

  light and fun

| | See all mikehal74's reviews (1)

This is an easy to watch,light movie.Well worth buying at such a low price. Fraser is made for this type of film,-not the greatest acting ability but can hold his own in all action films he has done.

  fun,sad a little,laugh a lot

| | See all d1i2n3o4's reviews (13)

If anything makes you laugh nowadays its worth £6.99.brendan frazer is great in anything it seems.it all gells.not like some of its predecessors,special effects well the 3d specs do seem to give the film a few surprising depth effects,overall turn off your brain & enjoy the ride so to speak,i give it 8/10.its ok