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The Boy In The Striped Pyjamas

Featuring: Vera Farmiga, David Thewlis & Rupert Friend

Format: DVD | Rating: 12 years & over

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (109 reviews)"

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  Disturbingly perfect

| | See all kittensmittens's reviews (12)

I'm sure those who have read the book would agree that this could not have been more perfectly done. Beautiful to watch, touching, sad, terrifying, tense. even when you have read the book or already watched the movie, you still find yourself on the edge of your seat begging for things to happen differently.

Horrible story, very sad, very thought provoking. I would watch it again, even knowing the content. So well done.

  WWII through a child's eyes

| | See all stuartfear's reviews (768)

An 8 year old during the war, how can it be explained to him and how can his young mind comprehend it. We get both sides of it here as both 8 year old boys don't know why or what exactly is happening.
The story follows Bruno the German boy as he moves to his new home near a consentration camp. He makes friends with a young Jewish boy who is a prisoner in the camp but neither seems to realise exactly what is going on.
It's a brilliantly written story, it develops and flows well with great characters and excellent depth. It has an innocence to which is only known in a child's mind.
The acting is fantastic, all performances are of the highest calibre and a great deal of applause must be given to the young boys who played the leading roles. Superb acting.

Overall: This is a Remarkable movie. It brings the horros of WWII and the Holocaust in the form of the most innocent mind. It's written brilliantly ,directed superbly and acted on an Oscar level.
Can't Miss!!


| | See all Ashpashkins's reviews (9)

Often books which are made into films are rubbish, but this does not fail to please! I was gripped throughout the film, which features the friendship of 2 young boys, one a Jew and one the son of a German soldier. Their unlikely friendship is very moving, and the ending is just tragic, and had me reaching for the tissues! The acting is superb, particularly from Asa Butterfield who plays Bruno and Vera Farmiga who plays his mother. A very touching story.

  Truelly adoring film

| | See all roadrunner92's reviews (35)

Having read the book, I decided to see how the film went. It was very heart warming. The storyline was so lovely and I really felt for the two boys. The ending is so sad and almost had me in tears. I'd reccomend this to anyone, it is a fabulous storyline. i've already watched it about 5 times and love it more everytime I see it.


| | See all SandoEntertainingU's reviews (247)

Bruno is a young lad living in the time of World War II, his Dad has been promoted because he is a soldier, they now live in a house near Auschwitz, Bruno decides to explore this new house, he goes into the back garden and out the back gate, he runs through the forest until he gets to near Auschwitz, he meets a young lad named Schmuel (pronounced Shmall), they become friends, but Bruno doesn't know his new friend is a jew, Bruno visits him everyday, he brings him food and drink, until the worse happens, Schmuel was wearing grey striped pyjamas, Bruno digs a hole so he can fit under the barbed wire, Schmuel fetches him some striped pyjamas, so Bruno can disguise himself as a jew. But it's too late, all the jews were rounded up to have a shower (including Bruno), Bruno and Schmuel were gassed.

A heartwarmer for any age, as well as a great film.

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  A definite must-have!

| | See all Sofianog's reviews (1)

A movie about childhood, friendship and innocence that strikes me as one of the most heartwarming stories I've ever seen. It brings me deeply sad memories of my visit to Auschwitz, in 1991, but it's also a wise reminder that all nazis were not horrible, especially those who weren't aware of what 'The Final Solution' really was.

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| | See all dale2389's reviews (85)

A great story on two boys' innocence and friendship living in such a horrible world. Every character were excellently acted. The two boys were brilliant. Definitely pulls on the heart strings, and the ending has a big impact. I wasn't necessarily suprised, just shocked in a way that it ended like that. Definitely worth a watch/rent/buy.

  What a film!

| | See all WolvesGirl's reviews (27)

The boy in the striped pyjamas,well what can i say....I have a big heart & this film broke every piece of it.I was still thinking of it & sobbing hours after.It is great to see a WWII film through the eyes of a child but its also alot heavier on the heart.It makes you sick to the stomach thinking what these poor people went through for no reason at all,but it also shows that not everyone knew what was going on & those who did know,not everyone liked it.But they didnt do anything to stop it.The friendship between the two boys is so naive & sweet,I wanted to reach into the tv & hold Schmaul.I was not expecting the ending & when the 2 boys held hands my flood gates fully opened!!Its hard to believe people are so evil,I think we all know what went on in them camps but to see it happening to children its that much harder to accept.Being only 22 myself its weird saying this,but kids really dont know they are born these days.A must see for everyone.A film that will stay with you long after the credits......

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  Good film!

| | See all MelissaJC's reviews (2)

I think this film was set on a great storyline, and it let you into the lives of the people involved. It is an emotional story but wasn't as sad as i thought it would be. Worth watching-a story of naivety and two little boys friendship. XD