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The Escapist (2008) (Single Disc)

Featuring: Brian Cox, Joseph Fiennes & Liam Cunningham

Format: DVD | Rating: 15 years & over

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (17 reviews)"

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  Won't escape my grasp

| | See all stuartfear's reviews (768)

Like most British movies this one sits nicely in the cult category. Like most British movies, it doesn't look like your typical feature length film with a lot more grittier and generally, dirtier feel to it.
It's your basic setup of locked up criminals, you've got your young guns mixed in with the older wiser ones, a general sense of brotherhood throughout... pretty much what you'd expect from a movie based around a jail.
I was expecting a typical escape movie with nothing out of the ordinary but to my surprise this is a very original piece. It's done in a non-linear pattern with it cutting between the present time of their escape, previous events including the planning of it, and events even prior to that.
The directing is at a very high standard, Rupert Wyatt writes and directs this piece, and as i've already mentioned the writing is superb and the directing isn't far off. He keeps the movie gritty and dirty throughout but also throws in some cinematic genius making him a one to watch in the future.
Brian Cox steps up in the lead role and boy does he step up, he steals the show with an award worthy performance...great from start to finish. The rest of the cast do a good job and make this a believable and likeable film.

Overall: The Escapist is one of the best British movies of the past decade, it really stands out from the rest. You expect just a typical escape movie filled with swearing and wannabe toughguy prisoners but what you actually get is a well crafted movie. The character development is perfect and it makes for a great movie.
Also, the ending is fantastic, a brilliant twist which you wouldn't have seen coming.
A true Gem, MUST SEE

  Very Good British film

| | See all Rambo456's reviews (1259)

Enjoyed this, nice to see the great Brian Cox in a lead role.
The film was pretty intense all the way with a very uneasy feel to proceedings.
The pace is good and the performances are top notch.

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  The twist is all it has !

| | See all STEVO11's reviews (14)

This film has all the prison cliche that you would expect. Half way through you start to loose the will to watch it .....then it picks up the ending is the best part of the film and its a great twist ! In saying that its not a great film 3 stars only and thats just for the twist otherwise 2 stars !

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  Disjointed and random

| | See all jarnelljones's reviews (4)

The film started off promising but the style of film was too disjointed and eratic jumping from digging the tunnel and then back to the cells. Plus it had little credibility with prisoners seemiingly to be magically free from thier locked cells to carry out this digging. I was wishing for the film to end

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  often missed the mark for me.

| | See all rbmusicman's reviews (896)

a 'british' film with several faces you'll recognise.
the film set in a jail in the london area tells the tale of a long-term convict who plans an escape.
'frank' studies his surroundings constantly with one thing in mind.
the prison is a harsh place where inmates soon learn the gaurds tend to look the other way and often fail to step in to stop acts of violence and drug use.
this film could have been really tense, all the ingrediants were there but somehow with it's constant flitting between reality and one mans vision of an escape just didn't seem to work for me........shame.
you may want to hire before you buy.


| | See all awesomecity's reviews (987)

Whilst brian cox cannot be flawed, the script was poor and the action never really started. It was never nerve wracking like a true escape film and some of the characters were poorly cast. Overall i found it dull and unoriginal.

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  One to Watch

| | See all eltel1979's reviews (1)

Thoroughly enjoyed this film, would definately recommend purchasing it, excellent twist and good acting.

  Watch it

| | See all Nosnikmot's reviews (2)

Oh yes! If you are going to watch a film get this one. Do not let low budget lead you to believe any other aspects of the film follow suit.

The production and story are great with a fine cast of actors. It is destined to become one of the greats of the genre.

One of the best films I have seen for a long time and very highly recommended.

  Very Entertaining

| | See all Royley's reviews (15)

In a difficult genre to find something new to show, this does a damn good job, good tense plotting, excellent acting - Brian Cox is immense - and all round enjoyble hour and a half. No, not as good as Shawshank as someone has said, it has less heart, you don't know what they are in for, whereas Shawshanks protagonist was innocent with this movie you don't know, but it is a good film, glad I purchased it on a whim. Oh and it IS a good twist.

  Great twist

| | See all worthawatch's reviews (17)

I really enjoyed it, dont know why this got such bad reviews. Good story, good acting i thought and a killer twist at the end. Tense at some points of the film, left you wondering whats going to happen next, sad few scenes and a really good ending. Definately worth a watch