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Trap Door: Series 1 & 2

Featuring: Willie Rushton

Format: DVD | Rating: Universal Suitable for All

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (12 reviews)"

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  Him upstairs!!

| | See all FLIRTONI's reviews (17)

I love trap door ever since i was a young boy and for 3.99 it's a steal, over 20 small stories which i can remember most of them.
Burt is by far the best character and boney is really funny, introduce trap door to your kids like i did they love it.

  CLASSIC - Great even all after all these years

| | See all whizzywoo's reviews (3)

Saw this for sale for 2.99 & had to get it. Remember watching this as a kid & loved it. You just can not forget the theme tune either. With over 3 hours of content its great value for money. Now my 9 yr son is watching it with me & enjoying it. Can't believe how cartoons have changed since my day. A defo must !!!

  Kids and certain 'adults' love it

| | See all Antiplod's reviews (9)

Takes an episode or two to get into its stride and for Willy Rushton to warm up, but then offers so much. Its a real gem that has something for everyone; my kids love it, and it was recommended to me by a 'stoner' friend for its surreal humour, characterisation and barmy animation. Good harmless fun, poles away from most American animation that we are saturated with.

  trap door series 1/2

| | See all 818917's reviews (6)

From the moment the music and introduction starts up, you all ready know that you are in for a treat. I grew up watching this as a kid, as well as watching other programs such as tony harts art show with morph. This is a fantastic program, using, at the time cutting edge stop animation, and unsual human sounds that were remixed for the some of the characters voices Sadley the voice actor (who did bert) has died, but his voiced show lives on in the hearts and minds of those who watched this as a great cartoon series. The series may be dated to the more mainstream animations that are present now, even wallace and grommit, is a updated version to it, but trap door will always remain a classic, one that will allways be remembered for it's charming, and unusal characters plus the infamous scenes when the trap door opens and some thing comes out. If you are looking for something that will keep children amused or you just want to relive lost childhood memories then look no further than this charming gem from the 1980's. For a series, that is old now the picture and sound quality is great, just as it was back then. Also there are plenty of trap door items available, books on series and plush characters, which further proves that the show is a popular series is.

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  Mis-spent youth revisited.

| | See all HeadlessHorseman's reviews (17)

Aaah yes, I remember this - one of the first programmes to feature when ITV started childrens' programmes in the 80s after school. This was brilliant then and it's brilliant now, the late, great Willie Rushton giving a great air to it. The animation has aged a bit, but that only adds to its charm.

My kids are sat watching it right now and they're lapping it up. . . who says you need fancy CGI to entertain kids, these days? Some things will always appeal. . .

. . . and also, at less than a fiver for over three hours of peace and quite, it's an absolute bargain!! Buy now!

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  A pure classic.

| | See all KieranJH's reviews (53)

What a brilliant programme. One that i watched as a kid, and loved it. Someone bought me this on dvd a few months ago and its great to re-watch it. In fact i found it more funny as an adult than i did as a child! Specially "Boney's" comments. I think that most adults and children will love this programme and find themselves watching it over and over. While it may look dated this is an absolutely fantastic dvd to own, and at £4.99 it is a 100% bargain.

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| | See all Arransmummy's reviews (1)

Saw this on play.com and it was a must have,especially at £5!! Bought this for my partner who loves this kind of thing...brings back so many memories and im now the No1 partner!!! also bought him Jamie and the magic torch!!! This was deffo a bargain buy!!!

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  I loved this in the 80's & my kids love it now

| | See all LoveMe's reviews (59)

Fantastic DVD for those of us at a certain age - you know who you are! The surprise is my kids love it big time too (so much so that I'm actually getting bored of it (after watching it for the gazillionth time).
Excellent value - you only pay £4.99 for a DVD that's 3 hours & 20 minutes long!
Nice to see a kid's programme made with real hands (has the look of Aardman to it) and not computer generated too!
Get it while it's cheap, at that price you've nothing to lose!

  born in the 80's?

| | See all simitchell's reviews (53)

...........than buy this im sure you remember this!!!! the animation is funny and the storys are good - only problem the theme song gets annoying after watching for a bit - but thats just a little thing GREAT GREAT GREAT dvd