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Terminator Salvation (Terminator 4) (Exclusive Steelbook) (1 Disc)

Featuring: Christian Bale, Sam Worthington & Anton Yelchin

Format: DVD

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Customer Reviews

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  Different, but Better than I was Expecting.

| | See all Rambo456's reviews (1259)

Did we need another Terminator movie, not really.
Did we need the director of Charlie's Angels directing a new Terminator movie. No.
But when Christian Bale signed on, I felt a little better about the whole thing.
As it turns out, Terminator Salvation is a Modern Sci Fi Movie, with bits of the Terminator legend thrown in.
Some people say that it would have been better not to have seen the Judgement Day aftermath, and that it was better left to the viewers Imagination.
This is a valid point, but now that the movie is here, it does a pretty good job of showing the Resistance fighting the Machines.
This new Movie about the Terminator world brings the story Full Circle.
The performances By Christian Bale and Sam Worthington are both Spot On.
The Apocalyptic setting, was well designed, and reminded me a little of Mad Max and the landscape of The Book of Eli
The highlight of the movie for me though was the Stunning Action Sequences, which were blended in with Exquisite Special Effects.
Especially loved the Machine Motorbikes. Anyways, a good watch, especially for Terminator fans
I guess the best way to enjoy this film is to set realistic expectations, About time we understand that any Terminator movie without James Cameron, and now without Arnie, is never gonna be as good as the First 2 movies. Except it and enjoy Terminator Salvation for what it is.

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  Not a Proper Terminator Film!!!

| | See all SciFiFantasy's reviews (141)

This film is a wierd one, it ticks a lot of the boxes but falls badly at the first hurdle. It's a good film in it's own right, has great action and is enjoyable to watch.

Unfortunately for anyone that's a fan of the Terminator films it's the storyline that really lets this film down in a big way. Sam Worthingtons character is unnecesary, unimportant and incorrect! The storyline should have been focussed around John Connor, he is the main character and not this newly invented and irrelivant one.

A good watchable sci-fi movie that most will enjoy, but sadly not a plauseable Terminator story.

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  The second best Terminator film of the series..best of 2009!

| | See all BucsFan's reviews (3)

Like most people I read the critics reviews of this film and went to see it with apprehension. What do critics know!!! This film is brilliant!!!
For a lot of people unless Arnie is in the Termintor films with his corny one liners this was always going to be a film they would try their best not to like.
Christian Bale is perfect as John Connor, the saviour of the human race. Sam Worthington is the star of this film though as Marcus Wright. A shame he won't be in any follow up as Wright is a great character.
The original Terminator film will not be beaten, but I rate this as the next best film in the series. Gone are the lighter, cheesy, comedy moments of films 2 & 3 and a return of the straight up no-nonsence edge of the seat action of the original.
The special effects are also great and the different robots really make this a fun film to watch...and for anyone hoping for a glimpse of Arnie they won't be disappointed.
I recommend this film to anyone. Ignore the naysayers because this is class! Bring on T5!!!


| | See all MrGoWer's reviews (6)

We all know its a great action movie, very entertaining with some good effects, nothing special though or groundbreaking!!
This special steelbook edition as the review below pointed out is a little disappointing.
However if like me you have bought it simply peel off the back cover, mine was falling off anyway and you get the original steel box picture which makes the overall image a lot smarter!
At the price- Good buy!

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  TS Single disc steelbook

| | See all Rutvig's reviews (4)

The film itself whilst not necessarily the most amazing piece of cinematic...cinema, is quite decent and a the start to a potentially very good set of films. This is even the case bar all the plotholes and inconsistencies (*SPOILER* - How would Skynet even know who Kyle Reese is at this point? In fact, how would it ever know who Kyle Reese is and the potential threat he poses to Skynet?!)

Anyway, this review is aimed at this specific steelbook. The single disc is bare basics. It contains the feature, audio selection (literaly only a couple of languages), 3 trailers and scene selection. The film itself is the theatrical release. There are no deleted scenes / making of's etc.

My first impression of the steelbook itself was of dissapointment. It had the poorly placed 'sticker' back cover (a sheet literally pasted onto the back (the Hulk and Iron Man steelbooks from Play were the same.))

The back cover seemed 'broken' (had lumps in places) and there was no insert or anything. However, about 10 minutes ago, I found that the back cover sticker seemed to be peeling off in a couple of places. On closer inspection I found that it's only stuck on with that gelatinous type glue which can peel off quite easily. So I removed the back sticker to reveal a great image of a T-800 torso! Even the two rating symbols are easily removable stickers. Now I have a bare basics verison of the film but with a fab steelbook at a great price and I've just realised how sad this review is.

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  Terminator 4 - A worthy sequel

| | See all RobinofKenilworth's reviews (2)

You may be disappointed if you expect to see loads of Arnie in this one, but the strong story line makes you forget that he has set the scene in 1,2 and 3 and that the film stands on it's own two feet.
Lots of original thought has gone in to the plot to ensure that threads from 1,2 and 3 are picked up in a meaningful way.
As a fan of the previous Terminator movies, I may be biased but I am sure that you will enjoy this one too.
As with all of the Terminator Plots, this view of the future is one which is actually quite feasible!!!

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  Terminator without Arnie

| | See all BrendanHughes's reviews (251)

cyber future but no real Arnie he's just CGI from the frist terminator, altough it works well this film is about john connor(christian bale) set in 2029 and how he must protect his father to be, kyle reese because otherwise humanity could be at risk if kyle does'nt survive, there seems to be a war going on between the rebels and machine,also another terminator who goes down as part human having living human organs working becomes a big part of the film having awoken from the experiments given to him after signing his name away to sky-net in the past. Micheal Ironside has a small role in it as a general but overall a film thats fills a gap and some may agrue what terminator is all about two men/machines going back in time to protect/kill john connor but its already set in the future so it makes it different.
i would normanly knock a star off for not having "Arnie' in it but this film deserves its stars for being a good sci-fi even still christian bale is a good up and coming actor especaily having the role of batman.
Great film if you can get over Arnie

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  A new kind of Terminator

| | See all noms2000's reviews (80)

Set in 2018, this movie focuses on the war between the resistance and Skynet. A good storyline, excellent special effects (the terminators were actually built, not CGI) and decent action. This fourth installment ticks all the right boxes and is a vast improvement on T3, but this franchise needs to stop. IMO It should have finished with T2. There was no point in ruining it with T3 and then trying to resurrect it again. Hopefully the franchise will end as a quadrilogy (highly unlikely). Recommended.

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  Loved it.

| | See all volusia's reviews (41)

Look I have to be honest, I had no intention of buying this DVD after reading some of the reviews. I enjoyed the other Terminator's so decided to get it as my wife really wanted to see it.
I was suprised how much I enjoyed it, lots of action and not too bad a plot. I would recommend you get it.

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  great film but no extras

| | See all Reaper241701's reviews (3)

i made a mistake all i knew that most dvds come with extras but so some reason this doesnt and they are only on blue ray , im a huge terminator fan and thought this was a good movie a great start to the future war , sam worthington 5/5 acting bale 4/5 the film is more about marcus wright then connor which that should n ot of been but overall a great film ive put 2 stars not for the film but for the no extras which is rubblish

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