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Day Of The Dead (2008)

Featuring: Ving Rhames, Mena Suvari & Nick Cannon

Format: DVD | Rating: 18 years & over

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (48 reviews)"

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| | See all paddy1888's reviews (4)

Forget all reviews
I have been watchin zombie films since the 70s , from day of release
this is a great film from start to finish
people on here just listen to romero is the best ect
YES he is so give someone else a chance
Romero last zombie film was voted one of the worst ever made
buy this and THE CRAZIES remake is 10 out of 10

  These Zombies stink!

| | See all Barada's reviews (10)

This was an absolute travesty of the zombie-movie genre. Inspired by the original 'Day of the Dead' (1985), a viral zombie outbreak threatens the local community, and beyond.

Messing with the physical parameters of what zombies can do, it's a farce. Everyone zombied becomes an Olympic hopeful, capable of death-defying stunts and athleticism.

Horror-junk garbage, like the zombies, this film is rotten and it stinks!

  Just real bad

| | See all DELBOY79's reviews (2)

Terrible movie, does not deserve the same title as the original 1985 movie. give this one a miss, id rather be eaten with a horde of zombies than to watch this utter garbage again.

  Not worth the disc its burnt on

| | See all whysoserious92's reviews (10)

I had high hopes for this film after zack synders dawn remake. I love the romero classics and this doesnt deserve the name. AVOID AT ALL COSTS. I wouldnt take it if somebody offered it for free

  Not for everyone...

| | See all GMFMusic's reviews (1)

A mixed review here, and for the most part, I'll be blunt, the film was a bit naf. I don't know which is worse - The story, or Ian McNiece's dreadful american accent. Indeed, there's poor acting in abundance, little originality (re-make or not) and the 'as if' factor is through the roof (yes, even though this is obviously fiction). The film is action-packed and straight to the point, and even with the above poor qualities, this may appeal to some viewers. Plenty of blood and gore, and if you like films with lots of characters shooting at clever-ish Zombie's on a predictable mission for survival and escape - you might just enjoy it - plus it's interesting to see how Mena Suvari is getting on, if, like me, you haven't seen her in anything since the 'American Pies', and she has a completely different role here. The DVD special features consist of some of the worst edited cast interviews I've ever seen, but an interesting behind the scenes look from some part of the film. The movie lacks any 'class' that is evident in George A. Romero's original movies, but I suppose this is what happens with a modern approach. I'm conflicted within my review - the film is poor - but I liked it!

  romero must have cringed!!!.

| | See all pompey4life's reviews (48)

when theres no more room in hell, this turd gets released!!!. dont bother with this waste of dvd space, it has so many flaws its not even worth delving into, its truely terrible put it that way, and im amazed it got made, the filmakers should hold there head in shame, this cost around 10million to make, and looks worse than colin, that was made for nothing, and was an exceptional film!!! just shows you cant buy talent, avoid like a zombie plague!!!.

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| | See all WoopWoop1's reviews (10)

I wouldn't waste my time with this one, utterly garbage! Safe to say it will never scar my eyes again. Shady acting, story... the list goes on. Stick with any of George A Romero's originals, miles better!! This movie seems to miss the point, suspense and music all missing. Stick with George he's the master!

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| | See all jobo13's reviews (56)

i didn't like this movie, it was too action and the zombies jumping on ceilings was a bit to far. am giving it 2 stars because i like fast running zombies

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  vegetarian zombies? i like it!!

| | See all lanced92's reviews (3)

I thought this film was fantastic

As long as you put aside everything about the film except for nick cannon.

The story was terrible

The vegetarian zombie was stupidly funny therefore making it good

But really i would say only watch this movie if you like nick cannon. He is unbelievably funny in this movie.

Once again worth a watch if you dont mind nick cannon

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  New breed of undead rock!!

| | See all kero89's reviews (3)

What can i say, i was a little sceptical about this film as George A Romero films bore the living day lights out of me. This remake of his version has the best group of zombies i have ever seen!! They run, jump, climb, use guns!! (and sometimes glide, seeing as they land on the otherside of corridors in on leap lol). Stumbling zombies have had their day, move aside for the meaner, faster and more edcuated kind.

My only critique is the funding for this film, you can definitly tell it was made on the cheap, which is a shame because it had some really good moments. Acting is poor, if you just had to kill your mum you could show some sort of emotion.

On the whole, best zombie film ive seen in a while.