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Trailer Park Boys: Series 1 - 6 Box Set (11 Discs)

Featuring: John Paul Tremblay, Robb Wells & John Dunsworth

Format: DVD | Rating: 15 years & over

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (16 reviews)"

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| | See all Tuggers09's reviews (5)

Watched one episode at friends request and wasn't sure about it. Watched the rest of the first series anyway and have just finished watching the 7th series! Its brilliant! One of the funniest tv series I have ever seen!


| | See all Alliance166's reviews (2)

Fantastic! I have watched every episode and find it really hard to pick my best one! You really take the characters to your heart. From socially conscious Julian who looks after everyone in Sunnyvale with his 'co-depentent bud' Ricky, who just wants to grow weed, get drunk, eat chicken sticks and play video games! Bubbles, who looks after the stray cats! Wanna be rapper J.Roc & the Roc Pile. Look out for the eyes and ears of Sunnyvale, former police officer Jim Lahey, and his eternally shirtless assistant, Randy! You'll laugh, you'll cry! But ultimately, you will love The Trailer Park Boys!


| | See all TheConchord's reviews (37)

Exactly what everyone else said!! i watched one, didnt think much of it, so watched the second episode then i was totally hooked, i too fell in love with the characters, what makes this program is the characters are very serious but come out with hilarious lines which crack me up.Brilliant!!!!going to buy the 7th season and movie!!!

  genius comedy

| | See all basickid's reviews (1)

one of THE best comedies ever to grace the humble TV set. if your easily offended by swearing, drinking and drug taking stay away, but for anyone with an open mind to comedy this show is a must see. Following a band of trailer park friends on a constant mission to make the big time through petty crime, the characters are deep, engaging and instantly likeable. along with monty python, the day today/brasseye, alan partridge, league of gentlemen, the thick of it, this has redefined the comedy landscape.

  Absolutely superb, 6 series of a fantastic show!!

| | See all Oceansplasher's reviews (2)

Completely agree with all the other reviewers, may take you a few episodes to get into it, but if its your thing, you will love every episode.

Brilliant! Brilliant! Brilliant!

I Love every character and it gets funnier every time I see it. You really start to empathise with all the characters and there weird ways!

You can easily watch 2 or 3 series without pausing for breath, then watch it all over again. What a great price from Play at 27 pounds for 6 series. I bought this a while back and it never gets tired!

  Totaly worth the Money!!

| | See all Dirtypirate's reviews (2)

When i first got this i didn't really get its comedy and thought it was a bit dodgy. a few episodes later however I had fallen in love with every character on the show. so many hilarious moments. this is by far my favorite comedy series at the moment.

as this box has 6 full series of trailer park boys it will actually take you quite a while to watch them all. it doesn't have season 7 which is a shame however i don't think that series is as good as the others.

I swear i have actually fallen in love with the characters on this show its amazing!!:)

  Trailer Park Boys

| | See all mattyb1's reviews (1)

This is certainly not for everyone, but if you watch with an open mind and get past a couple of episodes then prepare for addiction. It can be watched over and over and each time you are still laughing out loud.

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  Hilarious and Addictive

| | See all Gazzasw's reviews (1)

I must admit, when i first came across Trailer Park Boys i wasn't to impressed. But a couple of episodes later the subtle brilliance of this series and its characters got me addicted. Its by no means for everyone with students and teenagers being the target audiance in my opinion. Its simple plots and unique characters and filming style combined with the hilarious improvised script make this a must see.
It also has to be said what a bargain this is, 6 series in region 2 (hard to find) for £35 is very good considering each series (if you can find them) are around £20 each. My advice is check it out before you buy it to see if it to your tastes and if like me your hooked, stop your stalling and get buying!

  Absolute Quality!

| | See all LKirton's reviews (1)

This is one of the funniest sitcoms i have ever had the pleasure of wotching. A lot better than some of the american crap you see. Simple... Buy it!

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