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Sleeping Beauty: 50th Anniversary Platinum Edition (Disney) (With Exclusive Pop Up Packaging)

Featuring: Mary Costa, Bill Shirley & Eleanor Audley

Format: DVD | Rating: Universal Suitable for All

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Customer Reviews

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  As beautiful now as it ever was...

| | See all kav10101's reviews (2)

This was, and still is, my favourite Disney film of all time.

Complimented by a beautiful soundtrack too, this remastered edition contains subtle enhancements to the sound and vision which I had on my video of this in the 80s!

The bonus features are a great addition too.

I can't rate this DVD highly enough, every home should have a copy!


| | See all lascenara17's reviews (97)

By 1959 the Disney studio had stopped churning out timeless classics, as simple as that. Minor gems were still to come in the form of '101 Dalmatians' and 'The Jungle Book', but until the 1990s the studio would never make pictures on par with the extraordinary skill and genuine heart and soul visibly imbued in the features of the late 1930s and early 1940s. 'Sleeping Beauty' alas, while still being an interesting addition, is far from that previous magic.
It's a shame because it starts out brilliantly, showing a more experimental bent to alter its artform to give each feature a distinctive look. Bright colours and engular, stylised design give it the look of a comic-book, which equates automatically with instant coolness. Then there's an incredible amount of personality injected into the Fairies, startling for traditional Disney comedy side-kicks. But, eventually, you come to realise there are some big flaws that scupper the film immensely.
The first is Maleficent. First and foremost she is far too scary for children. Not even Scar or the Queen from 'Snow White' match her for psychological fear, particularly with the loudest and most vicious sound effects being reseverved for everything she does.
Then there's Beauty herself. Even by Disney standard's she's little more than a high-voiced genre convention, with a particularly 1950s anti-feminist element: she sings, talks to woodland creatures, dreams about romance and yet is scared stiff of boys, totally helpless and faceless in every way. Hell even Snow White made the Dwarfs wash their hands before eating dinner; 'Rose' can't even prick her finger properly.
Perhaps the biggest flaw is Prince Phillip, a transparent Prince Charming clone who sounds about 30 and yet tries to go all James Dean on his dad's ass. Most infuriating is what happens about half way through: he becomes a mute. Did the guy who voiced him just walk off and no one could be found who sounded like him? The guy never speaks, he doesn't even grunt in pain at being stabbed by a forest of thorns. It's ridiculous how it's glossed over him not speaking, and extremely obvious, which makes it lame. End of discussion.
There are plus points. The two kings are great comic foil, as is the drunk waiter.
But at such a short running time you can't help but think if it was longer more craft could've been put into it. Instead it feels bare and barren, the kingdom populated by non-moving non-talking citizens. And this film is further burdened by having a truly terrible score. Did someone at the studio office add up the budget wrong for this? It seems to have had as much spent on it as everyone who was involved with creating the Sultan in 'Aladdin'.
A big disappointment, not rescued by some charming characterisation of the Fairies or a slick comic-book atmosphere. Strictly for masochistic children and infantile teenage girls only.

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  great just great

| | See all smythe1968's reviews (2)

Beauty and the beast out again great fantastic. But it for my little neice and god-daughter daisey and jessica. Can't waite to see wht they think of it. Happy christmas girls.

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| | See all Raven001's reviews (1)

This film is one of the first disney films that I watched as a child, I fell in love with it instantly and have adored it ever since. It is a good buy for anyone with a heart. Contains all the classic disney treats, and if watched closely you can see it is one of the bases for the live action Enchanted film.

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  The Best Disney Film!!

| | See all Joanne1324's reviews (1)

I was so excited when I realised this was being re-released. I pre-ordered it and got it yesterday. I wasn't disappointed! After all those years, its still as brilliant as it was when I was kid!
Love it!!

  Great film

| | See all donnab21's reviews (3)

I received my copy yesterday which is great as it is not out until monday! It is a great film, however, i am disappointed with the 'pop up packaging' as only 1 part pops up and it does not look anything like the pic on here! If i had known this i would have bought it on Blu ray! Other than that, it is great.

  My favourite Disney

| | See all sarahvan10's reviews (4)

This was my favourite film ever growing up! I loved fairy tales and princesses and Princes and dragons!! I cant belive it was made 50 years ago!! still a classic!

  One of the GREATS

| | See all fabemmy's reviews (91)

This is 100% one of the best disney films ever made, I always say that the best disney films are the ones where they were made by Walt disney himself. all the classics including this one. Everyone remembers this film no matter how old they are.

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  One of the best and that great song!

| | See all variedtaste's reviews (14)

I loved this film as a kid and i still love it now even though I am nearly 21! It is such a sweet storyline and the animation is superb (especially for the era it was made). The storyline while exceptionally well known is refreshingly done with action and comedy all thrown in. I loved the fairy godmothers in this film and always wanted one afterwards. You just get swept away by the magic of the whole film, and get scared and relieved all at once with the wicked fairy (actually rather scary even now). It is a classic Disney that stnads the test of the time I just cant believe it took this long to be put on DVD!

I know you.......


| | See all hannahp13's reviews (27)

I've had this film ov pre-order on here since july when i knew it was coming out and i still cant wait for it to get here!!! :) One of the great disney originals that everyone knows and loves!! Im sure people like me in their 20's (and probably older!) still love this aswell as kids now, what a fantastic film!! XX