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WWE: The Rock - The Most Electrifying Man In Sports Entertainment

Format: DVD | Rating: 15 years & over

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Customer Reviews

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  It doesn't matter what your name is!!!!!

| | See all inisbeag91's reviews (503)

First of all i am a big rock fan and i liked this dvd but i felt a bit let down by the fact that the rock didn't contribute and there was no documentary. The matches make up for the all this as there are some real classics like vs stone cold at mania 19 and kurt angle at no way out 2001. Another good thing is there is about 10 or 15 really good and funny rock promos like coach does the charleston or billys prayer to god but however it doesn't show the this is your life promo with mankind. Great dvd shame about the documentary

  There Will Never Be Another

| | See all nawdoublea's reviews (49)

This DVD set is excellent, whether you are a Rock fan or not, it covers his feud with Triple H, it touches upon his feud with Steve Austin, it has so many matches to wet ones appetite, though there are some good matches missing, these can be found on other DVD's, from his start as Rocky Maivia to his Hollywood days fighting Steve Austin at Wrestlemania 19, this is an excellent addition to any wrestling fans collection.

  Brilliant, great DVD for The Great One

| | See all mufcpaton's reviews (1)

Brilliant DVD, shows nearly every one of The Rock's big matches, 1 or 2 are missing but I can't complain about the content. SO much matches and many extras, must buy for a fan of the attitude era and a fan of The Great One himself


| | See all iamalegend1's reviews (1)

The rock what a gr8 entertainer i was gutted to here he decided to leave wrestling. But now i have this dvd i can watch the great ones greatest moments ova and ova agen well worth the money. It goes as far back as his first match until his last wat a collection.

If ya smelllllllllll wat the rock is cooking !!!!!

  Good but not worthy of the Great One

| | See all Cruise81's reviews (16)

First up i should point out thatThe Rock is my favourite modern day wrestler and i really enjoyed seeing the great one at his best. But if your looking for great matches then the 3 discs certainly arent full of them.

The 3 discs chronicle his rise through the WWE from his early beggining in disc 1 to his final single match agains Austin. Though there are serious admissions chronicaling the Rocks rise.

No footage of the famous Rock v Austin mcmahon doublecross at Mania.
No action of the Rock winning the Royal Rumble.
Nothing shown of the Rock at Armageddon in the 6 man Hell in a Cell match
Nothing shown of the Rock pinning Austin as the WWE defeated the Alliance.
Theres not even his best match with Foley ( I Quit) in there nor any singles matches with Taker. These are all pretty big omissions from my point of view.

Particular highlights though include his championship match with HHH at Backlash; anoher title match with; Angle the Triple threat with Undertaker and Angle , and of course the Icon v Icon match against Hogan.

But there are also some fairly average bouts, the HHH, Kane and Chris Jericho bouts spring to mind, which is a shame as i certainly remember better matches he had with Jericho than the one highlighted.

Disc 3's extra's whilst entertaining was a little disappointing. Much of his banter with Austin isnt there (including there famous Duet). Also missing was his first dialogue with Booker T which i still consider one of his best segments, instead we have a lot of messing about with the coach etc. The biggest suprise was that the party Foley threw for him when bringing out his highschool teacher etc is not in there, which was a huge suprise considering its actually mentioned in the intro as the most watched segment in Raw history.

Maybe my expectations were too high,i still enjoyed the DVD, but it certainly isnt the ultimate Rock.

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  Finally, the Rock has come to DVD!

| | See all MPBates's reviews (3)

One of the most enigmatic, entertaining individuals in sports entertainment history finally gets a DVD set to be proud of. Why it has taken so long is a mystery but never the less it has been worth the wait! This set includes all of the great one's most memorable matches aswell as some great extras including all of his best microphone work. The Rock changed the way Wrestlers entertained the crowd, not just with their moves but with their words too. A real must for any Rock, or wrestling fan.

  if you smell... this you will love it

| | See all billend's reviews (1)

wicked the rock is the best wrestler ever its a must have dvd. all the best bits and sayings of the rock. brillant matches with all the old school good wrestlers back when it was w.w.f

  THE GREAT ONE finally gets his long overdue DVD tribute!

| | See all kuryoso's reviews (44)

OK, so he turned his back on the WWE and moved to Hollywood. But before that he managed to turn McMahon's Wrestling Circus into the greatest Sports Entertainment Industry ever created... and it took him only seven years!
With the exception of DUSTY RHODES, THE ROCK had one thing other wrestlers didn't have: the capacity to entertain people with "electrifying" wrestling moves AND with words. Every line he delivered was priceless. Just think about how much effort wrestlers are forced to put behind each match... it's amazing they are even able to utter some coherent phrases!
And then you get to see and hear a wrestling entertainer like THE ROCK: his promos, his catchphrases and his one-liners are legendary to say the least (believe it or not, he also found the time to invent the word SMACKDOWN, which you can now find in every dictionary).
This 3 DVD boxset captures all the excitement around THE ROCK's performances perfectly (I doubt he'll ever top that in Hollywood!).
It's also good to see that Silver Vision is finally beginning to select matches more carefully: no longer do boxsets include wrestling bouts seen over and over again on countless other DVDs.
Great job!
Just bring it? Just buy it!!!

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  If You Smelt It Buy It!

| | See all InigoMontoya's reviews (64)

Remember the golden age of pro wrestling? Back when WWE was WWF and stars like Stonecold, Mankind, DX and indeed The Rock werent a part of wrestling history but indeed making the history? If you, like I, consider "the attitude era" of the WWF (now WWE) as the highest creative point in wrestling then this is YOUR boxset to buy! Lets face it back then when WWE was banging out classic rivalry after classic rivalry there was no one in the business better than the strike at anytime rattlesnake, Stonecold Steve Austin and the (sorry I have to do this, I mean it has to be done!) jabroni beatin', pie eatin', eyebrow raisin' peoples champ The Rock!
The Rock was, with maybe the exception of Dusty Rhodes, the most entertaining and charasmatic guy in wrestling history, and this is a big claim to make. I mean when you consider guys like Superstar Billy Graham, Jesse 'The Body' Ventura not to mention guys like Shawn Micheals, Stonecold and Triple H. After all it was The Rock who made phrases like 'Lay the smack down' and 'candy ass' everyday sayings as he raised through the ranks of the WWE to become the first man to hold the WWE Title 7 times and then add another 2 reigns as WCW (now World) title holder to make The Rock, overall, a 9 time world champion! Only guys like Hulk Hogan, Ric Flair and Triple H have held more world titles than the peoples champ.
In this 3 disc boxset you can relive The Rocks electrifying 7 year career in the WWE. From the early days of the smiling friendly yet despised Rocky Maivia to the days of Rocky Die and The Nation Of Domination, to his eventual rise as the peoples champion, turning his back on the fans to become the corporate champion and to the point where people cheered him no matter what he did. In this boxset you can relive Rock's amazing rivalries with Kurt Angle, Triple H, Mankind and the infamous rivalry with Stonecold Steve Austin. along the way The Rock layeths the smacketh down on a number of jabronis including Kane, Faarooq and The Undertaker. This boxset allows the now Hollywood blockbuster star Dwayne Johnson to reflect on his favourite moments of his career as WWE's most bankable superstar (his merchandise still sells like wildfire even 4 years after his retirement). Also in this boxset are some of his classic interviews, the over the top comical outlandish and catchy interviews that made The Rock such fun to watch each week. As you watch this boxset you will truly be transported back to the pre-Cena/Batista age of wrestling when the stories were great and the wrestlers were greater (sorry, again I have to) If you smeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeellalalalala... what The Rock... is cookin'!!

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