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Stephen Fry: In America (2 Discs)

Featuring: Stephen Fry, Stephen King & George Bush

Format: DVD | Rating: Exempt from Classification

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (7 reviews)"

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  Excellent Series

| | See all logan2009's reviews (2)

This show was to me one of the highlights of recent years, personally I find so little that I make a point of watching that when something does eventually come along It is a real bonus. Although the show was excellent, I found that watching each episode and then reading the corresponding section in the companion book worked best. The book expands on items in the episodes but also has other subjects not covered in the programme. My recomendation is to buy the DVD and the Book.

  Interesting and captivating.

| | See all LewisT24's reviews (1)

I firstly feel the need to say that the individual who gave this dvd 3 stars is lame, and that is not just due to a contrast in opinion.

The whole idea of a documentary is not to sell a country. In fact, most good documentaries don't sell anything. Not all tv is commercial rubbish. This documentary in particular, i couldn't respect stephen fry more for doing it.

America is a country that some people have very narrow minded opinions about. It is not all fake, disneyworld and beaches, and nyc. There is some gorgeous landscape, huge diversity and a range of cultures throughought each state. No, this series doesn't make america to be the perfect place to live, but it gives a very realistic viewpoint on state-wide america, and that's what i want out of a documentary. Even if it wasn't all positive, i still want to go to each state, more than i ever have before.

I quite like stephen fry, not a huge fan, but i do enjoy this series, very much so.

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  Another Brilliant Fry-ism!

| | See all MajorLiggs's reviews (25)

I can't beleive someone earlier rated this a 1. Obviously someone with no intelligence nor marvels at the brilliance of Stephen Fry! A brilliant series with Fry. I hope he does more continents.

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  The national treasures gets his own series but its too short

| | See all Crysis2142's reviews (68)

Stephen Fry is a funny man, and very knowledgable but 6 hours to go through 50 plus states is just not enough, the bbc really diltued this series. Still it was very interesting and focused on some strange aspects of america like a 50,000 capacity stadium for an (american) football game.

Its a good series but not something i would desire on dvd. If you like stephen fry then this is worth it, if not, let it pass.

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  Decent Viewing Of A Huge Country

| | See all benno14's reviews (77)

I really enjoyed watching this the last few nights. I have been to America many times and seen a small part of it. It is amazing that he made it to all 50 states. He went to some unusual places and did not do many of the typical sights or tourist spots. He also had to breeze through very quickly as the series is only 6 hours. It was still very enjoyable, he is very interesting to listen to and I will certainly buy the book. If you are interested in America you will see parts of it, learn some history and experience Stephen Fry's wit. I would say he is a talented man and well done to him and the BBC.

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  Fry's attempt at understanding America a little better

| | See all Einrikr's reviews (1)

Stephen Fry tries to give an insight to the united states from a closer point of view. He travels through all of the states and gives a little information about each one. While travelling he tries to form and reform his ( and with him a lot of the europeans) opinion about this vast and interesting country. In my opinion he succeeds very well at giving a balanced view of America. The critique that this series doesn't 'sell' America to the viewers is unfair, because he just tries to give an unbiased view of what America is like. Very good series.

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  Steven Fry in America

| | See all sheba4567's reviews (17)

I found that this series was quite boreing, Steven is a very intelectual man and at times his illness ( which I have ) showed by putting himself down and lacked confidence. The series seemed to be a conquest of all the states as fast as possible, focusing on issues which would not sell USA to me. Maybe if he had talked to Michael Palin and Alan Whicker he could have portrayed the series in a better way. This in no way is a slant on a very clever man, who like me gives over a strong sense of lack of confidence, the idea of these travel documentaries are to sell the country to the public, nice try Steven, I admire your courage, maybe if the series had been twice as long and spent more time on more interesting subjects. Never did find out how he broke his arm and suddenly its better again

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