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Dead Set

Featuring: Jaime Winstone, Andy Nyman & Riz Ahmed

Format: DVD | Rating: 18 years & over

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (117 reviews)"

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  good idea but not not executed well enough.

| | See all scarfacejimi's reviews (11)

When i first saw the trailer for this on E-4,i thought wow what a bloody good idea.When i started watching it i started to realise that they have just stolen a scene from just about every zombie flick ever made.I've seen referances from:28 days later,28 weeks later,dawn of the dead,day of the dead,automation transfusion and loads more.After a while the similarities become quite humerouse and it became quite an entertaining game,just sat there trying to spot which film they had stolen that particular idea from.I'm not saying the series isn't entertaining because it is but if you are looking for something new then you're not gonna find it here...If you havn't seen 28 days later(my fav film ever)then watch that first that is totally new and fresh,still to this day.

All in all not a bad effort for a tv series,like i said before nothing new but a good way to kill a couple of hours with your mates!!

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  Dead set

| | See all babbage's reviews (8)

I thought dead set was really good at first but then the ending was absoulutely terrible. The series isnt even scary, no where near as bad as any other zombie films. If you buy this then watch te first 4 episodes but dont bother on the last one!

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  Dead Set ROX

| | See all savvyup's reviews (4)

Charlie Brooker ..wot a brain..
(I only buy the guardian for him and Grace Dent.).
and this ''Dead Set''...its funny scary awesome....
big brother is rubbish,like looking through a hole in a wall in a looney bin...this picks up the vapid attitudes , the vanity and empty lives, blood sucking on all sides?...and still stays funny and scary...
and Davina WOW...now i know she only 'does it for the money' she is divine and very funny in this Zombie movie.
camera work, bit jerky at times..prob for effect?..
love every single minute...makes you think too !! :-)

  Better than some but nothing new

| | See all stalkex's reviews (19)

Most feature length zombie films bring something new to the genre but Dead Set just rides the halloween hype without any real sense of innovation. It was fine on E4 as a programme but it won't even make a mark as a feature length DVD because it doesn't have anything to give that hasn't already been given.

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| | See all MikeyHenshall's reviews (33)

Dead Set is outstanding. It's so unique and a powerful Horror series. And the series finale is brillant. Charlie Brooker is amazing and put so much hard work into this show, and she has done it very well. Also featuring cameos from Davina McCall and other former housemates, it's top-notch stuff. The acting it believeable and the film sequences are amazing. It all looks very real.
It's the TV horror event of the year!

  The best zombie 'movie' ever!

| | See all willow1872's reviews (2)

I generally dislike Zombie movies as i think they've been done so many times that its just got old now and i can't stand Big Brother so i started watching this with trepidation but it was simply fantastic.

The story was unique, the acting was believable with Divina being incredible and the special FX would put a lot of multi millon $$ movies to shame.

If you like BB and Zombie movies then you'll love this. If you don't like BB or Zombie movies then you'll love this. A truly essential buy that's sure to become a true Horror and Zombie classic!

  Incredible, horrifying, consistent, a must buy DVD!

| | See all Joeleh's reviews (3)

Dead Set is truly the best horror, black comedy, zombie drama to ever be broadcast on television. The actors are incredible and realistic, Davina McCall puts in the best zombie acting ever and its incredibly consistent, always keeping you on the edge of your seat.
A must buy!


| | See all Kathryn53's reviews (17)

When I first saw that Charlie Brooker was doing a zombie series, I couldn't think of any better combo in the world, but I thought it was a comedy. Though it still has splices of dark humour, it's very much a serious series, and that makes it all the better. Just finished watching the spectacular finale and believe me, this one's one to watch ASAP.