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Dead Set

Featuring: Jaime Winstone, Andy Nyman & Riz Ahmed

Format: DVD | Rating: 18 years & over

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (117 reviews)"

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  Pretty Merde Hot Zombie Action

| | See all SGTTheDude's reviews (2)

What can I say. Channel 4 have got this one right!
Big Brother contestants who are idiotic, brainless, morons!
Devena as a scrawny, flesh hungry monster!
Ray Winstones daughter as a finger banging, two timing wannabe!
Oh my great lord of chaos! This is the Dogs knackers!

Highly entertaining and surprisingly effective, brocker has taken both Snider and the peerless Romero and written a truly effective Zombie horror.

I really recommend this series and hope they find some way to produce a second series.

Buy this and start stocking up for the apocalypse!!!


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| | See all pohwer's reviews (1)

Simply brilliant.
I love zombie films and this series is definitely up there with the best of the best. 28 Days Later meets Dawn of the Dead, but with humour. Devina is wonderfully scary. The plot is fun, the wit devilish, and the acting believable.
I'm thoroughly enjoying it.

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  Fantastic twist on our reality TV society

| | See all LadyAdy's reviews (1)

I am absolutely loving the series so far, the opening episode really set the mood and sparked passion for the show. Writer Charlie Brooker pokes fun at both the Big Brother genre and society's view of it, by introducing Zombie hoardes to the Big Brother complex as part of a national "disaster", and perhaps claiming that reality TV has turned us all into Zombies.

A cameo (more like a full blown mini-role) from Davina McCall left me surprised and delighted at her enthusiasm and acting prowess. She's fantastic as one of the Zombie undead and has received what seems like nothing but praise since it's airing on the 27th October. You won't believe your eyes.

It's incredibly gory and so probably not for the feint-hearted and definately not children, but fans of the horror genre and Big Brother with strong stomachs will love it.

I'll be buying this incredible series on DVD if only for the "Davina McKill" featurette.

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  Good but Zombies are terrible.

| | See all UnoCave's reviews (5)

I have been watching Zombie movies all my life and there is nothing worse than seeing zombies run, punch, growl and scream like animals. Zombies are the walking dead, lifeless, emotionless, eating machines so having them run like olympic athelites and punch at doors just isn't scary, it defies the whole point of a zombie and just makes them human. I hate how people think running zombies are scary you should go and watch Dawn of the dead 1978 and see how roamers can terrify you.
Other than the diabolical zombies the writing is fantastic and the messages about mindless reality TV is a nice parralell to Romero's work.

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  Love this!

| | See all LorenLove's reviews (17)

The 1st episode last night was amazing!! I can't for it again 2nite. I'm well gonna get this on dvd when it comes out!! Best zombie tv series/film i've ever seen and i love that its about big brother aswell. Brilliant

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| | See all spanky123's reviews (4)

The first episode of this was brilliant. I thought it was going to be a long drawn out process and quite slow to start with, seeing as theres 5 episodes but it all kicks off in episode one and is terrifying. The zombies are just as good, if not better than those featured in the dawn of the dead/28 days later type movies and having it set around the big brother house gives it that difference from other zombie films. Plus, its great to see Davina McColl become one of the living dead!!


| | See all SQUIDWURT's reviews (30)

Absolutely Brilliant - im talking about the feature length pilot to kick off the mini series - i have yet to watch the rest - but if you like 28 Days Later, Dawn Of The Dead Remake you gotta watch this a blend of Big Brother and hordes of infected go get it!!!

  A good representation of the modern zombie genre

| | See all SnipeyUK's reviews (2)

So I haven't watched all of it yet but saw the first episode on E4 last night and I have to say I was over the moon with the show so far. Recently there have been some rubbish representations in zombie movies (Diary and Night of the Dead) but this, using the 28 days/weeks later view, brings a fantastic addition to the storyline of a typical zombie outbreak. The casting, using BB stars, was well directed and Davina makes a stunning zombie. The acting so far hasn't been too bad and am looking forward to the rest of the series. Based on the first episode, I will be looking to pick this DVD up to add to my collection. :)
Provided 4 stars as I have only seen 1 episode so far.

  Best Zombie TV show ever.

| | See all cnksimon's reviews (1)

Dead Set is a staggering bit of tv. I have been looking forward to this for ages. And that usually ends up with me being disappointed. However this is way more scary, tense, extreme than anything I've seen on telly... err... maybe ever. I'm going to try not to over state this, or let the enthusiasm of having just watched all the episodes of it back to back in a cinema get to me. But this might be the best thing you have ever seen on TV. Not just the best Zombie thing (and I am including zombie films here).
I was trying to think of something smart to say about it. And all I came up with is that Dead Set is a satire on TV with zombies in the same way that Romero's movies were satires/commentaries on racism, class, the army, consumerism. But its not smart like that. You are so caught up in whats going on that you don't have a moment to think. Its a visceral experience, probably not to be intellectualised. That seems to sell it short. I love this genre, and this is a Johnny-come-lately tv version .But I honestly think this might be the best zombie thing I have seen.
What You Need to Know:
1.The zombies are fast.
2.It isn't a comedy.
3.The Big Brother setting works really well.
4.It is extremely gory.
If you can cope with that watch this.

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