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Dead Set

Featuring: Jaime Winstone, Andy Nyman & Riz Ahmed

Format: DVD | Rating: 18 years & over

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (117 reviews)"

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| | See all Faetz28's reviews (16)

Nothin we havent seen before, exept its based about the worst show on earth 'big brother' wana watch a zombie film, then buy a proper one, not this rubbish, and the ending is terrible, avoid

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  These zombie's would put Usain Bolt to shame

| | See all DaveLamboona's reviews (3)

I didnt catch it when it was shown on E4 so had to watch it on Virgin playback which was good for me as i had missed a few episodes and could watch them back to back which is what i would recommend as its only 5 episodes in total and wont take you long to get through them,the time will fly by for certain.
I thought it was a good idea but done particually badly,i can understand the quickness and urgency of how it starts but the final episode is just done too quickly,i wish it would have been maybe 2 series or just 12 episodes,just bescause we are british dont mean we cant do series above 6 episodes does it?12 episodes would have been great and the ending wouldnt have been rushed which i think it was,i was actually enjoying it more before the fifth episode,that final one really brought its raiting down for me.
I can over look people being crack shots with guns after 5 minutes,the main character (played by Jaime Winstone who is also in Donkey Punch and is Ray Winstone's daughter incase you didnt know) going from ordinary woman into super woman type figure of the group in such an incredibly short space of time,also on the first episode its very clear she's cheated on her boyfriend but why no other mentions of this in the slightest?Might aswell have not even had it in the script and some there are other faults,but i cant over look the whole shakey camera whilst doing anything thats remotely dangerous,you cant see anything and it doesnt add to the shock,build up,tension or anything,it just adds to making me annoyed that i cant see anything.
On the fifth episode the character of Space is just walking down a corridor and the camera is shaking,why?Its just a massive annoyance and i dont mind films being dark aslong as you can see the action but especially the last episode the ammount of things you miss due to the shaking of the camera and the overall darkness is too much.
I cant understand why people are much faster at running when they are dead than they are when they're alive,they should seriously do zombie olympics as i recon they would all shatter Usain Bolt's record.
One more thing is i wish they would have used the former Big Brother members more as zombie's,maybe at the end Space could say something about them back in the house,zombie BB,who goes you decide or something like that.
Overall i think if the camera wasnt shaking alover the place and the series was long it would be 5 stars as it was mainly good but with all the stuff i mentioned it would be very hard to rate it above 3 stars.

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  Jamie Winston = Star in the making

| | See all AIiceeeeee's reviews (5)

Following in her fathers footsteps (ray winston) she is defiantly going to be one of the stars of the future. Dead set was defiantly a surprise, not too short, not too long, enough time to get attached to the characters, but still keeping the action fresh. I would have given it four stars but jamie winston was just amazing in it.
If you haven't seen dead set i would advise you to buy it, as at the end you will be left wanting more especially from the lead star.
Also if she doesn't make it onto the big screen, doctor who companion in the making?? She would be the perfect follow up for catherine tate, and could finally end the mourning of billie piper leaving. :D

  Good but not amazing.

| | See all ChardHard's reviews (27)

I really enjoyed the first episode, although i thought it set the bar too high for the rest to follow. The third and fourth episode didnt actually go anywhere, it was as if they just wanted to churn out 6 episodes to make it worth while for a dvd release.
I still did really enjoy this, i just dont think it's up the the standard of 28 day's later and Dawn of the dead.

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  Horrific / Superb

| | See all PristineSales's reviews (7)

"An eviction becomes a terrifying resurrection as E4 proudly presents Dead Set, the following program contains very strong language and horror which some viewers may find disturbing. Its best suited for wide screen viewing, surround sound and should be watched in a darkened room" .... And so I began watching. We follow characters centred in and around the Big Brother show, watching staff and participants as they build up to eviction night. Yet the outside world is falling into chaos. Dead Set is horrific, shocking, good, funny and depressing - that is how I felt after watching it. Its run time is almost 2 ½ hours. It draws you in and manages to cover many human traits such as betrayal, love, hope, desperation and how people deal with disaster when the chips are down. This show is a real must for zombie fans, but it is more than just a zombie horror, it pulls no punches and feels real. There is a depth to this program that many miss.

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  I thought it was going to be Rubbish!!

| | See all Placeholder85's reviews (12)

When I first heard about this t.v show going to come on T.V. I thought it was just going to be a spoof, and well, basically like a comedy or something, but I was proven wrong.. big time, It is actually a full on horror theme. Which I love, and in the Big Brother house.. Some of the scenes are actually quite funny though (In my opinion), I wont ruin my favourite scene though lol. xD

Hope this helped at all
Thanks, Nick.

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  Absolutely Amazing!

| | See all Nellieboy's reviews (28)

This series was outstanding from start to finish.

I would say that it was almost on a par with 28 Days Later (28 Days is in my "top 5" all-time favourite films).

I watched all 5 episodes last night, one after the other and I was gripped for the whole 2.5 hours!

This is an absolute must for any "zombie" fan and especially if you liked "28 Days Later".


  € Loved It €

| | See all zombielover's reviews (14)

I personally loved it. Im a huge zombie fan and always alwyas said to my boyfriend how good it would be for a zombie bb so i think they stole my idea :( lol.
It had everything a zombie film needs, gore!! It even made me jump a few times
Seriously watch it, i need to get it on dvd so i can watch it again!!

  Wow, what an amazing TV program.

| | See all BaldBloke's reviews (1)

I did not expect to much from this British TV program, based on the dead coming back to life set around the big brother house!? All that said, George A Romero would have been proud of this one. The acting was very good and the gore was great. A must for any zombie fan, you wont be disapointed.


| | See all BibloPorgam's reviews (1)

Gripping and fascinating tv horror that delivers on every level. Genuinely frightening and dramatic. Only small gripe is the use of fast zombies rather than slow. I feel this can miss the point somewhat. Any complaints about the ending are by people with absolutely no understanding of the zombie genre.

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