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Where Eagles Dare (Clint Eastwood Collection)

Featuring: Clint Eastwood, Richard Burton & Mary Ure

Format: DVD | Rating: PG

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Customer Reviews

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| | See all boyfrom67's reviews (102)

I had not reviewed this film as so old & the thought that every one would know this fantastic classic.but i found out the other day that two lads in at work had never heard of it???????how can this be if you was going to think of classics from clint eastwood this would have to be number one followed by kellys hero's.my all time best film of all time this is i must have seen this at least a hundred times from a youngster to now.if you have not seen this classic where have you been????/

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  You don't need a review to buy this classy film.. do you?

| | See all Angrypeppy's reviews (98)

I assumed everyone has seen this film surely?. If you havn't you cannot call yourself a fan of film unless you have done so. It is an absolute classic that I have watched hundreds of times in the past 6 months. The DVD has cleaned up the film image a bit and they have done a better job with the sound so the verbals seem clearer. This has to rate as one of my top films ever... why oh why can we not have films this good made now with british hero's? Look this in my books is up there with Zulu, The Eagles have Landed, Battle of the Bulge, Casablanca, Alien and Lord of the rings (Obviously in different ways!) This is a classic that you just have to watch to appreciate just how good.

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  Pure Class

| | See all hennnn's reviews (1)

"It's quite simple, Major, I've just uncovered a plot to assassinate the Fuhrer" [not a spoiler] - what more do you need?

  In my TOP 10 films ever!

| | See all Grizzerlyadams's reviews (44)

Where eagles dare is a top fictional war film and I have found watches like it reads, action from begining to end. It hits the ground running from the very opening of the film and keeps going right to the end. An amazing plot with a few unexpected twists and turns that both shock and amuse. The cast is second to none in which Burton and Eastwood take the lead, the locations are excellent and the effects top notch. Its a hard action film with lots of tension and little of the showy explosion and extended silly fight sequences of many modern films, this is in my top ten films ever and I dont hesitate to recommend it if you like action or war films.

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| | See all angel187's reviews (38)

I have to admit that i am certainly a war movie fan. I think that it has all the right cast and characters that are in this movie. This is a very excellent title, i would reccommend this to anyone that likes war movies, this is a very deep film, that has all the action. What a wonderful film. once again i will rate this 5/5

  Broadsword calling Danny Boy!

| | See all NDS1974's reviews (12)

You wouldn't think clint eastwood & richard burton a likely duo, but each with their own style of coolness against evil nazis, manage to destroy everything with a swastica. Mi6 agent (burton) and us ranger (2nd rate punk eastwood) take part in a complex behind enemy lines mission to weadle out double agent spies, leaving mayhem everywhere they go. Great score, great plot, great cast, despite made in 1968 the affects still hold there own, it has, and will continue to stand the test of time. A war classic i have seen well over 100 times. Any movie buffs, particular war buffs should have this in there collection. Must see, ace movie!

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  the eagle has landed

| | See all frankpoole's reviews (433)

One of the greatest war/spy films ever.a stellar cast,nice production values and top notch entertainment from start to finish.perfect escapist viewing.

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| | See all captin's reviews (70)

watched this when i was about 7 plots twists and much more eastwood at hes best and burton the cable car sean is great (coming down the mountain) if your a war film buff like me you will love this .

  You seem to have alot of women stashed around this country.

| | See all farnzy's reviews (164)

Tarantino often describes movies like Where Eagles Dare as "Guys on a mission" films. Hutton's WW2 thriller is perhaps the pinnacle of this war sub-genre starring the ever magnificent Burton, alongside Eastwood on his way up after his success in Europe with the "Spaghetti Westerns."
The plot is so intricate and full of wrong turns that the audience give up second guessing it long before the end. This level of writing coupled with the ingenious action sequences(the cable car fight has often been copied) elevates Maclean's story to heights somewhere above the Nazis' mountain fortress.

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  One of the classics

| | See all smickster's reviews (25)

This is another of those war movies that while it may be old, still stands the test of time against some of the new kids on the block. It's the classic story of a small commando team infilitrating the lair of the Nazi's ala Guns of Navarone and basically kicking the c*** out of anything that goosesteps.

If the body count of this movie was representative of every engagement fought in WWII then they should have just cloned Clint's character and set him loose because he pretty much wipes out a small army.

Leaving the Ramboesque moments of Clint's character aside we still have a great turn by Richard Burton, one of the classical old school actors and a movie full of guns, gals and explosions. What's not to love?

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