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Doctor Who (New Series 4): Complete Series 4 Box Set

Featuring: David Tennant, Catherine Tate & Billie Piper

Format: DVD | Rating: 12 years & over

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (46 reviews)"

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  Great season

| | See all Desamo's reviews (3)

Final David Tennant season and its great. Catherine Tate is very good as Donna. Its good to see return of Sontarans, Oods, Daleks and Davros. I recommend this to everyone who likes Tennant Doctor.

  The Doctor, Donna, Rose and Friends

| | See all Edduk5's reviews (86)

The 10th Doctor Played by the Great David Tennent returns for his last full series. The Doctor is traveling on his own but not for long a Donna Noble from the Runnaway Bride makes a return to find the Doctor. Their first adventure sets them to investergate a sliming companey ran by a woman called Ms Forster. Using a new slimming pill she is taking people's fat and growing living balls of walking fat called Aidpose. At the end of the episode Rose make's reapperance having been trapped in another world at the end of series 2. She is looking for the Doctor and this forms a story ark that runs though the rest of the series.

When I heard that Catherine Tate was to be a companion full time I was not sure if it was a good idea but it works very well. David and Catherine work well together and she is not the full of her self woman who was in The Runnaway Bride. Donna's fate at the end of this series is very sad and make's Rose's fate tame at the end of series 2. I have to say though the two best episode's I like in this box is Silence in the Library/Forst of the Dead by Steven Moffat. The future head of Doctor Who has put a storyline into action with a woman called River Song who is important to the Doctor in a way he does not no yet.

Series 4 of Doctor who --- Just Great


| | See all SandoEntertainingU's reviews (247)

The series overall, is very good, with the return of Martha, Rose, Mickey and many more of the past characters, I think some people may agree, some people won't that Catherine Tate is probably the worst companion, but this doesn't wreck it.

Episodes Ratings:
Partners In Crime - 8/10
The Fires of Pompeii - 8/10
Planet of the Ood - 10/10
The Sontaran Stratagem - 7/10
The Poison Sky - 7/10
The Doctor's Daughter - 10/10
The Unicorn and the Wasp - 9/10
Silence In the Library - 10/10
Forest of the Dead - 10/10
Midnight - 8/10
Turn Left - 8/10
The Stolen Earth - 10/10
Journeys End - 10/10


| | See all Gregster1968's reviews (66)

While many of the episodes of this series are very good, the whole thing is spoilt by Catherine Tate. Serious actress she is not. Displaying two ranges (shouty and guppy fish) her character must surely rate as one of the worse assistants.

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| | See all ry1987's reviews (59)

david tennant isamazing.i never have been a fanof sci fi but seeing david tennant as doctor who really got me into doctor who.unlike the new doctor ,david tennant adds humour and energy to the role and while catherine tate might not be a patch on billie piper (rose tyler) this series is still amazing and while series 2 of doctor who is not only the best series of doctor who its also one of th best series of an show ever.this series does still include some brief appearances from old faces and everyone will just love it. if someone who hates sci fi can love it then any sci fi lover will be blown away


| | See all bunkerbill's reviews (24)

this is good old enemies return and companions good acting good plots throughout and midnight is flipping awesome.

  Ups and downs but altogether very good

| | See all brillbru's reviews (112)

This series 4 boxset of Doctor Who is made up of 13 episodes and The Voyage of the Damned christmas special. My seperate ratings are
Ep 1: 1/5 Ep 2: 2/5 Ep 3: 5/5 Ep 4: 4/5 Ep 5: 5/5 Ep 6: 2/6
Ep 7: 5/5 Ep 8: 3/5 Ep 9: 4/5 Ep 10: 0/5 Ep 11: 4/5 Ep 12: 5/5
Ep 13: 5/5 Christmas Special: 5/5
So as you can see the difference in review varies between the different episodes but altogether this is a very good boxset of Doctor Who. Although some of the episodes are a bit poor the majority of them are very good and a couple of them are just outstanding and pure genius. David Tennant and Cathrine Tate bring something special to this outstanding show which makes this series with them together better than any other one. Its a very good boxset and one that everyone should consider buying.

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  Totally Amazing

| | See all Gothwannabe's reviews (4)

From The first episode to the last, there was not a single storyline that didn't grip me entirely, Fires of Pompeii and the Unicorn and the wasp to name just 2 were brilliantly written and performed. I look forward to watching this series many times over..

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| | See all THEMOORE's reviews (184)

Having only just gotten around to watching this fourth series of the revived show (via repeats) I can honestly say that I am glad that I didnt bother devoting time to watching it when it was first on as the series for me was one big letdown after the brilliant previous series. While I was wary of Catherine Tate being involved with the series, its not here where this series run is a letdown (although her character is rather annoying and comes across as a creation from her so-called comedy show. Why the writers decided to do this I dont know) it is instead the stories that let the series down.

Firstly the series highlights for me were The Fires of Pompeii, The Doctors Daughter (which had a classic Who sort of feel to it), Midnight and The Stolen Earth, the latter of which is ruined by the unnecessary return of Billie Piper as Rose (it took away any brilliance that final scene of series two had!), a ridiculous regeneration scene and a part two (Journeys End) that is over blown and uses so many reset buttons its beyond belief. In addition to the finale we have some ok stories throughout the series but thats just it ok stories, nothing really that stands out, even the usually brilliant Steven Moffat gave us a slow, plot-hole ridden story and the smug character River Song, who I am not a fan of.

All this said however; the effects that are present are amazing, Tennant proves his worth once again (although I still prefer the darkness of Eccleston), the brilliant Bernard Cribbins pops up now and again giving us some great moments and we get to see the return of some companions. Sadly the scripts are not up to the standard that has gone before, with very few of them having a decent and watchable plot, which along with a few minor gripes lets this series down. One final thing, try and spot the kitchen sink in the finale!

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