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Star Wars Prequel Trilogy (Episodes 1-3) (6 Discs)

Featuring: Liam Neeson, Ewan McGregor & Natalie Portman

Format: DVD | Rating: 12 years & over

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Customer Reviews

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  Fantastic Adventures

| | See all philboy4's reviews (152)

Great way to show how the now unforgetable Stars Trilogy originally started. See how the young Anakin Skywalker became the most well known bady to ever hit the screen Darth Vader. See how he turned on his friends to become more powerful then any jedi ever was. Watch how we start to the clones come across as we all know they turned into the storm troopers later on. Ewan Mcgregor plays Obi-won Konobi throughtout this trilogy very well to later seeing Alec Mcguiness take the role. This also shows you the birth of the sith the most powerful enemy to the jedi. Darth Maul has a great introduction into this saga in The Phantom menace and later see the rise of Count Dooko who was once a jedi. At the end of this trilogy you see the birth of Luke and Lea setting up the continuation into the original 3. Excellent CGI throught with epic lightsaber battles throughout. I give the Phantom Menance 3.5 stars Attack of the Clones 4 stars and Revenge of the Sith 5 stars. So all in all a fantastic adventure a must have.

  Very good!

| | See all Goat987's reviews (6)

Some of the CGI in these three films is truly breathtaking. The three films may not live up to the original Star Wars but they give it a good shot. The films are at a faster pace (excluding Phantom Menace) than the original trilogy which makes them fairly easy viewing. I do feel as if Lucas didnt give everything to these films though and kind of left it to the CGI people. However dont get me wrong these are brilliant films and are worth watching


| | See all THEMOORE's reviews (184)

While no way near as impressive or as innovative as the original trilogy, the Star Wars prequels are no way near as bad as people often make out. Firstly these three films form the lead-up to the original three films and they continue Lucas themes of family, love, politics, power, destruction and revenge.

PHANTOM MENACE (1999) 3 Stars
The first of the prequels is quite frankly the worst of this trilogy and the saga as a whole. Overlong in places (the boring pod race scenes spring to mind) and lacking in others, the film is far too political for Star Wars with large chunks of the middle of the film being people (computer generated or otherwise) sat around in a room discussing trade agreements. As well as this we get a wimpy Jake Lloyd as a young Anakin Skywalker, which is hard to believe that this kind of kid can grow up to become Darth Vader. The film does have some saving graces though, Frank Oz returns to voice Yoda, the beautiful Natalie Portman is the most interesting thing on the boring planet Naboo and a young Obi Wan Kenobi (Ewan McGregor) has some great chemistry alongside his on-screen master Qui Gon Jinn played by the brilliant Liam Neeson.

ATTACK OF THE CLONES (2002) 3.5 Stars
Attack of the Clones expands the CGI that was present within the first of this new trilogy and most of the effects are very impressive indeed and the story is a lot stronger than Phantom Menace, with aspects of the saga now falling into place. This time around Hayden Christenson (Jumper) is Anakin Skywalker (soon to be Darth Vader) giving off a slightly better performance than Jake Lloyd but still nothing great. His scenes with Ewan McGregor (Obi Wan) also fail to show the same sort of chemistry that Ewan and Neeson had in the first film. There is some better humour which on most occasions doesnt have to obvious to make the viewer chuckle and of course both Yoda (voiced by Frank Oz) and Mace Windu (the brilliant Samuel L. Jackson) get bigger and better roles than them just sat in chairs!

REVENGE OF THE SITH (2005) 4.5 Stars
The Empire Strikes Back of the prequels, Revenge Of The Sith is easily as dark as Empire and the best of the prequel trilogy. With all the plot points coming to a head, we get some outstanding special effects and performances from both Ewan McGregor (Obi Wan) and Hayden Christianson (Anakin/Darth). Samuel L. Jacksons character gets the send-off he deserves and Ian McDiarmid pulls out all the stops as he takes over the galaxy. Despite everything coming together in amazing style there are still a couple of things that let the film down, firstly there is no denying that there is some rubbish dialogue at times and secondly the scene with the birth of Darth Vader feels like a bit of a letdown having had to wait 20-odd years to get here. That said the final half hour to forty five minutes of the movie are brilliant and very sad indeed. With the added brilliance of John Williams, this is where Lucas finally got things right again. The saga is complete.

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  The age old debate

| | See all Rwld666's reviews (4)

i grew up with these films and i think they are good. i enjoy watching them as much as i enjoy watching the original trilogy. i know star wars fans who hate these films because of 'lucas having creating control' and stuffing the films with CGI, and i must admit there are several plot points that the films could have done without but i watch them for their shiney ships and pretty explosions and colourful monsters where i watch the originals for their story and good acting in my opinion these are good films. not great and not rubbish, just some good fun films.

P.S even i admit we could have done without jar-jar!

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  The prequel Trilogy - Compare to the original trilogy

| | See all SIMONHanson28's reviews (3)

as many of the older fans grew up watching the old trilogy they are going to have a strong fondness of it because thats what they loved as a kid. Me personally grew up on the Prequels and love these movies more than the Originals because i have fond memories of them. People expected these to bring the same fondness as the originals did and when they found they didn't they started looking for tiny things to pick at. Such as Episode I and Jar Jar Binks people calling him stupid but the same people love the Ewoks which in my opinion are similar type of characters. Episode III is by far the best movie of the trilogy, Hayden Christian did a fantastic of showing how torn he was between his love for padme and his duties as a Jedi. These movies were intended for a new generation and i am happy to be part of that generation. If you are a hardcore Star Wars fan who Was a fan of the original trilogy since they were originally brought out, then these are not the films for you. But if you have never seen any star Wars film Before these are great films who need to be watched from episode I to III to truly appreciate what a good job Good job George Lucas did on Tying it all up.

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  Worth £17.99

| | See all Mattant's reviews (2)

Ok ignore the 1st review (the guy who gave this 1 star)
Phantom of the menace is weak and is by far the worst film out of all the star wars film's,
Attack of the clones is a good, action packed film, Which is worth watching, It makes up for the phantom of the menace and puts star wars back on track,
Revenge of the sith, Awesome film with some stunning scenes, Anakin vs Obi-wan at the end is amazing, The film is really great and in my opinion is as good as the original films.
Overall its a bargain at this price, Ignore people who say save your money and buy revenge of the sith on its own, as you need to own all 6 films, To complete the set.

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| | See all sdx800's reviews (1814)

Do yourself a favour and save yourself 17.99 by NOT buying it. Any true Star wars fan should be ashamed of these films, there is only one true trilogy and that's the original trilogy! Anything else with star wars printed on it is an abomination especially these films!

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  Just buy episode 3 save your money

| | See all DappaDan69's reviews (8)

Lets start this with Im only giving this 3 stars for episode 3 and the fact me being a big star wars fan and when I found out the prequels were being made I was so excited. Thats where the happy moments ended went to see ep1 and the only thing that stopped me walking out of the cinema was that it was star wars what a load of tripe the appauling acting and the shoddy plot just made me angry its only saving grace was liam neeson being the only good actor and he was great by the way and the pod race.
Ep2 I didnt think they could make a film worse than ep1but low and behold they did the acting, well i may as well have got my old toys out and acted it out with them it was cringingly bad a perfect example of sfx over story poor.
Ep3 was a breath of fresh air!!! George Lucas took every one to acting class and the story finally drawed me in do yourself a favour buy Ep3 cos it tells you everything you need to know about the old movies without making you want to kill yourself watchin the other 2 SEARCH YOUR FEELINGS YOU KNOW THIS TO BE TRUE!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  star wars prequel trilogy (episodes 1-3)

| | See all melodykey's reviews (4)

well i can honsetly say if these films were never brought out i would never have fully apprecited the older ones, i love these films, they are never gonna be like the older ones, but still fantastic viewing, that i enjoy watching time and time again, i give all three films 5 star rating, and are excellent when you have a day of nothing todo and wanna watch all 6 films!! and at this price you really cant go wrong!

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  What do you expect?

| | See all williampanic's reviews (1)

Well? What do YOU expect? If you are in your 30's and are expecting these films to match the originals, you are going to be dissapointed. Not because (despite what many narrow minded reviewers claim) they don't, but because you are not that little kid anymore, and your expectations are WAAAY too high! Nothing will match the feeling of seeing the original trilogy as a kid. The fact is, this new trilogy is as good as the original, it's just that we have moved on - my 11 year old son thinks these are the absolute bee's knees, and that is after all the target audience - and it always has been. Yes Episode III is the darkest of the lot (arguably even more so than Empire...) but given the subject matter that is hardly surprising. The films are beautifully shot, the effects groundbreaking (and yes like many others I missed the practical effects - it gave the original trilogy so much charm.... but times have changed people!), the musical scores breathtaking - it's just that we aren't children any more! Give Lucas a break. We have grown up. Now lets start acting like it.

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