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Hellsing Ultimate: Volume 1

Format: DVD | Rating: 18 years & over

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (7 reviews)"

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  Vampire elegance at its best

| | See all SpottyBlanket's reviews (8)

Hellsing is a classic anime hard to ignore and with good reason--unlike the orignal anime--the OVAs focus on the plot from the orignal and far better manga. The dub is slick and stylish and with plenty of EXTRAS--be sure to check the BROKEN ENGLISH trailer--stunning!

  Absolutely Amazing

| | See all Inoizhot's reviews (16)

If you are a fan of the graphic novel of hellsing (the manga) then I would definitely highly recommend this anime. As opposed to the original TV series of Hellsing, this one in particular follows the manga almost perfectly. All of the events and order of which they occur is the same as in the manga, instead of that 'Incognito' stuff.

What is more is that the animation is amazing, among the best. It is what one would expect from a full-length anime feature, although each Hellsing Ultimate episode does run for 50 minutes, roughly. This is definitely great to buy even if you have not seen the original series or read the manga, as it is something completely new.

Personally, being a fan of the manga, I would say that this is better than the TV series of Hellsing. The art is so dark and gothic, which is a perfect atmosphere for such a horror production. The music is also very vampiric too. There is some bloody violence, which is to be expected I suppose but it is a lot more violent to the prior series, which is good in a way as it is Hellsing....a full near perfect adation to Kohta Hirano's Hellsing manga too, that is.

I will most definitely be seeing this entire series to the finish!! An easy five-star production from me. Alexander Anderson was also amazing in this one, more demonic and crazier than he was before.


| | See all JinRoh's reviews (1)

True anime fans all know how brilliant Hellsing is and for all you vamp fans its main character is twice the brilliance of vamp hunter d but i wouldn't buy this if you own the original its just a money spinner all we true fans want is a 2nd series, the only anime series i wuld ever bother buying a cut down version of after watching or owning the original is dbz this is only worth your time if you've neva seen hellsing and are extremely impatient the original is beta the slower pace allows you to associate and connect with the setting and main characters and is far more enjoyable

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| | See all Zanzebarr's reviews (5)

Hellsing was OK, but not amazing in both visuals, script, layout, organisation and generally everything which makes Anime, Anime. Despite tis, the plot, characters and themes where more than adequite to bulk up any loss from a small budget. The typical Manga dressings are there now. If you havnt watched the original, you may struggled to keep up with the back stories and does have a great deal of pace which came as a shock after the original.
As was said before, there isnt too much new here, but there is plenty of things better, and that alone will make life more enjoyable for your average punter.
The best bits are the layout for the introduction of new characters is excelent, as the original felt very clumsy in some area's for a new person to appear (often needed to afollow-up episode just to get some basic and even strained background/links to be woven to the mix).
This is an excelent first DVD and i have so much faith in what ive seen, ive pre-ordered the entire set.
Buy it.

  manga have made a great anime series better!!

| | See all rekoanime's reviews (12)

Well i loved the original anime of helsing but found it a little slow at times and felt laot of the time it was filled with useless time fillers to fit into 13 episodes. Dont get me wrong i loved helsing, but after watching this version of it manga have out done themselves, the voices are the same which is good but the action is so much better and alot more gore! I would recommend buying this even if you own the original you wont be disappointed!!

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  Far superior to the original

| | See all Batou99's reviews (2)

If you've watched the original series then don't miss this. Although some of the story matches the original this version is far better.
The only down side is the price, personally I'm holding out for the full boxset which will almost certainly be released when the final episode is.

  VERY classy gore!!

| | See all Stoner1's reviews (6)

This is my absolute favorite series of anime's! It's got style, looks, a unique sound track and enough blood to re-float the Titanic. There's never been an anti-hero as cool (or psychotic) as Alucard. Hellsing - welcome to the family!