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The Breakfast Club

Featuring: Emilio Estevez, Paul Gleason & Anthony Michael Hall

Format: DVD | Rating: 15 years & over

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Customer Reviews

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  We've all been there...most of us were one of them.

| | See all lovelylynz's reviews (2)

Five high school students, all different stereotypes, meet in detention, where they pour their hearts out to each other, and discover how they have a lot more in common than they thought....

They're all very different people but as the movie progresses and they learn more of each other, their never-ending afternoon detention will be one they'll never forget... very good movie

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| | See all PinkGal87's reviews (14)

I wasn't quite sure what to make of this film when it first started but there is something about this film that keeps you hooked on and wanting to find out more about these interesting characters each with there own story to tell. Well worth the watch and buy!!

  Wonderful & Realistic

| | See all SitusDynein's reviews (16)

Wonderful idea, setting and the personas of these teenagers were amazingly put together and their family backgrounds so realistic and I think every parent in this world should watch this movie BEFORE it may be a little too late. This movie is very, very educating in the entertaining, hilarious and touching way with realistic emotions and awesome actors. Now that didn't do justice to what this really is. I can't explain, I just... This movie includes something to learn and enjoy for everyone - not only for parents. Watch this movie. You won't regret. I swear.


| | See all OBSESSEDWITHFILMS's reviews (416)

5 kids come together at 7am saturday morning for detention each from their own backgrounds,each with their own reason for being there and each with their own baggage.
You have the jock(Estevez) forced to do what keeps his overbearing dad happy,The homecoming princess(Ringwald) the pawn in her mother and fathers bitter war,The geek(Hall) focused only on his grades and keeping his parents happy,The outcast(Sheedy) a compulsive liar with problems fitting into normal life and The rebel(Nelson) hard has nails on the outside but lost and lonely beaten by his drunk father most nights.
At 7am these 5 were strangers but by 5pm they will have shared things with each other that they would never tell to their closet friends,They become The Breakfast Club.
Superbly cast,written and directed by the king of 80's teen/drama flicks John Hughes this is and always will be the defining teen movie that shaped a generation of 16 year old kids from the mid 80's.This really is a fantastic movie that has a great cast,amazing soundtrack and is one of my favourite 80's films and also one of my all time favourite movies for this price it is a must for your collection and if you have never seen it buy it today you will not be left disapointed 10/10.

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| | See all MeMyselfandIagain's reviews (68)

It's hard to explain how good this movie is, when you say it's about a group of kids in detention it really doesn't jump out at you. But it is so well done, it is your stereotypical American school with each group represented, Jocks, nerds etc. It is one of those fims that you can't appreciate how good it is until you see it i couldn't possibly give it a lower rating because it has everything. It is a classic and will always be my favourite film of all time, i managed to watch it 3 times on a flight to South Africa, thats how good it is.

  The only reason...

| | See all SarahRossy's reviews (1)

Well i love this film i thought it was a great insperation towards me helping me with my media coursework. it is a great film and i dnt normally like some comedy's but this film made up for that it was truly great. this film is so true. we all go to school not knowing who we will be when we're older and this film like proves that if ur alone with people u neva talk to you can all turn out to be really good mates. its only when your round your own friends when you not you.


| | See all turinturambar's reviews (1)

The only reason I rated this film this high is because the acting, the script and the roles are hilarious. I had heard this was a classic, and i thought I had to see it. I couldnt stop laughing. Its the funniest worst movie Ive ever seen. The last sceen is great.

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  Dont mess with the bull, you'll get the horns!

| | See all littlegeorge's reviews (28)

This film is all about the acting with the brat pack in finest form!! Great soundtrack aswell and there is a classic line from the film, one of my faves, where judd nelson says "does barry manilow know you raid his wardrobe."
A must see for rebels of the 80's....

  A classic

| | See all silvergrin's reviews (13)

You won't find a better 80's teen movie. In this movie you have it all: the jock, the athlete, the nerd, the popular princess and the outcast. All superbly cast and directed by Hughes (Mr 80's)!

Perfect script and just the right length for this movie.

A very loveable film