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Toy Story: 10th Anniversary Special Edition

Featuring: Tom Hanks, Tim Allen & Don Rickles

Format: DVD | Rating: Universal Suitable for All

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Customer Reviews

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| | See all THEMOORE's reviews (184)

Often cited as the first film to be entirely produced using computers, Toy Story is a masterpiece from start to finish that plays on various themes (family, friendship, popularity, enemies, theft etc) brilliantly in a dark but funny script that sees the toys of child Andy come to life when their owner is not around. Heading this group of toys is cowboy Woody (voiced with perfection by the often brilliant Tom Hanks) who finds his status as leader of the pack taken away from him when a new slick space toy Buzz Light-year (the hilarious deadpan Tim Allen) shows up earning the respect and interest of his fellow toys and owner Andy leading to a battle of popularity between the toys for the affections of their owner.

Despite its brilliant direction, editing and computer animation, Toy Story has other things going for it. The script is perfect and suitable for both young and old alike as it plays on many themes that we as human beings go through - popularity with our family and peers being just one of these. In addition the film is also very funny providing some moments for the kids and some for the adults as well. What is also nice to see is that even though the film is computer generated this does not take over and the human involvement is kept to a minimum allowing the toys to take centre stage and help promote that idea we all had as kids that our toys came to life.

On the whole; it is hard to find fault with this film, the script is perfectly written, the animation is top notch and will continue to be so even when something simular replaces it and the cast is outstanding, with the likes of the above as well as Don Rickles as Mr. Potato Head, Jim Varney as Slinky Dog, Wallace Shaun as Rex the Dinosaur and my favourite John Ratzenberger as Hamm the pig or piggy bank. This is certainly a film that the whole family can sit down and enjoy over and over again. A perfect film when it was released and perfect even now nearly fifteen years later. One of the first films I owned growing up and I'm proud of it and its sequel, let's just hope that the long-awaited third outing is up to the standard of the first two because this certainly is a film that will last to infinity and beyond!

  Classic Pixar Movie

| | See all Jm1994's reviews (7)

Toy Story is without a doubt, one of my favourite Pixar movies a long with Finding Nemo and Monsters Inc.
I always used to watch Toy Story on video until we threw away our old Video Player and got a DVD player instead, so obviously we had to get rid of our videos including Toy Story.
It wasn't until now that I realized I had to get this movie on DVD, and i am glad i did.
The magic of this film is still there since i watched Toy Story years ago!
Great movie. love it!

  Outstanding Classic Pixar!

| | See all paramore91's reviews (18)

This is my whole family's favourite Disney Pixar film! A revolution in animation for the mid 90's and full of fun moments for all the family!Also the special features are definatly something special and definatly worth watching if you're a Toy Story or just a Pixar fan.


| | See all MovieMad91's reviews (2)

Amazing film, one of the greatest Disney films to have been produced. A landmark in CG I animation and cinema history. 5*

  A classic

| | See all GoodLuckCharm18's reviews (72)

One of the best disney films ever made. Its for kids and adults! The characters are brilliant and the animation fantastic. 10/10

  best kids flim ever!!!!!!!!!

| | See all dvdcollecter's reviews (81)

yes one of the best kids flim ever.i grew up watching this all the time and its not changed since i grew up.

  Toy Story

| | See all Boooof's reviews (196)

I love this film! I grew up watching it and it's my favourite pixar of all time (Ratatouille is second!). It's so unique and if you haven't seen this film, where have you been for all of this time?
This is a great family film. Great for both the adults and the kids.

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  Pixar Classic!! =)

| | See all jazzyfizzlex's reviews (20)

Classic animation movie. Im a bit more older and mature but when i was younger i was in love with this movie. I still love it. One of the greatest animation movies ever made.

  pixars first of many greats,

| | See all mindgame's reviews (15)

this was the film i grew up watching,
it is a much loved film of most ages,
i cant belive this was made so long ago now, the animation is very impressive and the same standard as all of the new pixar films,
i am still watching this film now even though im 20 in 2 months,
dont thin im simple to please though i love all of the newest action films, just this film is very easy to watch and enjoy.