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Red Dwarf: Complete Series 7 (3 Discs)

Featuring: Craig Charles, Chris Barrie & Danny John-Jules

Format: DVD | Rating: 12 years & over

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Customer Reviews

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  WHERES RIMMER??????????????

| | See all Cockney2000's reviews (82)

Ok this one drops due to rimmer not being around but still a great series even though it feels like something or someone is missing

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  Not as bad as everyone makes out!

| | See all LEIGHANNESMITH's reviews (1)

Red Dwarf 7 is an essential part of the collection and does have some really good gags in it. Yes, Rimmer does leave (but we all know he's back in series 8). If you havn't watched any Red Dwarf for a while, series 7 is not as bad as people would have you believe.

  ignore the negative reviews

| | See all voo7hees's reviews (35)

this season is fantastic, every episode is really funny, just ignore the negative comments and enjoy the season. MUST BUY

  rhimmer why did you leave ; ;

| | See all talent24's reviews (13)

I only just got this season the other day im not all the way into it yet but im bored listers old g/f is not who she was before they should have kept her n the series not change charactors rhrimmer leaves in this series so who has lister got to pick on now? Who is going to be the new smeg head?

  Too Many Changes.

| | See all Dirtfish's reviews (475)

When Red Dwarf VI (1993) aired the show was at its peak both creatively and in its popularity. Unfortunately there was a 3-year hiatus before this 7th series finally arrived in 1997. The delay probably contributed to many changes that appeared in Red Dwarf VII.

Writer/creators Doug Naylor and Rob Grant split up their long running partnership. Grant left the show to write novels while Naylor continued writing Red Dwarf VII alone although he did use several other writers to help out.

Chris Barrie (who by that time had his own popular TV series The Brittas Empire) only agreed to appear in two full episodes of Red Dwarf VII.

The live audience was abandoned and instead Red Dwarf VII was produced using more filmized methods including greater use of four-walled sets, location shooting and single camera techniques.

Chloe Annett's Kristine Kochanski was added as a regular character to fill the gap left by Chris Barrie's departing Rimmer.

The length of the series was increased to 8 episodes. The following is a break down of those episodes.

1. Tikka To Ride - The crew travel back in time and are involved in JFK's assasination. Its a pretty good episode and a promising start to the season.

2. Stoke Me A Clipper - Ace Rimmer returns in an attempt to convince Arnold Rimmer to leave Red Dwarf. This was Chris Barrie's last proper appearance in Series VII.

3. Ouroboros - Lister, Cat and Kryten find a doorway that leads to another dimension. A clever episode that has plenty of back story and introduces Chloe Annett's Kristine Kochanski.

4. Duct Soup - Kochanski attempts to adjust to her new crew while they are stuck crawling through ventilation ducts. A little bit of a dull episode but it has some nice moments between Lister and Kochanski.

5. Blue - Lister is missing Rimmer and and fantasizes about his return. One of the funnier episodes. Chris Barrie returns for a cameo appearance in which he kisses Lister and sings the Rimmer song.

6. Beyond a Joke - A rogue simulant attacks and the crew encounter Kryten's brother Abel. Not a particulary good episode. Robert Llewellyn does his best in dual roles as Kryten and Abel.

7. Epideme - Lister is infected with a deadly virus and loses an arm trying to cure himself. Some funny lines but the idea of a talking virus is a little stretched.

8. Nanarchy - Kryten's nanobots are used to rebuild Lister's arm and then the long lost ship Red Dwarf. A decent finale and its great to have the missing ship finally back with its computer Holly (Norman Lovett).

Overall Red Dwarf VII was a fairly decent series but not in the same league as the previous ones. There were just two many problems to overcome. Rob Grant's departure left a big gap in the writing while Chris Barrie's Rimmer (arguably the shows funniest character) is missing for most of the episodes. The lack of a studio audience was strange too.

Red Dwarf returned in better form for series 8.

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  a fading dwarf star but wow three discs!

| | See all HumanLeaguefan's reviews (218)

I rather drifted away from Red Dwarf after Season Five so when I finally nabbed a copy of this lavish 3 disc release a couple of years ago I approached it with no preconceptions about this 'longer than usual' seventh year of the show and you know what, although its not up to previous assembled offerings it's really quite good! I personally like the filmic quality on offer particularly in 'Tikka to Ride' and 'Stoke Me A Clipper' (good to see the return of Ace Rimmer!). I know that its upsetting the original precepts of the series but I also enjoyed the initial friction between Kochanski and Kryten as the crew attempt to readjust to life without Rimmer, not easy I grant you but this seems a worthy attempt. Out of the three standard episodes on offer on the first disc the two 'Xtended' versions presented here only add about 3 to 5 minutes of extra footage. The lost 'Identity Within' 44 min episode feels like quite a surreal viewing experience as you listen to Chris Barrie attempt to portray the vocal inflections of all characters alongside roughly pencil sketched storyboards. The remaining five episodes fill up most of the second disc although there's just enough room to sneak on an extended (if you can call an additional 4 mins worthy) version of 'Duct Soup'. Although good to welcome back Norman Lovett as the original Holly I was rather disappointed with the central plot of the 'Epideme'/'Nararchy' double episode finale. The inclusion of 18 mins of 'fan films' is a seriously weird experience and illustrates the evident fanaticism that exists among hardened fans of the show. Another sumptuous evaluation of the season and its individual episodes is taken care of in disc three's 88 ½ min "Back From The Dead" original documentary whilst other DVD bonus feature regulars offer approx 43 mins of Deleted Scenes, approx 10 mins of 'Smeg Ups' a 2 ½ min "Burning Rubber" themed featurette, a 16 page 'collector's booklet' and collectively 142 self selection photo gallery images. Of the unique extras on offer I liked Robert Llewellyn's almost 8 min on-set video diary plus the interesting approx 5 min 'How Do They Do That?' visiting the effects dept. Of the Easter Eggs for this set I discovered that a couple could be found on this disc by clicking the red button to the left of the subtitles option. You will then pick up a gun and aim it at the keypad of the door. Selecting the gun's front button will run the Chloe Annett audition (2 ¾ mins) whilst the back button will run the Red Dwarf trailer (approx 1 ½ mins). Mostly this feels like a quality product with more extras than usual significantly enhancing this rather muted comedic seventh season.

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  Hit and miss

| | See all yorksdevil's reviews (1)

The last couple of series weren't as good as the early ones. The most obvious reason for this must surely be that co-creator Rob Grant left after series 6. If you liked Red Dwarf I recommend you read his Colony novel.

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  classic jokes.. shame about the story lines

| | See all adamknox's reviews (25)

(spoilers) this review got a 3 star mainly because how they wrote rimmer out of the show!! getting rid of rimmer for good is like getting rid of rodney from only fools! then the terrible way they brought him back in seires 8! so anyway this is a great series.. just dont pay attanetion to the pourly put togeather story lines

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  The Red Dwarf is slowly fading...

| | See all Hyde2612's reviews (195)

Bad news first - after series six 'Red Dwarf' never achieved the outstanding greatness present in the first six series. What had consistently been a show of fantastic comic writing and superb science fiction invention seemed to lack a certain something with this, its seventh series. Still, it's not all bad, I mean how many comedy series do you know that even made it this far? And, in retrospect, there is still a great deal to admire from these eight episodes, indeed they still represent a far greater level of entertainment than the BBCs current crop of lame comedies. So, what about the good points, then? Well, top of the list would have to be the re-introduction as Kochanski as a regular character (this time round played by the positively lovely Chloe Annett) Added a female member to the previously male environment added a touch of freshness to proceedings and Kochanski quickly became a fan favourite. And though the episodes varied in quality this time around several - the suprisingly poignant JFK conspiracy themed 'Tikka to Ride' and the time-twisted goings on of Kochanski's first appearance in the fantastic 'Ouroboros' The DVD, despite the drop in quality of the show, is still fantastic however with 3 (count them!) DVDs full of all the usual style, wit and sophistication of previous releases plus extended episodes of three episodes, some interesting Red Dwarf fan films (the result of an online competition) and a 'lost' unfilmed script read with inimitable style (and fantastic impressions) by Chris Barrie all accompanied by pretty pictures. So with Series 7 showing a slight loss of touch the DVD still represents fantastic value for money and is an essential buy for all Dwarfers young and old..

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