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The Unborn

Featuring: Odette Yustman, Gary Oldman & Cam Gigandet

Format: DVD | Rating: 15 years & over

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (64 reviews)"

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  Fright Night

| | See all Ravenous07's reviews (41)

I honestly can't understand why people are rating this film so poorly? It does exactly what horrors are meant to do, it scares and freaks you out the only reason I haven't given this 5 stars is because I think some of the story could have been better but that aside a good addition to any horror collection.

  unboring no definately boring

| | See all Ripplaydotcom's reviews (150)

if it wasn't for the tattoo free 'meg fox' lookalike I'd have been bored, a film not quite upto its great dvd cover

blue eyes genetics and nazi auschwitz all come into play in this naff horror

  Can't watch it more than once.

| | See all Rachie27's reviews (84)

I first watched this film on my own at night, and it failed to scare me. However, I thought it was a decent film, although predictable in parts. I then watched it again at another time, and it bored me. A fiver is a good price to pay, but then it will rot away on your shelf.

  One of the worst

| | See all conversequine's reviews (6)

This was one of the worst horrors i have ever seen, the acting is terrible and most of it predictable and boring. There is the occasional jumpy part but nothing to get excited about. So bad i actually fell asleep and didnt wake up for 16 hours. True story.

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  Not bad at all!

| | See all DiamondsAreForever's reviews (459)

Bought this despite the bad reviews, and was pleasantly surprised! Granted, some scenes you can tell exactly what is gonna happen, but there are plenty of times where you get a fright. Its not a groundbreaking horror and will probably be forgotten in ten years, but for now, its the perfect film to watch with your mates at Halloween!

  Could've been great, but it's not.

| | See all Tibbles1's reviews (1)

Loads of great classic horror moments and ideas used in all the wrong ways. The script is very poor, infact it makes the film a little uncomfortable to watch at times, and it brings the actors down with it. Having said that Casey Bell was quite clearly cast off the back of her appearance and not her acting prowess, a good sign of a poor quality film. There are a couple of interesting horror sequences but together they only make up a lowly 10 minutes with 75 minutes of poorly directed filler to dilute it into a wasted evening for all. The stripped down storyline could easily be adapted into an interesting and chilling watch, this film just hasn't done it justice, not by a million miles.

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| | See all st04deb's reviews (77)

I really dont rate this film at all it wasn't very good at all! you expect so much more...there are some really silly bits that are laughable! the acting isnt great the "excorsim" is hurrendous! and the ending is predictable! its not worth watching there are much better choices out there!!

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  ...I was expecting way more...

| | See all roberto009's reviews (91)

No conceivable plot, no character depth, not scary, not long enough, no point. Really there is no real point to this movie, if it where not for the short rushed ending i would have given it one star.

All signs looked good, it looked jumpy, scary had a sexy lead character and Gary Oldman was in it, well unfortunatly them things dont actually equate to good horror film when they really should have. Firstly, the story is boring and complete nonsense, four generations of one family having twins, i dont think so.

The entire cast where very bland and i hate to say it but so was Gary Oldman who did not belong in a movie that bad. Whoever had thought of the concept for this movie was clearly ripping off many classic horrors one of which including the exorcist, twisting spinning heads anyone, deja vu or what. The end revelation as to why she had just become been haunted by the soul of her dead twin is dull and thoughtless and to be honest anyone could have thought of it, not really an imaginative film more of a montage of other horrors all mixed into one.

The ending was fairly decent but rushed and needed better direction but is the main reason why i did not give it less of a rating, maybe if the movie had been on a while longer, more like two hours to its pathetic eighty five minutes running it would have had more of a chance to explain itself or develop the plot or characters but unfortunatly we are stuck with this, it probably could have been so much more if anyone had put some originality into it.

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| | See all MovieAddict's reviews (1336)

I saw the trailer for this so-called horror, and thought this was going to be a great modern take on The Excorcist and Rosemary's Baby, and being produce by Michael Bay's Platinum Dunes with a growing list of entertaining slasher's on their CV, and also being Directed By David S.Goyer who has worked on many movies, but Dark Knight being his crowning glory, how could this fail? I don't know as I'm still asking myself what went wrong. The slow burn tension in the first half is similar to The Ring and many more Asian horrors, and the winter setting is brilliantly filmed, but nothing really happens, and when it does it's too mind numbing stupid to take in. Even Garry Oldman as a Jewish Excorcist kind of thing does nothing but look horrified, not for what is taking place, but he more than likely realised this film was killing off his good name as a character actor. There are a few good disturbing images of dogs with their heads on upside down, dogs wearing mask's ( don't ask me what's that all about, I did not wright the movie) and those wiggly headed demons that we first saw in the outstanding Jacobs Ladder way back in 1990, apart from Odette Yustman walking around in her knickers, the film is mind numbing in it's dullness, and it takes it's self way too seriouse, and don't get me started on the so called surprise ending, that even a four year old could see coming a mile off, all this does is make way for a sequel.....now that's scary!
Don't waist your time with this, buy the original Excorcist instead and see how it should be done!
1 STAR for the Movie
Bonus STAR for Odette Yustmans tight white knickers!

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