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Wall-E (2 Discs) (Eco Packaging)

Featuring: Ben Burtt, Fred Willard & Jeff Garlin

Format: DVD | Rating: Universal Suitable for All

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (95 reviews)"

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  One of the best animated films in a long time

| | See all pspgamqn's reviews (37)

I was a bit skeptical when i watched WALL-E as i had heard a lot about it and i didn't think a film about a robot on earth would be any good.. I was very wrong this film is about so much more then just a robot who cleans up thrash on earth! It is sad, funny and thought provoking. I think both adults and children alike will love this film. I have always been a big fan of animated movies and this movie reminded me of how great they can be. I think the condition of the humans in the movie makes us stop and think about how we behave. They are obese people who move around on hover cars, they had to leave earth because they basically turned it into a giant DUMP.... who knew that a romance between two robots could be so hear wrenching and amazing even if they only have two words between them . EVA and WALL-E .. this is a must see movie its on my top ten anyway : )

  A lot more than just a Pixar Movie

| | See all stuartfear's reviews (768)

Wall-E during the first parts wasn't easy to get into, it took a little time to get going but once it did, WOW! The story unfolds after he meets Eve, the strange bot from outerspace. The story develops quickly and with it the comedy level increases. The characters, despite speaking so little you feel you know them and understand them, their sounds and their movements do all the talking. The characters are cute, Wall-E is adorable and it's hard not to love him as the lead character. The story has depth, it's simple to follow but it has a lot to relate to the way we live now. A lot of smart metaphors and hints telling us to make some changes!! It's a movie which can education and most of all entertain. MUST SEE

  Fantastic on every level.

| | See all cheeeks's reviews (7)

This is the best family movie ive seen for years and years, its heartwarming, Wall e is just adorable. A must see!


| | See all Kevin1075's reviews (754)

Pixar's ninth animated feature is indeed a thing of pure cinema joy and awesome beauty.

In a future Earth - long ago left behind by humans under a vast (like, REALLY vast!) mountain of waste - the little robot Wall-E tirelessly toils away tidying up, finding little remnants of human society and secretly finding solace in old movies and the idea of love. Suddenly, into Wall-E's world comes E.V.E. Another robot who will soon send him on an adventure that may have huge consequences for the human race.....and Wall-E himself!!

With truly jaw-dropping CGI animation and images, an emotionally involving love story at it's core, relevant themes about ecology, technology and humanity and the interaction of the three that get the point across without forcing themselves this is yet another Pixar delight that can be watched by any age group and see everyone entranced from start to finish.


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  A beautifully innocent pleasure

| | See all Rameses89's reviews (4)

This film is remarkable in many ways. The first being, of course, that the main protagonist is a robot and yet still you connect with the character in a way I find is suprising yet still strangely human. Another is that for a large part of the film, there is no speech yet you are still gripped by what you are seeing and hearing (in terms of the score). This film actually makes me cry with happiness. It is such a sweet, endearing film and one that I can watch anytime and never fail to be moved and lifted in spirit.

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| | See all sexysanta's reviews (109)

I have never been so gripped by a story where the main role cant speak!!! cute robots, twisted robots and plain weird robots build the scene when man has left earth for robots to clear up their mess. Wall-E is one of the best pixar films for a while.

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| | See all FishBoneDiscs's reviews (190)

Another pixar masterpiece. A charming tale with lovable characters and stunning animation. This is definatly a film for any pixar fan or anyone wanting to enjoy it with their family. A must buy.


| | See all brillbru's reviews (112)

Good to watch and something nice for the family - Well done Pixar. The whole idea of Walle was a great one and who ever came up with it should be proud. Its just lighthearted and something that everyone can enjoy.

  good pixar film

| | See all sugarsteve's reviews (31)

this film isint only a well made film, its got a great message for kids and adults, to eat properly and pick up after yourself

this might sound pretentious, but this film does it such a great way, that both my children wanted to put there stuff away and eat properly, ( well for a day or two anyway),

this goes to show kids did understand the meaning, unlike what some people think

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