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Supernatural: Season 4 Box Set (6 Discs)

Featuring: Jensen Ackles, Jared Padalecki & Jeffrey Dean Morgan

Format: DVD | Rating: 15 years & over

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (44 reviews)"

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  worth buying, but...

| | See all LFCCABLEGUY's reviews (9)

this series is good and Misha Collins is fantastic (young columbo?). but it drags on about the Lucifer story line. dean (Jensen Ackles) has the same amusing humor that is very funny. And it lacked interesting cases like the previous 3 seasons i hope this is not the start of the end for this series.

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| | See all Nathan444's reviews (274)

Supernatural.. Now if i could express how much i liked this series in words, writing this review would be a lot easier.

The whole series is amazing, gripping at every corner. Every episode, every season is just utter fantastic. I have been watching from day 1 when it first came out and have all the seasons on DVD.

I seriously recommend this to anyone but please start at series 1 and dont google the plot. You really need to enjoy it and find out how the whole thing progresses. All the twists and unexpected turns just make the whole experience so much better. I know back when i was watching season 1 or 2 and wanting to know so bad what happened in the next season. But for you lucky people who will start watching this now. You are in luck because you dont have to undergo the pain and tortue of having to wait a few months for the next episode to come out. Oh no.. you can just watch season 1-4 wait until 18/10/2010 and enjoy season 5.

And after you have experienced the utter thrill of season 5, you need not be dissapointed, because Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki have signed for at least another 2 seasons. i say bring it on. All the way to season 50 lol.

Take my advice... just watch the dam thing!!!

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| | See all Aphelion's reviews (1)

The four seasons so far, have been amazing. Good actors, good graphics, good storylines. Season four is focusing on the Apocalyptic buildup, and the tension between Sam and Dean heightens, which left me wanting more. I own all four boxsets, and can't wait for Season five (waiting on the complete Season 5 boxset to be released). I definitely recommend Supernatural, to people who are interested in all things "supernatural" haha. If you liked Buffy and Angel, you'll love this.

In regards to the boxset (purchased from Play), it was fine. The special features were included (gag reel etc), and the discs were numbered correctly. So, I'm guessing Play have contacted Warner themselves to fix the dvds, if the problem was still happening. And yes, there's Dutch subtitles.

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| | See all theweescone's reviews (5)

LOVE, LOVE ,LOVE. Another excellent series from those Supernatural folk. Darker and those Winchesters just get better looking. Buy you won't regret it..

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  Excellent series

| | See all Eddienl's reviews (1)

This is one of the best series I have seen. I have enjoyed every season so far.

It says that this box contains Dutch subtitles, but I am not sure. Can anyone, who bought this box recently, confirm whether it contains Dutch subtitles or not. Thanks in advance!!! I really would like to buy this box.

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| | See all Bhumi1308's reviews (1)

It is a must buy for all Supernatural fans...was very pleased to find that the special features were included as I has read that some season 4 packs didn't have them...but luckily it includes all the features mentioned on the box! This series is by far one of the most funniest and intriguing than any of them so far...and Sam and Dean are looking better than ever! Its awesome and a must buy!!! :D

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  Great series

| | See all Reusla's reviews (1)

Yautja mentions the subtitles were only English and Dutch., which is the reason I bought this boxset after all, to enjoy this series while using the Dutch subtitles.
But alas : I've got a version of the boxset which does have the subtitles mentioned on the back cover, meaning just English, Danish, Finnish, Norwegian, Portugese and Swedish.
Bit of a bummer this....so if Yautja is reading this and does have a version with plain English and Dutch subtitles, perhaps we can swap?!?

Regarding the series itself, I can recommend this to all people which are slightly interested in the horror genre. Episodes are all exciting, and the make up/special FX are all great.
Can't wait 'till season 5 makes its DVD debut.....


| | See all JoJo1230's reviews (1)

I got into watching this show by accident. i was spending the weekend at my sister's flat in London and she told me to watch it as she is into all of those sort of things. Once i started watching it I was hooked and had to run and order box set season 1-3. I must have watched the whole thing in a weekend and had to buy season 4 also. Absolutely brilliant!!!! I thought season 3 was good but 4 put's it to shame. I am now at present downloading all of season 5 as I quite wait. Can i just say Jensen Ackles is gorgeous. I think my hubby's jealous (smile).

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  Love it!!!!

| | See all Bexter22's reviews (2)

Iv just finished watching supernatural season 4 and once again it was brilliant. Like the other reviews the discs were mixed up and no special features which I was a bit miffed about. Luckily there was no episodes missing. Cant wait to see season 5. I cant believe people dont watch this, its fantastic viewing. I dont think it gets a chance, it never gets mentioned anywhere and its the best thing iv seen in ages. Thank you jensen and jared xx

  Missing Features

| | See all viksters's reviews (1)

loved the 4 series - like everyone else has seen , discs are miss labelled and there are no special features so no gag reel! still get to watch the great episodes like monster movie though!