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Escape From Sobibor

Featuring: Alan Arkin, Joanna Pacula & Rutger Hauer

Format: DVD | Rating: 15 years & over

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Customer Reviews

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| | See all hamil77's reviews (1)

My son told me to buy this after he saw it in RE at school and he knew I enjoyed schindlers list.

One of the most powerfull films I have ever seen every person should be made to watch this and see how lucky we are

  Truly powerful!

| | See all RonnieASA's reviews (3)

I saw this movie when it was first shown some 20 years ago. It deeply afected me then and when i purchased it i was worried that time had not been kind to the film.

Thankfully, i was wrong. The film is as powerful and as moving now as it was that day. In fact i would say more so as i am now much older and wiser and have much more understanding of the horrors of the holocaust.

It is a tv movie and some of the acting and filming isn't great but the principle actors are exceptional, the writing is strong and the story so gripping that these slights are easily forgotten.

Seldom has a more important film ever been made for television, and i would recommend it to anyone who wants more than traditional fare.

It's not a film to enjoy, as there is no enjoyment from such sad subject matter, but it is a film to admire and respect and care about, like the story and the people it depicts.

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  Probably better than Schindler's List

| | See all CollectorsCorner's reviews (24)

Firstly Though Schindlers list was a excellent film and focused on more of Schindler himself,Escape from Sobibor tells the story of this death camp which in some places is very disturbing but very well filmed on probably quite a small budget compared to Schindlers list.. I personally prefer this and saw it years before spielbergs blockbuster.. This movie is more about courage and survival in which takes place in a very brutal death camp. Buy this one and it will change you forever....Acting and performance is a A+++++

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| | See all booboo3's reviews (10)

One of those films you could easily dismiss as just another wartime film is one you really should give a chance to...brilliantly acted with some familiar faces from the not so distant past (Alan Arkin,Rutger Hauer) it tells a true story of what went on at the concentration camp in Sobibor and lets you know what happened to the survivors..compelling stuff and one of my all time fave films glad its finally had a release on region 2

  Oscar Worthy

| | See all jokermanhaha's reviews (57)

I saw this film at school in an RE lesson because we were learning about the Halacaust but whilst I was watching it I felt for all of the Jewish people in the film. I was touched by it. It took my breath away. It is entertaining and yet edgecational. I like many other people in my class was heavily moved by the film. When I went to research the film at home I realised that it had won NO awards. To be honest I was quite shocked because a film with the plot and emotion like this should win THE BEST PICTURE OSCAR anyday. It was fantastic. I highly recomend it. It's a film for anyone in the mood for a good night in at the movies. It is absoloutly BREATHTAKING!

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  Touching - Truely fantastic!

| | See all JokeyJoe's reviews (14)

I have been looking for this on DVD for months, after watching it elsewhere. Finding it was based on a real story was brilliant enough, but what goes on in the film is amazing. I am so excited it's now available on Play, & I can't wait to get my hands on it to show the rest of my family, especially my grandad who will be most interested.

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| | See all nicholas's reviews (1)

This is a truly stunning film which shows the true horrors of the second world war in the death camps with excellent performances from rutger hauer and allan arkin and numerous others

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  great watch

| | See all captin's reviews (70)

Very worth while wacthing this there courage under fire and to think this actually happend i sometimes think we dont know we are born. Watch this you wont be dissapointed

  Excellant Watch

| | See all Jakaflaka123's reviews (5)

I watched this at School for R.E. or something like that. I loved it, it really catches what the Jews had to endure. It is a great watch. Recommended to anyone.

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