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Sherlock Holmes

Featuring: Robert Downey Jr., Rachel McAdams & Jude Law

Format: DVD | Rating: 12 years & over

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (96 reviews)"

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  Very enjoyable

| | See all Jax0205's reviews (32)

I must admit that I have always enjoyed anything sherlock holmes, even that sherly holmes tv show. I enjoyed this film greatly and would recommend it to anyone. Was a little disappointed that he only used his hyper observatory mode in fights.

  Best Film Ever!!

| | See all MrsJaredLeto16's reviews (1)

Got this on DVD and i love it! Robert Downey Jr and Jude Law work great as a team and I cannot wait till the 2nd one is out on DVD!!!!


| | See all XxKcajxX's reviews (1)

Robert Downey Jr might be american but hes the best sherlock holmes its an amazing film a definite buy

  Great for fans of the Sherlock Holmes Series

| | See all Chris1712's reviews (11)

Brilliant cast however be sure to take the time to watch this if you had an interest in Sherlock Holmes (be it the books or shows) prior to the release of the movie. It is a fairly long film and I personally found it dismal as I do not know much about Mr. Holmes.

  Thought he could do better-he couldnt!

| | See all mikeybuck's reviews (6)

This is a stylised account mirroring the latest TV adaptation with Benedict Cumberbatch. Downey's English accent I found unintelligible, consequently I had no idea of what the plot was, -if there was one? Watched this at a friends,- on their system I could not find any subtitles and the film therefore seemed overlong and I could not wait for it to end. I only found out at the end of the film everybody was as bored as I was. I suspect Ritchie watched the new TV version, thought he could do better-he couldnt!

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  Loved it...Can't wait for sequal

| | See all AddieMac's reviews (37)

People who say its not identical to traditional Holmes story telling: Well how many times can you read/watch baskervilles????
All the qualities was there for both Holmes & Watson. Smart, Eccentric ,Odd, Tough & Dependant on one another....

Loved how dark film was set, and how the comedy was actually funny rather than most main stream action adventure's..

Other thing people moan about is an American being cast as Sherlock, nonsense who ever's best for the the job..(Also look at Liam Neeson as Hannibal Smith) Door swings both ways...

Jude Law & Downey JR were Excellent in these roles, as was Ritchie's Directing/Screenplay..

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  SHERLOCK HOLMES? The wrong title I'm affraid.

| | See all womblesteam's reviews (26)

If you take away the title of this film, you're left with a pile of rubbish and it would been slated by many. You can not change classic stories and it characters, but that is what this film tried to do. You can always tell how bad a film is by how fast the DVD gets reduced in price. This DVD was reduced just after it was released. Need I say more?

Tit-for-tat anyone?

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  Difficult to understand

| | See all MissStig's reviews (7)

I tried to watch this during a day of college but the concept was very difficult to understand and didn't help when I had occuring interruptions. I would definately watch again as it had great acting in it but you must watch it all the way through unlike me and take notice of what is going on. Sherlock Holmes wouldn't be a normal choice for me but it was very intriguing.

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